17 Curtain Ideas For The Laundry Room That You Should Try!

Doing laundry is one of the most important chores that everyone has to share in the household. While washing clothes, it's always nice to have a place that is open and clean to work in. Laundry rooms should be comfortable since these chores take time to do.

Laundry rooms can be hard to design, particularly because it has to be functional yet comfortable even with limited space. Depending on the size of the home, laundry rooms can be quite small and homeowners are always looking for ways to make these rooms look beautiful.

A popular accessory for many laundry rooms is curtains because they can double as room dividers or are simply an excellent way to improve light and air circulation in the space. This post has collected some of the best laundry room curtain ideas you can try in your home.

Clothes washing machine in laundry room interior with window. - 17 Curtain Ideas For The Laundry Room That You Should Try!

17 Laundry Room Curtain Ideas

There are many different curtain ideas that you can use to elevate the look of your laundry room. Some curtain ideas are meant to beautify the windows of the space, allowing light to filter inside. However, some curtain ideas in this list function more as a cover for the storage or the laundry machines.

You may also find some window treatments taking the place of curtains. Generally, in laundry spaces, there should be less clutter so the focus is more on function rather than design. Whatever you may choose, these suggestions will change the look of your laundry rooms in no time.

1. Striped wall-to-wall curtains

In small spaces like laundry rooms, simple panel curtains such as these striped designs can hide the washer and dryer when they are not in use. Paired with rattan baskets and wooden shelves, these striped curtains are great at keeping the space neat. 

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2. Gray curtains

Laundry Room Interior With Washer Dryer Machine, Laundry Basket, Potted Plants And Coral Color Wall

A simple neutral-colored curtain can elevate the room's design for homes lucky enough to have a wide, open space for their laundry room. Gray curtains like these are great at covering windows without blocking too much light, and they pair well with any color palette you've chosen for your room.

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3. Linen curtains

If you're looking for a quick and simple curtain idea to hide that bulky washer and dryer, then these linen curtains are perfect for you. Simply take two panels of classic linen curtains and hang them up on a sturdy curtain rod to cover the machines without making any drastic changes to your laundry room.

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4. Sheer curtains

Modern washing machine near brick wall in laundry room interior, space for text

For those who wish to allow light to stream in their laundry rooms, there is nothing better than using these light, airy, sheer curtains. These curtains are easy to clean and launder, and they are great additions to any laundry room, whatever the space's design.

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5. Striped café curtains

If you are looking for simple ways to cover the washer and dryer, you can use cafe curtains in the laundry room. These curtains are half the length of usual curtain panels so this size is typically long enough to cover the entire length of the machines.

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6. Sheer café curtains

Laundry rooms don't need to be drab and boring. Sheer café curtains such as these add a whimsical touch to a laundry room, paired with splashes of red on the Roman shades and café curtains covering the machines. The room's classic white palette makes it a very comfortable and relaxing space.

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7. Boxed valance

A great way to make a laundry room look bright and cheery is by using big, bold prints. These boxed valance curtains use big floral prints to add decoration to the room, with their color palette tying the entire space together. It's a simple way to change a boring laundry room into something special completely.

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8. Cotton curtains

A vintage laundry room filled with windows and natural light and a washer and dryer and a laundry basket.

A great way to keep the vintage elements of a laundry room is by using simple and light fabric as curtains. These white cotton curtains are great for allowing light in laundry rooms with small windows without making the room look stuffy.

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9. Plaid café curtains

At first glance, this room may not look like your usual laundry room because of its design. However, these simple blue plaid café curtains certainly elevate the design of the space into something cozy to do a whole day's worth of chores in. 

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10. Printed curtain panels

A great way to hide the water heater and the machines in the laundry room is by using full panels of printed curtains. Simple grommet curtains in varying prints are perfect for this particular purpose. Make sure to choose long curtains so you can hide the entire heater or the stacked washer and dryer.

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11. Classic linen shades

Simple linen shades on your windows keep things in the laundry room simple. One of the best ways to avoid clutter in the laundry room is by keeping the window treatments as simple as possible. These linen shades allow enough light in the room without adding clutter to the space.

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12. Printed valance curtains

These printed valance curtains will do the job for you if you're simply looking for curtains to beautify the space. Valance curtains are great to use in laundry rooms because they are quite easy to install and don't draw the eyes to the windows instead of the machines in the room.

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13. Bold print shades

If you have a small laundry space, it can be difficult to make the space look stylish. These bold, printed shades paired with equally bold prints on the café curtain fabric can make a statement in this small laundry room. Use the curtains to hide plumbing and other eyesores in the room to make it look neat.

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14. Beige and sheer curtains

Going for a minimalistic theme in your laundry room? These beige and white sheer curtains will be right up your alley. These curtains take away all the frills in the laundry room by giving the room a whimsical, airy feel. You'll certainly enjoy folding the laundry in this space because these curtains won't make the room feel cramped.

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15. Nature-inspired café curtains

Bring nature into your laundry room by using the cool shades of the outdoors in your space. With a calming palette of pale greens, these nature-inspired café curtains will make your laundry room look bright. This color and design are also very relaxing, so you'll feel at ease while doing laundry.

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16. Floral cotton curtains

Add a feminine touch to your laundry room by using dainty florals in the space. These floral cotton curtains are great additions to the room and make excellent shelf covers. If you're looking to use those old floral fabrics you've had for the longest time, consider using them to beautify your laundry rooms.

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17. Pleated blinds and neutral curtains

Hide the shelves and the plumbing underneath the sink by adding neutral curtains in your laundry room. Let the light in by using simple pleated blinds to make the room look bigger. If you have a small laundry room, you can make it look big and less cluttered by sticking to neutral colors and clean lines in the space.

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Final Thoughts

Modern washing machine with laundry near window

Using curtains for your laundry rooms can change how these small spaces look. Whether you're going for something that will improve the way your windows open up or simply looking for ways to cover those big, bulky machines, these curtains will make your laundry rooms beautiful in no time.

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