Do Side Windows Have To Be Frosted?

Having frosted windows is one way of buffing up your privacy. But are you ever wondering if it is required to have your side windows frosted? Well, we did the legwork and asked some experts about their opinion on this matter. This is what we found out.

There are no laws that require homeowners to frost their side windows or any window for that matter. Frosting your side windows will solely depend on whether you want it or not.

If you are shooting some privacy and not wanting to use any curtains, blinds, or drapes for the window because of the lack of a natural light source, then frosting your windows is a great option. Another alternative is getting laminated strips that would obscure your window's transparency.

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Is it required to frost your window?

Frosted winter window glass.

Having your windows frosted is a choice. If you want added privacy, then having your windows fully or partially frosted can help.

The great thing about obscure windows (aka frosted windows) is that it gives you privacy while allowing light to still pass through them. It doesn't make it opaque nor transparent, but translucent.

That is why if you don't want to use any curtains for privacy, having a frosted window is one great way of having it while still allowing natural light from outside to enter the room.

One drawback is that once your side windows are frosted, they cannot be undone, especially if you buy them ready-made frosted. However, you can buy laminated adhesive strips that would make your window frosted once you stick them to it.

But laminated window strips are really seldom used in house settings and more used in workplace establishments like conference rooms in an office, personal offices, rooms that need privacy in work, etc.

It is because, as a homeowner, having laminated or frosted windows would obscure your sight outside. This would bring up concerns like checking your yard or outside your house without going out. In short, having frosted windows limits the vantage point you have inside your house.

Where can you use frosted windows?

Frosted windows are great for bathrooms as they are amazing natural insulators. They allow light to enter your bathroom without providing a clear view, maintaining privacy. They are also insanely durable. They are even bulletproof to an extent.

Are frosted windows outdated?

Frosted Glass Tile Window, Glass wall.

Frosted glass windows came to popularity in the 90s and have slowly faded in trend. You do see them in some houses, but this only means that the house has been there for a while. So to answer if they are outdated. Yes, frosted windows are already outdated. Frost window films are the ones that replaced this trend.

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They are very chunky, and their designs do not go well with contemporary house builds. Some would even argue that it could be used to cover up badly designed segments of the house.

But as a homeowner, you have all the right to install them in your house. You might be shooting for a period design with nostalgia in mind, then having them would greatly help along with other trendy designs back then.

Do frosted windows reduce light?

Modern design entrance into an office of Italian corporate.

Since frosted windows distort an image, you will have some reduction in natural light. One great side to this is the reduction of UV rays penetration, which could be very harmful to our skin and lead to skin cancer.

But you can still expect a good amount of sunlight to enter the room, which would still be able to light it up and provide warmth.

Does frosted glass cost more?

Bathroom with sauna

Compared to normal glass panels, frosted ones would cost more. This is because they would require more materials to be built. Even if you would only go for laminated ones, you would still have to buy additional frost film, but it would be cheaper compared to a frosted one.

Another factor you have to consider is the installation process and the customization of the windows. The thickness and design of the window would also be regarded as factors in its price.

For film coating, different designs, like basic or decorative films, would also vary in price. The color of the film that you would want should also be considered.

Can window frosting be removed?

If you are talking about a frosted window being removed, then yes, they can be replaced by ordinary windows or other designs. But if you are wondering if you can "unfrost" them, then the answer is no.

Unless the frosted window is only a frosted film adhesive, you cannot convert a frosted window into a clear window. It is because this is how they are made.

What's the difference between a frosted and obscure glass?

When you say obscure glass, this means a type of glass that can give you any level of protection by reducing the transparency levels has. Another place you can see this often is in old churches.

While frosted glasses offer the same, they are characterized mainly by white opaque "frosting" mimicking as if it is indeed frozen, hence the name.

What is the difference between a translucent and frosted glass?

There is really no difference between the two. A frosted glass is a type of translucent glass. There is what we call an etched glass. This is what we call glasses that are used for any form of decoration.

In review

Having frosted side windows is not required; in fact, they are already an outdated design from the 90s. Despite their great privacy features, they are chunky and heavy, which makes them harder to install. If you are going for a more modern design, then they might not be the one for you.

What you can use as an alternative are frozen film strips that you can stick to your windows. They are great for bathroom privacy and still allow natural light to enter the room. They are also great insulators because of this.

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