How To Hang Floor To Ceiling Curtains [11 Different Ways To Inspire You With Pictures]

You've finally decided on a floor-to-ceiling window treatment but don't quite know where to start? Don't worry, we've got you covered. We researched the best ways to hang floor-to-ceiling curtains and added beautiful pictures to inspire your creativity and decorating style.

Here are some of the ways you can hang floor-to-ceiling curtains:

  1. Light and sheer curtains
  2. Layered curtains
  3. Concealed curtain tracks
  4. Drapes
  5. Curved curtains
  6. Wrap-around rods
  7. Blinds
  8. String curtains
  9. Swag and tail
  10. Asymmetric curtains
  11. Room divider

Below we'll give you quick pointers on how to install curtains from the ceiling and 11 design inspirations to help get you started.

Spacious and bright bedroom interior with beige decorations, hardwood floor and a book on the window sill seat - How To Hang Floor To Ceiling Curtains [11 Different Ways To Inspire You With Pictures]

What Do You Need To Hang Curtains From Ceiling?

man doing house works, attach the railing and hang curtains at home

A beautiful hanging curtain is one of the most versatile ways to add interest and dimension to your space. It can also soften walls, hide clutter and create a more open, ethereal feel. Most curtains are hung a few inches from the top of the window but it can get tricky for floor-to-ceiling curtains because there are certain design rules to follow.

To start off, here are the things you will need: `

  • Your choice of curtains
  • Your choice of curtain rods or tracks
  • Measuring tape or stick
  • Electric power drill
  • Anchors, brackets, or ceiling hooks
  • Screws
  • Ladder
  • Pencil
  • Drapery hooks (if needed)

You can hang the rod or track either on the wall or ceiling. To hang curtain anchors on the wall, measure 1-3 inches down from the top of the ceiling. To hang it from the ceiling, measure 2-3 inches from the wall to give ample space between the wall and the curtains.

Curtains should hang from the rod or tracks all the way down with the hem touching the floor or slightly puddling. You can check out this article on hanging long curtains: How To Hang Curtains With 12 Foot Ceilings

11 Ways To Hang Curtains From Floor To Ceiling

kitchen with table, chairs and large curtains

Whether you have the standard 9-feet high ceiling or much higher, you can decorate your space with floor-to-ceiling curtains. It will help create an illusion of taller walls and bigger spaces. With the right tools on hand, it's easy to DIY this installation.

Check out these beautiful pictures of floor-to-ceiling curtain installations:

1. Light And Sheer Curtains

Sheer curtain fabrics are a beautiful natural light filter that diffuses the outside light as it enters a room and creates a soft lighting effect. You will often see this type of sheer white curtain fabric in resort hotels, giving off a relaxing seaside vibe. If you're going to use a sheer curtain, you can use either a curtain track or a curtain rod.

Spacious and bright bedroom interior with beige decorations, hardwood floor and a book on the window sill seat

White sheer curtains are definitely the most popular color because it matches well with any interior. However, if you are following a specific color scheme, there are many other colors and light fabric types (e.g, batiste, organza, chiffon, lace, voile, tulle) to choose from.

View this popular white voile 59x108 inches sheer curtain on Amazon.

2. Layered Curtains

Layered curtains are a great way to add privacy, adjust light, and enhance a room's aesthetic. Layered curtains are usually a combination of sheer curtains and blackout curtains. This means that installation requires either two parallel rods or a double track.

Three-layer curtains in brown fabric, white tulle and goose foot fabric.

Layered curtains are often used in large windows or glass walls to help control the amount of natural light coming into the room. The sheer curtains allow a little light to come in while the blackout curtains completely block it off when you want a restful sleep or some privacy.

Check out this layered sheer and blackout 52x"108" curtain on Amazon.

3. Concealed Curtain Track

A concealed track, also called a hidden or recessed track, is a curtain track designed to be hidden behind a recessed ceiling to give the effect of a floating curtain. Floor-to-ceiling curtains look beautiful on these hidden tracks because it adds a touch of modernity and elegance.

Man hanging window curtain indoors, closeup. Interior decor element

Recessed curtains give a modern look, neat lines, simplicity, and elegance to room interiors. Recessed tracks are usually planned ahead before building or renovating a room to apply the exact measurement of the tracks to be installed. However, there are companies that can custom-fit these tracks for you.

