Can Blinds Between Glass Be Repaired [Inc. Broken String, Changing Snap-In, And Uneven Blinds]?

Are your blinds broken between the glass, and you are unsure how to fix them? Don't worry! We did substantial research to answer your questions.

Generally, you can repair broken blinds strings, change snap-ins, and level uneven blinds between glass windows if you can open the window assembly.

However, most manufacturers lodge blinds between glass, then seal the complex with a rubber strip or glue it into the frame. In that case, the only way to repair blinds is to replace the entire window assembly.

In this article, we'll help you fix some issues with your window blinds. We'll provide helpful information and talk about relevant topics. We invite you to journey with us as we learn together. So, please keep reading!

Stylish living room interior with comfortable sofa near window, Can Blinds Between Glass Be Repaired [Inc. Broken String, Changing Snap-In, And Uneven Blinds]?

Repairing Blinds Between Glass

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Blinds in a sealed glass door rely on a magnetic mechanism to control light entry during the daytime. The magnet is your control handle, allowing you to roll the blinds up and down.

However, it is common for the magnet to disengage and cause the blind to get stuck between the glass. But not to worry. We explain how to address the various blind problems below.

How to Repair Broken String in Sealed Blinds

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Repairing a broken string in sealed blinds is possible if you can access the string. Otherwise, you need to seek help from an expert to prevent the glass from breaking.

If you'd like to DIY, refer to the steps below:

  1. Open the glass panel.
  2. Carefully unmount the glass and set it aside in a safe place.
  3. Cover the glass with a soft cloth to prevent it from breaking.
  4. Remove the top panel of the blinds.
  5. Detach the string by pulling or cutting it off.
  6. Insert a new string into the hole.
  7. Tie or attach it depending on what blinds you currently have. You can also refer to the product instruction.
  8. Test the blinds by pulling them up and down.
  9. Dust off the blinds and glass before reinstalling.
  10. Mount the glass back to its place.

How to Change Snap-In

Re-engaging the magnetic handle is quite different from replacing a broken string. You need to access the blinds by opening the glass panel. Otherwise, you might need to cut the edges to change the snap-ins.

See the below steps:

  1. Remove the hinged glass panel and the grill cover if the window panel has one.
  2. Pull the plastic tab at the panel's top corner.
  3. Pull the mounting pin on the opposite side of the plastic tab.
  4. Insert the new blinds.
  5. Move the operator handle to align the blinds.

How to Fix Uneven Blinds

Fixing uneven blinds is probably the easiest problem to resolve - roll the blinds up to the topmost edge, then slowly pull them down until you achieve the desired level. However, if the blinds keep hanging on one side every time you roll them up, you might need to detach them from the string.

Here are the steps:

  1. Open the glass and unscrew the blinds from the top panel.
  2. Lay the blinds on the floor or hold them with one hand.
  3. Remove the bottom panel to fix the strings.
  4. Look for a tangled string, then unknot it to ensure that the blinds do not get stuck on one side.
  5. If the string is tangled too hard, you might need to cut it out.
  6. Manually move the blinds down to level them with each other.
  7. Put the blinds back inside the glass.
  8. Close the glass panel.

How to Re-engage Magnet in Glass Door Blinds

Sometimes the magnet can disengage, causing the blinds not to move. You can re-engage the magnet by adjusting the handle that runs along the edge of the glass pane - this will activate the magnetic force to hold the blinds as you move the handle vertically.

Otherwise, you may need to open the glass panel to manually realign the blinds.

To fix stuck blinds inside a sealed glass, follow the steps below:

  1. Grab the operator handle from the bottom and slowly move it up until it reacts with the first magnet.
  2. Continue sliding up until it reacts with the second magnet.
  3. Once you reach the third magnet, push it until you hear a click.
  4. Drag the operator handle down. You should see the blinds rolling up or down.
  5. If the steps don't solve the problem, seek help from a professional.

You can watch a video here for a visual guide:

What Are the Pros and Cons of Blinds Between Glass Doors?

The shutters

Evaluating the merits and demerits of blinds inside the glass door is important. Refer to the list below.


The following are the pros of blinds between the glass.

Protected From External Contact

Blinds secured between glass panels are safe from external contacts such as wind or playful children. Also, they are protected from discoloration from accidental spillage of bleach or beverages.


The blinds are stable inside the glass since there are no movements. The wind, for instance, will not swing the blinds and slap them against the door. As a result, the room will be quieter.

Remain Dry Longer

If it's raining, the blinds will stay dry longer, unlike exposed blinds that can get wet. However, this doesn't keep condensation from happening. The blinds can still get wet when the temperature is too cold.


The following are the cons of blinds that are between the glass.

Hard to Clean Blinds

The blinds that are hard to access are also hard to clean. Consequently, you may see dust spreading inside the glass.

Glass Can Get Too Foggy

Moisture can penetrate through the glass, causing fog to build up on its surface. As a result, the window or glass door will blur. However, condensation on glass can naturally go off due to sunlight and heat.

Blinds May Break Inside

Impact, such as intense vibration, can cause the blinds to break inside the glass. If such a thing happens, it will be difficult to repair the blinds.

Do You Need Curtains on Glass Door?

Empty room with glass door to balcony and curtains.

Installing curtains on a glass door helps regulate the temperature in your home since sunlight doesn't pass directly into the house. As a result, the heat and light penetration reduces.

Also, hanging a curtain can increase privacy and make the room more appealing. The curtains have various designs whose patterns, colors, and thickness varies.

Here are some options you can choose from.

Sheer Curtain

Installing a sheer curtain on a glass window will increase the light while blocking the wind. Furthermore, the sheer curtain is soft and will not scratch the glass.

See this sheer curtain on Amazon.

Vertical Blind

As the name suggests, a vertical blind is a set of semi-hard materials that looks like a blind. You can use it as a curtain to give the home an artistic look with a light-brownish shade. Also, you can fold the vertical curtain sidewards, giving you more space for the door.

See this vertical blind on Amazon.

Multiple Curtain

You can overlap multiple fabric curtains if you can't decide which curtain to use. Doing so will enhance privacy while complementing your home's interior when you use different shades of colors and fabrics. However, be careful not to overload curtains on one rod.


This article helped us realize that it's possible to repair or replace broken blinds if you can open the glass panel and access the blinds inside. We also elaborated on the steps to fix common issues such as uneven blinds and broken strings.

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