How To Hang Fairy Lights On Curtains

Fairy lights are popular because they have an alluring waterfall appearance. They enhance one's room by bringing new colors and patterns into the space. We've got you covered if you're curious about how to hang fairy lights on curtains. We've extensively researched this topic and discovered the best way to hang the fairy lights.

Fairy lights create a great festive ambiance in a room. Below are the straightforward steps on how to hang fairy lights on your curtains:

1. Measure the curtain rod

2. Check the fairy lights' functionality

3. Locate a nearby outlet

4. Hook them on the curtains

5. Unravel the coil

6. Plug the switch

7. Adjust settings

We will elaborate further on how to hang lights on curtains in a straightforward manner. Additionally, we will address whether it is safe to put fairy lights on curtains and if you can use super glue on them. So, please continue reading to understand their wiring accessories and how to hang them on curtains.

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Fairy Lights On Curtains

Fairy lights are one of the best and simplest ways to light up the mood in a room. They create a calm atmosphere by gently glowing on everything around them. You may use these ornamental lights both indoors and outside.

Fairy lights have numerous vertically hung light strings. They can either be battery-powered or obtain power from a USB port attached to an adaptor. These lights have various color tones that you can choose from - they include RGB, warm white, and cool white.

We've determined the best approach to hanging the fairy lights on your curtains. Here are the necessary steps on how to hang your fairy lights on your curtains:

1. Measure The Curtain Rod

Measure the curtain rod before purchasing any fairy lights. You want to ensure that the fairy lights are proportionate to the rod such that you can wrap them around the curtain pole.

2. Check The Fairy Lights' Functionality

Take care not to break any curtain lights as you carefully remove them from their packaging.  

Attach the USB port to an adaptor and plug it into the socket. Turn on the switch to see if they are in good condition. If your fairy lights are battery-powered, you can turn the switch on to ensure that your lights are working.

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3. Locate A Nearby Outlet

Christmas lights connected to the electric outlet on a wooden surface

The lights' power cords must be able to reach the outlet. Choose a location on your wall close to a socket. You may opt for an extension cord if there is no nearby outlet.

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4. Hook Them On The Curtains

Like curtains, fairy lights have hooks. So, peg them one by one to their corresponding positions. Choose a reasonable distance between the fasteners depending on the length of your curtain rod.

You can use adhesive hooks if your curtain doesn't have hanging hardware. The advantage of adhesive hooks is that you can move and remove them if necessary - they don't leave a trace. Consequently, you can remove the adhesive hooks and reconnect them if the string appears uneven or if you wish to make any other changes.

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5. Unravel The Coil

If the fairy lights are well-positioned on the curtain, gently unravel the coils - pull gently to straighten the line.

6. Plug The Switch

You may now plug the adapter of your fairy lights into the nearest outlet. Turn on the switch to see the results.

7. Adjust Settings

Most fairy lights have adjustable settings that control whether the lights flash, fade, or twinkle. Therefore, use the remote that comes with your lights to choose the light settings you want.

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You can also follow this visual guide when executing the step-by-step guide.

Is It Safe To Put Fairy Lights On Curtains?

Fairy lights have swiftly emerged as one of the simplest methods for interior design. LED fairy lights are always safe; you may place them close to curtains without worrying about a fire threat. They operate at a relatively low temperature, making them safe for fabric use.

You must also consider light safety precautions - adhere to a few basic guidelines to avoid hazards. Make sure to turn off fairy lights when you leave home. Also, avoid letting the cables come into contact with water and use a surge-proof protector.

Can You Use Hot Glue On Fairy Lights?

Wedding head table fairy lights on curtain

Hot glue is entirely safe to use on fairy lights. Generally, it offers enough of a bond to hold items in place. Furthermore, it dries quickly, and you can easily remove it.

You must consider the color. Transparent glue is a good option if you want to use glue on fairy lights with transparent cords. It will leave you with a smooth and clean finish.

Place a pea-sized amount of glue at regular intervals into the area where you want to attach the fairy lights. Gently attach the fairy lights to the adhesive. Give the glue time to dry thoroughly.

Work to the end while applying a small amount to each area.

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Do LED Fairy Lights Get Hot?

LED lights produce heat but are significantly cooler than incandescent and halogen bulbs. These LEDs convert only 10% of their energy to heat which is a wide variation from incandescent bulbs that convert 90% of their energy to heat.

LED lights are cool to touch hence secure for use around children and pets. They possess this characteristic because they run at a lower voltage. Additionally, the absence of filaments makes the bulbs far more robust and less likely to break.

Do Fairy Lights Use Much Electricity?

Soft curtain with string lights

Fairy lights are reliable, inexpensive, and safe to leave on all night. Generally, installing a few strings of fairy lights in your house won't significantly increase your energy costs.

Please note that your usage may impact how significantly the lighting bill changes. For this reason, you can adjust the length of the lights to keep your bills in check. Use a wire cutter to cut the wires between the lights - it will not damage them. Take precautionary measures by unplugging the lights before cutting and covering the ends after cutting.

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In Closing

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Hanging lights behind your curtains will create a warm atmosphere and enhance the appearance of your home. We hope the information provided in this post will be a reliable guide in the exercise.

Remember to take preventive measures, such as using a surge protector to safeguard from fire hazards. Don't hesitate to consult an expert if you need extra hands or if you are unsure what to do.

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