How To Dress A Large Window For Privacy

Various kinds of window treatments offer different levels of privacy. There are several considerations you will have to weigh in before choosing the coverage that works best for you. Luckily, we found ways to properly dress a large window for privacy.

Consider the types, materials, and functionality - you can use drapes, shades, blinds, curtains, or shutters specifically designed for large windows. To en­­sure privacy, remember to utilize fabric and materials that are thick and heavy.

There are several ways you can dress a large window. In this post, we will show you different window treatment applications and other options that will help you in providing and increasing the privacy of your living space as well as enhance its visual appeal.

Modern living room in stylish interior with large window, How To Dress A Large Window For Privacy

Window Treatments That Suit Your Needs

It is important to plan and determine the functionality and quality of each window covering. You can do this by ensuring that the material you intend to use is layered with privacy linings and has higher levels of opacity.

Sofa on wooden floor of large living room and dining table with curtains in modern house

One way to enhance privacy for large windows is to know which coverings best suit your needs. Here are the following recommendations:


Drapes offer the best privacy because of the variety of heavy and thick fabric – silk, velvet, and damask – they are designed with. They are popular in bedrooms because of their excellent capacity to block light.

However, they can also be utilized in various living spaces inside your home, depending on your needs.

To maximize the use and ensure privacy, you can place the curtain rod a few inches above the frame or just below the ceiling line. The drapes should overlap the window’s boundaries and have a 10-inch allowance on either side to effectively block light and provide privacy.  

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Various kinds of shades also offer different opacity levels, depending on the material they are made of. They are available in vinyl, bamboo, and fabric.  

Shades are tailored to conform to the size of the window frame; however, the product can be customized to the specifications or dimensions you need. This can be an advantage if you use it on large windows.

They function as a great blackout window if made with a thick and lined fabric. The material can also block light effectively and provide you with privacy even without using dark-colored shades.

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Blinds, in general, are a good way to have privacy control. They are designed with slats or louvers that can be adjusted or tilted, opened, or closed to suit your needs. The product is available in wood, vinyl, and aluminum.

Vertical blinds and wooden blinds offer privacy and are both suited for large windows because the slats will not tend to bend over time. While this is true, some types cannot block light effectively.

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Curtains layered with privacy linings and are made of velvet and burlap provide the best privacy because of their thick and heavy fabric. The material can also block or reduce outside noise. Similar to drapes, curtains must overlap the window frame.

Combining Window Applications

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Combining window treatments is a great way to enhance your living space’s aesthetic appeal. To illustrate, blinds and shades can be paired with drapes and curtains.

Once you have installed the blinds, you can hang and complement them with drapes. Not only do they contribute to its attractiveness, but it also adds another layer of privacy.

Opting to use valance with shades is also one way to style an otherwise plain-looking window covering.

Other Ways To Increase Privacy

There are alternative ways to increase the privacy of your homes with or without the use of traditional applications. You can opt for temporary or permanent fixtures that generally provide the same effect while maintaining the aesthetics of the window area.

Privacy Screen

Home living room with wood and paper divider screen blocking sun from window

A privacy screen or room divider is a portable solution that effectively blocks the view of large windows and may be folded or stored away when not in use. They come in a wide variety of designs, materials, and specifications that would match and complement the layout of a room.

They could be combined with curtains, blinds, and drapes or used alone and still provide adequate privacy. For optimal effect, choose screens that overlap the window by at least 4 inches.

Exterior Shutters 

Two outdoor windows with outdoor window shutter

Exterior shutters are hinged on each side of the window and may be closed for privacy, security, and protection from the weather. They are traditionally made from pressure-treated solid wood to endure the elements but are presently available in composite, vinyl, fiberglass, and other materials.

Most feature slats or louvers to allow better ventilation and filtration of excess light. When opened, operable shutters enhance and complement the appearance of your home.

Interior Shutters

Beautiful golden light filtering through shutters in bedroom

Interior shutters are similar to their exterior counterparts in structure and function, except they are mounted inside the room. Operable louvered types control light, ventilation, and visibility and provide total privacy when closed.

Other interior shutters are suspended by a long rod and slide over the window like a barn door. They are usually made of solid material but can be customized to include slats. Interior shutters highlight the window area and make the space appear larger when drawn aside.

Window Plant Boxes

Window with geraniums

Plant boxes are an aesthetic and natural way to dress a large window. Once you have them installed, there are numerous plants to choose from to maximize privacy.

Bamboos, small evergreens and conifers, flowering shrubs, or ornamental and tropical greenery like palms. Select varieties that thrive in your area to ensure their growth and development. 

It is also possible to place boxes at the top of your window and select a fast-growing vine to drape and cover the opening.

Displaying potted plants on top of the sill would be a simpler way to add privacy and beautify the interior of your home.

Is There A Film To Put On Windows For Privacy?

Tinted glass in the house

You can enhance privacy by setting up or installing window films. The product comes with specific functions and selections such as solar control, one-way privacy mirror, frosted (whiteout, blackout, and translucent), and decorative films.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to take some time before you finally come up with a decision.

The downside of using privacy tints is that most types are see-through at night when the lights inside your home are open. Since this is the case, you can always complement your windows with curtains or blinds to ensure privacy at night.

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In Closing

A modern living room in stylish interior with large window

There are numerous ways to dress a large window for privacy without compromising its aesthetic appeal. Treatments like drapes, blinds, shades, curtains, shutters, and even plants can be used individually or combined to achieve the effect.

We hope the article provided enough options to enable you to come up with a suitable choice.

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