Can You Buy Vertical Blinds Individually? [And How To Measure Your Slats For Replacement]

Vertical blind slats are a simple and inexpensive solution to update your window treatment. And if you believe it is time to replace the vertical blinds in your home, it is easy to just buy a whole new set of slats. You might be curious about two things, though: if you can buy vertical blinds individually, and how to measure your existing slats for replacement. Well, we sifted through the internet and researched the answers to share with you.

Every time a slat in your vertical blind had a problem, you would have to replace the entire set, which would be expensive. You save money by opting to replace individual portions. For replacing, you need to measure the slats with the following steps:

  1. Detach one blind slat.
  2. Lay on a flat surface.
  3. Measure the drop.
  4. Measure the width.

By the end of this article, you will have a better understanding of replacement slats and how to buy, measure, install, and maintain vertical blind slats. For detailed information, keep on reading.

sun lit sun set photo of a wide window and a half open vertical blinds, Can You Buy Vertical Blinds Individually? [And How To Measure Your Slats For Replacement]

Replacement Slats: What Are They?

Vertical blinds have started to appear in houses in recent years after previously being used mainly in offices and healthcare facilities. 

Perhaps this is a result of more individuals remodeling older homes to add larger windows. Or maybe it's an attempt to visually lengthen the walls in order to make the space appear larger. Regardless, more and more are developing a love interest in vertical blinds. 

close up photo of a curtain vertical blinds color green

Multiple vertical slats (or louvers) are used in these window coverings, and they clip to a top rail and are chained together at the bottom. 

There are two ways they can work. To expose as much of the window as you want, you can either rotate the slats simultaneously. Alternately, you can pull the slats to one side and together by pulling on the pull rope.

Vertical blinds of the highest caliber are built to endure frequent use. The used textiles and materials are typically strong and long-lasting. However, stains or soils brought on by unavoidable events are also inevitable, as is wear and tear. 

Food is spilled by young children. Even strong sunlight can accelerate fading and make blinds appear older than they actually are by causing the chemical links in dye to break down. 

A practical fix for this is to buy replacement vertical blinds. All you need to do to install the new slat after it is delivered is to unclip the old or damaged one.

How Can You Purchase Replacement Vertical Blind Slats?

photo of a man installer installing vertical blinds on the window of the room

You should head to the vertical blinds replacement category in the store rather than the category of the vertical blind and browse all the lovely fabrics and colors they have on offer if you want to replace the slats on your vertical blinds rather than purchasing a brand-new set of blinds.

Prior to making a decision to purchase, you should order a few fabric samples to see how the fabric looks in person unless you're replacing the slats of your blind with new slats in the same fabric and color.

It's time to take measurements for your new slats once you've selected the material and color that you like. Luckily that’s a simple enough task. Once you have the drop measured, simply count how many slats your present blind already has, and you're ready to place your order! 

To order new slats for your vertical blinds, visit the product's particular page, enter your measurements, and declare how many you need. 

How To Measure Your Slats For Replacement?

close up photo of a man installer measuring the vertical blinds

If you want to replace a slat that is currently installed, you can measure this through the steps below:

1. Detach One Blind Slat

Simply unhook one of your existing blind slats from the rail at the top and the bottom if you want to remove it.

2. Lay On A Flat Surface

Make sure the fabric is flat and free from creases or folds. To do that just lay the slat down on the flat surface. This will help you properly and easy to measure the slat’s dimensions.

3. Measure The Drop

Using measuring tape, measure the total hem-to-hem drop of the fabric slat from the very top to the very bottom after removing the bottom weight. The drop size you will order is based on this measurement. 

Click here to see this tape measure on Amazon.

4. Measure The Width

Now determine the slat's width, which is typically around 3.5 inches. This is the size in which provided by the majority of textiles producers. The other possible size is 5 inches, which has fewer fabric possibilities. Make sure the cloth you choose for your purchase is the appropriate width.

To visualize the measuring of the blind slats for replacement, a video on YouTube is shown below.

How To Replace Vertical Blind Slats?

photo of a man hands installer installing each blinds on the window

A blind slat is simple to replace. With the proper approach, you can accomplish that quickly. Interested in how it turns out? So let's get started.

  1. In order to see the top rail, you must first remove the valance. Next, turn the blinds so that they are slightly open. This makes taking down each blind separately simple.
  2. After that, you must take the old slats out of the blind headrail. Most frequently, a chain link system is used to secure the slats to the headrails. The slats are kept in place by a hook on them.
  3. You can push the hooks with a credit card or any other thin object to remove the slats. The slats will come apart as a result, making removal simple.
  4. After removing the broken slat, you should put it somewhere before getting the replacements. After that, carefully align it with the other blind slats.
  5. Finally, you can attach the new slat to the chain-link system, at which point it will automatically lock. Then, you're done.

For a better grasp of the process, a video demonstration is shown on YouTube below.

How To Maintain Vertical Blind Slats?

Because of their sturdy design, vertical blinds are simple to maintain, but they are not foolproof. All blind owners should follow a few simple guidelines to keep their vertical blinds in good condition and prevent damage for years to come. Here are some tips for caring for and shielding the slats of vertical blinds.

Regular Cleaning

Slats on vertical blinds run vertically rather than horizontally. Due to its design, this horizontal blind style doesn't accumulate as much dust as other horizontal blind styles. To keep them in top condition, they still need to be cleaned on a regular basis.

While some fabrics for vertical blinds are washable, PVC and wood vertical blinds must be dusted instead of washed. Every week or two, remove the dust with a vacuum or feather duster. Clean the wipeable individual slats with a moist cloth to remove accumulated grime or debris.

Extra Maintenance For Wooden Blinds

In addition to hard PVC and other polymers, vertical blinds can be produced from both real and faux wood. When it comes to maintenance, real wood vertical blinds demand extra consideration. Because of how easily wood may warp in the presence of water. 

Additionally, these slats are stain-sensitive due to the porous quality of the wood. Vertical blinds made of aluminum, PVC, or faux wood are preferable if you intend to use them in wet areas like the windows in your kitchen and bathroom. 

To prevent water damage, make sure to quickly and thoroughly dry real wooden blinds after using water to clean dirt.

Mechanisms Maintenance

It’s essential to clean on regular basis the tracks, headrails, and other vertical blinds' mechanisms. This guarantees quiet, squeak-free movement that won't harm the blind slats. Simply wipe the tracks down with a moist towel to get rid of any dirt or dust. 

For easier access, you can take the blind out of the mechanism. Also, remember to grease the winding mechanisms to keep them operating smoothly.

Get Rid Of Cord Tangles

The wires that are integrated into vertical blinds allow you to open and close the blinds. While some vertical blinds use metal chains, others include cords and ropes. These can eventually get knotted, especially with frequent use.

The operation of your blinds won't be affected by tangled cables right away, but over time, the wires may get so knotted that you won't be able to open or close the window treatment. 

Tangles can also hinder the mechanism's ability to glide smoothly, leading to wear and strain that could eventually damage the blinds. Check for knots in corded vertical blinds on a regular basis and untangle them to avoid harm.


sun lit sun set photo of a wide window and a half open vertical blinds

The replacement of vertical blind slats is not a major deal. Making the proper decisions on the slats is what matters in the end. Try to keep in mind all the things discussed above to make sure that your new blind slats fit perfectly.

By now, it should be clear that replacing the blinds doesn't involve much work. We hope this has given you all the knowledge you require to replace the slats on your vertical blinds. 

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