Check this popular bendable ceiling track on Amazon.

4. Drapes

Drapes are heavy, solid curtains with the purpose of blocking outside light. It is often used in rooms with high ceilings to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the interiors.

White interior with curtains, sofa and decor llustration mockup.

Drapes are heavy types of fabric made of multilayers of synthetic polyesters, velvet, vinyl, or acrylic. Because of the weight, you need to use heavy-duty curtain rods or metal tracks.

Check out this heavy-duty Vailge steel curtain rod on Amazon.

5. Curved Curtains

Corner areas are difficult to style, but if you want to soften the look of the room, adding curtains will definitely make it cozier. If you have a corner area or windows that you want to cover up with floor-to-ceiling curtains, you can do so by using an angled curtain rod or a curved track.

Brown curtains on a rail with a white ceiling. Curtain interior decoration in living or sleeping room. Comfortable live in your own home. Sweet confy home.

For curtain rods, you can purchase this online but if you want a custom fit, you can inquire with professional curtain installation companies near you. If you want to use a track, there are prefabricated and ready-t o-install flexible tracks that you can mount on the ceiling to any angle you wish like this product below.

Check out this curved ceiling curtain track on Amazon.

6. Wrap Around Curtain Rods

Blackout curtains are excellent in blocking off outside light but when you use a conventional rod, light can still slip in the gaps between the wall and the curtain. Wrap-around curtain rods are used when you want to completely block off lights in a room because you can slide the curtains to the side to cover the gap.

Mature Adult Male Installing Curtain Rods

Floor-to-ceiling blackout curtains can be heavy, so it's important to choose a heavy-duty wrap-around rod for the job. Installation is easy and it's just like any other conventional curtain rod. See the product picture below.

Check out this 28-48 inch nickel blackout wrap-around curtain rod on Amazon.

7. Blinds

If you're all for clean lines and love the aesthetics of blinds, it's possible to have them covering your windows from floor to ceiling. You can choose between vertical, horizontal, Roman shades, or sliding panel tracks.

Home office with glass french doors desk globe clock and large windows with blinds

While it's possible to purchase these blinds online, it's best to have them customized especially if you want to cover a bigger area of the house. This way, you can have them installed by professionals and not waste money in case you bought the wrong size because this window treatment option can be quite expensive.

Check out this popular GoDear ceiling-mount sliding panel track blind on Amazon.

8. String Curtains

Decorative string curtains can be used on windows, divide a room, or on entryways. You will often see these in restaurants, cafes, and other establishments because of their decorative purpose but no one's stopping you from using them in your home too! They are an excellent conversation piece to reflect your eclectic personality.

Beige blinds and curtains rope

If you want a thick and full-string curtain in a specific color, you may need to have them customized because the ones you can purchase online have limited designs and lengths. If you want a simple 4-piece set, you can check out the product below.

View this UXELY grommet glitter tassel curtain on Amazon.

9. Swag and Tail

Swag and tails are a style of valance curtains with a loop on top and a tail on the sides. These are mostly used for elegant interiors, providing a classic and timeless look.

swag curtains with tassles on window with sheers

It may give off an old Victorian vibe, but elegant swag and tails are still very much in style. Today's design choices now vary with preppier colors and less heavy fabric.

View this 5-piece set of valance curtains on Amazon.

10. Asymmetric Curtains

Looking for something unconventional? Asymmetric curtains are like beautiful art pieces that will add a touch of artistic elegance to your home. These are mostly custom-made and professionally installed.

View of a non-standard window with curtains in the attic with asymmetric architecture, a table with two soft chairs

11. Room Divider

Curtains are not limited to window treatments. They can also be used to divide a room, change the space's orientation and add privacy. Check out the picture below using curtains to divide a space in a small studio apartment. This makes practical use of blackout curtains, giving the sleeping area privacy without completely blocking off the light in the entire room.

Dark blue curtain dividing the room

This installation requires a ceiling curtain track, a ceiling curtain rod, or even a simple steel wire. Check out this video below on how to DIY installation using a simple steel wire and drapery hooks.

Wrapping Up

Thank you very much for reading through. We hope we were able to inspire your creativity with the list of curtain designs presented above. For more window treatment ideas, check out our other articles below.

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