What Curtains Go With Maroon Carpet?

Hanging interior decors such as curtains calls for aesthetic judgment including both the superficial and deeper aspects of color and design. Perhaps, you’re in search of distinct curtain shades to match your maroon carpet as well as the types of fabric that go well with carpets.

Design connoisseurs know best when it comes to choosing the right color combinations based on the color theory more commonly known as the color wheel concept. Here’s what they have to say based on our research.

The following curtain colors are a few examples that you can consider with maroon as your base color, particularly for carpets colored as such: 

  • Beige
  • White
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Black
  • Green
  • Gold

Maroon carpets are best complemented with certain colors while taking into account other design elements to come up with the best combination.

Please continue reading, so you can be guided more on other stuff that you need to keep in mind about making color choices. We have also discussed the psychological meanings of these colors although they should not be taken per se as people have diverse ways of perceiving stimuli in their environment.

The Best Curtain Options

Maroon is a symbol of wisdom and academic pursuits. No wonder it’s the quintessential color found in most school uniforms. This color can also influence one’s appetite and carries an aphrodisiac vibe. You can choose from any of these shades of curtains below to complement your maroon carpet.  

bright and cozy living room with fireplace and mirror


Beige is a mix of varied colors from light brown to grayish tan. It will complement the warmth of your maroon carpet with a brightened look, creating a cozy atmosphere. Beige has a conservative appeal that evokes a sense of simplicity, reliability, and comfort.


Being a warm color, maroon renders an element of comfort to pristine white. The striking contrast between these two particular colors affords a bright setting infused with an aura of simple elegance.

A white curtain hung over a maroon carpet is made even more appealing with a few touches of gray accents such as throw pillows on sofas.


A teal, royal, or darker shade of blue curtains made of velvet and satin textures provide a unique, magical vibe when paired with an equally dark tone such as maroon. You can actually see this perfect mix of color mostly at weddings.

Just avoid overdoing it as the extreme contrast of warm colors can be quite overwhelming. The remedy though is to add a few accent pieces in complementary colors such as lime green so as not to strain your eyes. 


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Gray is treated as dull by some. But this color creates a tasteful ambiance and perfect balance when placed side by side with another complementary shade.

Gray gives off a neutral appeal in contrast to maroon which is rather bold in appearance. Together, they put in place a blend between dullness and excitement, serious and dramatic.


Black and maroon paired together are fine but you need a neutral color like white in a minimal amount to create a seamless finish. So, maybe hanging your black curtains alongside white sheer drapes and placing a few white accents here and there such as throw pillows on your sofa can do the magic.

Black, taken in the past solely for grieving, paints an air of sophistication in modern times.

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Green is placed on the color wheel opposite maroon. No doubt these two colors combined make for a perfect interior motif. A bright sage green curtain can set a festive mood to your maroon carpet making them suitable for hanging your décors around, especially during the Christmas holidays.

An emerald green tends to evoke nostalgia and creates a vintage look and countryside or homey feel. 

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A maroon and gold combination suggests an air of royalty suited to occasions such as awarding rites. A maroon carpet coupled with gold curtains can impress upon your guests a dignified ambiance worthy of accolades.

In case you find it quite overwhelming, you can go for a gold foil print metallic vine leaves pattern. You can have your carpet designed with gold linings as well to relax your eyes a bit.

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What Are The Ideal Fabrics For Curtains?

Interior of stylish living room with light curtains, What Curtains Go With Maroon Carpet?

There is a wide range of fabric selections for curtains. We have gathered a short list that best matches carpeted floor finishes whether it is maroon or any other color for that matter.

  • Sheer curtains: They give an aesthetic appeal to your window casement especially the ones designed with embroidery which renders a visually appealing sight from the inside and out through its transparent fabric.
  • Linen cloth: It is made of 100% natural fibers that form hollow cores and allow for ventilation and moisture, making it an all-year-round option for hanging onto windows. The fabric is strong and durable and even after washing several times, they hang to fall even more elegantly.
  • Brocades: These are tapestry-like fabrics that come in cotton or silk which create stylish-looking draperies. This is mainly because of their rich ornamental patterns produced in varying shades of colors.
  • Velvet drapes: Being quite heavy and thick apart from being high-priced, these may be your last choice for interior décor. But the quality of velvet fabric displays a luxurious look that will go well with your carpet.
  • Lace curtains: They are usually hung with heavier drapes in front for enhanced interior design. An inner lace also functions as a cloth panel for letting in some natural light. Though traditionally made of expensive silk and linen materials, you can opt for cheaper synthetic fibers and cotton thread.

How Long Should Curtains Go?

Windows with elegant curtains in empty room

You might be wondering about the right curtain length with reference to your window aperture where you intend to hang your curtains.

Consider the Length and Width of the Window

Interior design experts suggest hanging your curtains 4 to 6 inches above your window frame. In terms of the width, the same measurement goes for both sides of a window but can be lessened to 2 to 3 inches if you have limited space.

For the more spacious rooms with taller walls though, the curtain rod can go as high up to a few inches just below the cornice of the wall or 10 to 24 inches above the window’s end.

A Few Reminders

Opened book on comfortable sofa against window in the room

Deciding on whether your curtains should touch the floor depends on some utility issues. Shorter hems that touch window sills are ideal for kitchens and cafeterias for ease of access as they require frequent movement and clean-up.

On the other hand, longer drapes that reach the floor by at least 1 to 2 inches are tight-fitted for living areas especially if you want to create an illusion of height. Any curtains longer than mentioned above render an elegant finish more suited for formal occasions.

To Wrap Up

Interior of stylish living room with light curtains

Accessorizing your maroon carpet with curtains need not be a tedious task. You can make it an exciting and memorable journey for everyone involved. You only need to feed your imagination with the help of some ideas such as the ones we have provided here.

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