Curtains Or Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors – Which Should You Choose?

If you're stuck in a dilemma between these two window treatments, you've come to the right page. We've done the research for you to find out which between curtains and blinds would work best for your sliding glass doors.

Blinds offer a practical and minimalist window treatment whereas curtains provide unlimited opportunities for you to change the look of your draperies for your sliding glass doors. Your choice reflects your personality and preference when it comes to home design.

Keep on reading to know the pros and cons of using blinds and curtains so that you can decide which window treatment will go perfectly with your sliding glass doors. Let's get started!

White framed sliding doors and windows for a modern house leading to the backyard, Curtains Or Blinds For Sliding Glass Doors - Which Should You Choose?

Are curtains or blinds better for sliding doors?

Sliding glass doors are a popular choice to provide access to your outdoor living space - it may be your patio, gazebo, or pavilion in your yard.

They are great space-savers since they don't have to take up any of your interior space when you open the door. They just slide on the track and you can go to and fro the outdoor area as you wish.

But the real star of the show here is the large glass surface. Its aesthetics go well with just about any interior design and lends a contemporary touch to the area. It also lets you maximize the view of the outdoors and the amount of light coming from the outside.

Luxurious backyard dining area with a huge sliding door covered with a ceiling high curtain

And since they are transparent, they make your interior space appear bigger because they provide a seemingly seamless transition from the indoors to the outdoors.

But there are times when you won't appreciate too much sunlight in the room or when you could use some privacy. Other people can easily see through the glass panes which could sometimes make you feel uncomfortable.

Thus the need for window treatments so that you have more control over what can be seen and filter the amount of light that enters your home. We'll discuss two of the most popular options out there - blinds and curtains so that you can decide for yourself which one will work best for you.

Blinds for Sliding Doors: What to Consider

Blinds are window treatments that feature slats. These slats can be tilted at different angles to open or close. Blinds also have a cord and wand to further help you with their operation. You can lift the cord to see more sunshine or twist the wand to change the angle of the slats.

Woman pulling down the blinds in the office


There are different kinds of blinds - Venetian, Roman, roller, pleated, and vertical blinds. They can be made of fabric, jute, wood, plastic, vinyl, or metal.

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Price: Are blinds more affordable than curtains?

The material that you choose would impact its overall price but in general, blinds are the more affordable option. This is why they are the practical choice for window treatments. They can get the job done for less the price and effort.


This window treatment is easy to set up although you would need the services of a professional installer. They will measure the exact size that you need. The installation is over in less than an hour.

Light Control and Privacy

These are areas where blinds excel. This window treatment can help you block light and provide much-needed privacy.

Blinds for a small room

They allow maximum light when the blinds are up but you can always adjust the slats to control the light.

However, when the blinds are down, some rays might still show through the sides of the blinds especially if the size that you got doesn't extend past the door frame.

Do blinds block sound?

Don't expect blinds to provide any sound control when they're closed. This is why it isn't advisable to use blinds when you live near a busy street. Some users also say that the blinds themselves are noisy when you operate them.


Blinds are available in different colors but the designs are limited.

While blinds provide a clean, tidy, minimalist, and contemporary look to your home, they can look boring after some time since you can't change their color or design anymore.


Pull-down blinds cover the entire width and length of your sliding glass doors. These are attached at the top of the door frame and you have to pull them all the way up for you to go out of the door.

Or you can use two individual blinds instead to cover each half of your sliding glass doors. This way, you can pull up the blinds on the side of the door that you're using and let the blinds down on the other half to control light and lessen the view of the interiors that can be seen from the outside.


You need to dismantle the blinds to be able to clean them thoroughly once they've collected too much dirt and dust. These unwanted particles tend to settle in between slats which can be tedious to clean given the size of the blinds for your sliding glass doors. They necessitate meticulous cleaning.

Be careful while cleaning because the slats can break easily, especially with extended exposure to the sun. Also, if the strings or cords get entangled, you might need professional assistance to have your window treatment back in good working condition.

Curtains for Sliding Doors: What to Consider

Curtains are decorative pieces of cloth or other materials that are hung over the windows. They can be short or long depending on where you'll use them and the style that you're going for.


Curtains can be made from different fabric types with varying levels of thickness. Examples are sheer, lace, cotton, linen, polyester, damask, and velvet. The material would determine how much light and temperature it can control.

For example, voile sheer curtains allow more light to enter while damask drapery fabric can block the sun and its heat.

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Curtains are available at different price points depending on the materials that they are made of.

These window treatments will cost you a lot as you have to buy many panels to cover the entire glass surface plus you would want to buy a lot more for replacement, to match your home decor, or use on special occasions.


Curtains would require additional hardware for hanging such as a curtain rod and brackets. But these are easy to install as long as you have the right tools for the job. You also have to ensure that the brackets are level with each other so that the curtain rod will be straight.

Curtains can have built-in grommets, rod pockets, pleats, or folds to help with ease of installation and overall design.

Brown colored ceiling high curtain for a modern house

Light Control and Privacy

Choose the right materials depending on your needs. You can play with light and heavy fabrics to control outside light and provide privacy as needed.

Do curtains dampen sound?

The use of heavy curtains can help drown the noise. This is another advantage of using curtains since nobody wants to be bothered by outside noise.



This is the main advantage of using this window treatment. Curtains provide a softer and more luxurious look to your home. They can be changed from time to time to suit the occasion or add a fresh touch to your space.

Curtains are decorative, attractive, and can blend with the rest of the room. They make an excellent frame for the large glass effectively turning it into the room's focal point.

White modern kitchen with a huge sliding door leading to the patio

You have unlimited options when it comes to design, colors, and materials. You can even combine different kinds of curtains like sheers and blackout curtains and layer them to achieve an elegant look while giving you more control over the amount of light that passes through the door.


Curtains are very convenient to use. They are easy to open and close. They can be pushed to the side and you can use a tie-back if you want so that they won't get in the way when you walk past them on your way out.

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It also helps to choose the right top treatment for your curtain. Grommet and tab curtains are easier to move compared to other curtain types.


Curtains are easy to maintain since you can just wash them in the machine when it's time to replace them. You can also do spot cleaning when there are stains or dirt. You can choose curtains that are easy to clean so that you won't have a hard time maintaining the glamorous look of your window treatment.

The Verdict

Both window treatments have their fair share of pros and cons but they can get the job done. It all boils down to your personal preference. If you want a minimalist look, go for blinds but if you want options when it comes to styling your sliding glass doors, then you should go for curtains.

Go ahead and choose which one reflects your personality. It is your house after all.

Final Thoughts

White framed sliding doors and windows for a modern house leading to the backyard

You can never go wrong with either curtains or blinds. It's just a matter of what you want since you'll be the one to use these window treatments in your sliding glass doors.

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