Can I Hang Grommet Curtains On A Traverse Rod? [And How To]

A set of pinched-pleat curtains and a traverse rod is often the choice for classic window treatments. However, these curtains can be quite limited compared to grommet curtains and people often wonder if they can use these on a traverse rod. We checked out this question and we found the answers for you.

Generally speaking, grommet curtains cannot be hung on a traverse rod. The reason behind this is the necessity of curtain hooks to hang the curtains on the tracks or rings of the traverse rod.

However, with a little DIY, you can transform a set of grommet curtains so that they can be hung on a traverse rod.

Figuring out how to hang standard grommet curtains on a traverse rod can be a little tricky. Fortunately, we're here to help! Keep reading this post as we show you how you can transform and hang your regular grommet curtains on traverse rods, and we also have tips on how to use them.

Curtains, Drapes, Rods, and Interior Decor, Can I Hang Grommet Curtains On A Traverse Rod [And How To]

Can I Hang Grommet Curtains On A Traverse Rod?

Whenever you decorate a room, it is also important to choose what kind of window treatments to put up. For many homeowners, curtains are definitely the best window treatments for their homes, but there are literally dozens of varieties and styles to choose from!

Choosing the kind of curtains for a room definitely depends on what kind of window and style you are aiming for. Sometimes, a classic standard rod will suit the room's style. However, there are times when a more specialized type of curtain rod, like traverse rods, must be used.

Unfortunately, the problem with traverse rods is that you can only use pleated curtains on these rods. This is because pleated curtains have curtain hooks that you thread through the tracks or clips of the traverse rod.

Grommet curtains are certainly easier to find, and a lot of people do say that they have more choices when buying grommet curtains compared to pleated curtains. With that in mind, many have been trying to figure out if they can hang their grommet curtains on their traverse rods.

A lot of homemakers and DIY-ers have tried different methods to hang grommet curtains on traverse rods. Here are some of the best ways you can try so you can use those curtains that you have on hand.

How To Hang Grommet Curtains On A Traverse Rod

How To Hang Grommet Curtains On A Traverse Rod - Curtain eyelets grommet and hole cutting tools used to add eyelets to cotton ticking curtains

There are generally two ways that you can do to hang grommet curtains on traverse rods. The first one is the no-sew version which works if your traverse rods use clips. The sewn-in version, on the other hand, will work for traverse rods that use sliders or rings in hanging the curtains.

No-sew Version

This version is perfect if you're not a fan of modifying a set of curtains (or you're simply not a fan of sewing.) The grommet curtains can still be used on your regular curtain rods even after their stint on the traverse rods.

Materials needed:

  • Grommet curtains (about 2 to 3 panels for each side, depending on the width of your window)
  • Traverse rod
  • Curtain clip rings (or the clip sliders from the traverse rod)
  • Clothes steamer


Hide the Grommets

Lay down the grommet curtain on a flat surface and fold the top panel (with the grommets) inwards at the seam. The panel of grommets should now be folded against the back side of the curtains.

Attach the Clips

Attach the clips - A dramatic grayscale shot of curtain metal rod clip rings

Begin attaching the curtain clips to the curtains. An easy way to do this is by attaching the clips above each grommet. Make sure to center the clips so that your pleats will be even when you put them on the traverse rod.

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If you are using curtain clip rings, count the number of grommets in your curtains and add two for each end. This is the number of grommets you will be using per curtain panel. If you are using the clip sliders, you might have to buy a few extras to slip on the tracks, just in case.

On the ends of your curtains, clip the rings to the corners so that it closes the gaps between the curtains. Do the same steps for all the panels that you have.

Hang the Curtains

Hang the curtains - stainless steel ring top rail or grommet and wooden pole with luxury silk red brown Curtain on white wall beside the window , house interior concept

For those who are using the clip rings, hang them as you would on the curtain rod. If you are using the traverse rods with sliders, carefully slide them back on the rod one by one.

Create "fake" pleats by folding them into an accordion. Starting at the end of the panel, fold the first two clip rings towards you to create an "out" fold. For the second and third clip rings, fold them away from you to create an "in" fold. The crease should be facing the window.

Repeat this step for every gap until you have created pleats for all the panels. The grommets at the top can also help you create these pleats because they will stiffen both sides of the fold.

Steam the Curtains

While this step is optional, it will definitely make your curtains look neater and more polished. If you'd like to firm up the pleats, place the folds in between your fingers and smoothen the curtain down to the bottom. Use the fabric steamer to press the creases and create these nice curtain pleats.

Alternatively, you can also tie a string around your curtains by bunching them up together until the curtains hold the fold in place. Of course, this might take a couple of days, so patience is necessary.

Sewn-in Version

If you have curtains that you don't mind modifying by cutting or sewing, this method is perfect for you. The grommet curtains most likely cannot be used on regular rods after this, so make sure you really want to do this modification before sewing them up.

Materials needed:

  • Sewing machine
  • Sewing pins
  • Pleat tape
  • Pleat hooks
  • Traverse rod
  • Curtain rings or sliders


Check out the instructions on this video.

Sew the Top Panel

Cut the panel of grommets and fold the fabric over on itself so it is pressed against the back of the curtains. The width should be about the size of the pleat tape plus an additional half inch. Cut the appropriate length of pleat tape to fit the size of the curtains. Pin the fabric and the panel together.

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Using a sewing machine, sew around the edges of the pleat tape. Make sure that you don't sew over the openings of the pleat tape because you won't be able to put the hooks if you do.

Thread the Pleat Hooks

Slip the pleat hooks through the openings of the pleat tape. This is where you can get creative. To create pleats, you'll have to slip the first prong in and move several spaces down the pleat tape to create pleats. You can decide how pinched or loose the pleats are going to be.

Hang the Curtains

Hang the curtains - Modern brown drapes on the grommets. Eyelet curtains for home

Now that you have all the hooks in place, you can now hang them on the rings or sliders. If you want them to look more crisp and professional, consider steaming the fabric to emphasize the creases of the pleats.

What Are The Kinds Of Traverse Rods?

Traverse rods are pretty simple, but there are three kinds that you can choose from.


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Standard traverse rods are the most basic. They highlight the curtains header and not the hardware, so you won't see the rod too much.

Double Traverse

See these double traverse rods on Amazon.

If you're looking to add other window treatments, like a valance or other drapery, the double traverse rod is what you need. Basically, you can hang two sets of curtains to create a layered look.


Check out these decorative traverse rods on Amazon.

Decorative traverse rods use rings for hanging and it also emphasizes the hardware and not just the curtains. This can also be done using standard curtain rods which you can transform into a traverse rod simply by adding curtain rings.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts - Curtain pole rod isolated. Black curtain pole rod

Change the look of any room by simply using different curtains. Regular grommet curtains are easy to find, but that doesn't mean you can't use them on traverse rods that you already have installed. With a little creativity and a little DIY magic, you can change these curtains from basic to elegant.

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