Should Blinds Rest On Window Sill?

When installing window blinds for your home, orientation and size are very important. So, if you're unsure if blinds should rest on your window sill, this post is for you. We understand your concern and did the leg work to bring you an answer.

For maximum functionality and to achieve the desired aesthetic result, window blinds should rest on the window sill. However, this only works if you hang blinds inside the recess. If you hang the blinds outside the recess, it is recommended that the blinds should extend 10cm below the window sill.

Keep reading to know more about how to properly position your blinds, depending on the location of your window sill. This post also lists some window sill decor that you can choose from.

roll blinds to protect sunlight and lighting to decorate the coffee shop. Should Blinds Rest On Window Sill?

Should Blinds Rest On Window Sill

A window sill is the flat, shelf-like portion of the window trim located at the base of the window. It is one of the most known components of typical, traditional windows.

Window sills are a vital part of the appearance and functionality of the window. You can find them on both the interior and exterior of a window - they are suitable for housing plants or as a shelf for your decor.


Window blinds provide privacy and shade to a room. To know how far the blinds should be from your windowsill, you must first determine whether they are hung inside or outside the recess.

Aside from looking a bit odd, if the blinds are higher, even slightly above the window sill, they will allow light to enter and affect their insulating ability. However, this only works for blinds that are hung within the recess. Most blind types hung inside a recess are Venetian, vertical, or roller blinds.

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Blinds that are outside the recess should ideally be longer. It would be best to have your window blinds about 10 cm longer than the distance between the headrail and the windowsill. This way, you can reduce the amount of light entering through the bottom of the blind, especially when you want it closed.

What Is A Standard Blind Size?

The length of a standard window can be between 36 and 72 inches, and the width can be between 24 and 60 inches. However, in older homes or those with custom windows, the sizes and shapes of windows can vary greatly.

If you accidentally buy very long blinds, there are methods you can execute to cut them instead of spending a lot of money on new ones.

How Long Should Blinds Be?

If you want to control the light and ensure privacy, then the length of the blinds matters. Fortunately, you can make careful measurements seamlessly by following some steps.

Measuring For Inside-Mounted Blinds

If you have an inside-mounted blind, follow these simple ways to measure them correctly.

  1. First, measure the width, which extends from the casing's inside edge to the other edge. Do this at the top, middle, and bottom spots. However, if the measurements are not equal, you need to take the smallest dimensions to guarantee that the blinds can operate freely and without interference after installation.
  2. Measure the height of the window next. The height is the distance from the sill down to the bottom edge of the upper casing. Take dimensions from three places, but retain the longest measurement this time. It is better to have longer blinds than blinds so short that they welcome unwanted lights.
  3. Lastly, measure the depth of the window. To do this, focus on the upper casing of your window. There is a flat area that looks down at the sill on its bottom side. How far down does that flat area go? That measurement can be crucial for inside-mounted blinds because many designs have a minimum depth requirement.

Consider installing outside-mounted blinds if there isn't a flat surface where you can fasten the headrail for your blinds.

Measuring For Outside-Mounted Blinds

One benefit of outside-mounted blinds is that you can install them despite difficulties in the window opening.

  1. Start by taking the width measurement of the left-to-right area of the window. Please note that you don't need to measure the whole window. Instead, measure only the parts that you want your blinds to cover. If you're into privacy and controlling light, you need to stretch up to three inches on either side of the window.
  2. Measure the length where you want to position the headrail next. Start the measurement from the headrail down to the bottom of the sill. But if you want it to hang below the sill, add a few inches.

If you're unsure about the length, always opt for a longer measurement since it will be easier to adjust longer blinds.

How To Decorate A Window Sill

Often, we forget small parts of our house, like the window sill, without realizing that they can add style to the room when decorated creatively. Here are some decor suggestions that you may want to experiment with your window sill:

Reading Nook

Reading Nook - Close up details of lamp books and ornament objects on window sill

If you're the type of person who loves reading and collecting books, then it's time to bring out your creativity. Window sills, especially the wider ones, are perfect for creating a small and awesome reading nook. This is such a calm, lovely way to decorate a bigger window.

Window Sill Garden

Window Sill Garden - House plants on window. Orchid, cactus, blue flower, violet, carnation, succulent, cala

Bring your room alive by decorating your window sill with plants like cactuses or bright flowering plants. Show your plant lover side and make this tiny space of your house a place of natural beauty.

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Romantic View

Romantic View - Beautiful photo of candles, candlestick holders, flowers, vases, wreaths, plants, birds and gifts on a window seat

You can place some candles to make your window sill a romantic place. This will make the room very calming, especially at night.

Seating Area

Seating Area - Interior of modern flat with comfortable place near window

If you have a wide room where you can put a couch, you may want to put it in front of the window sill. Aside from its aesthetic, the view from the window sill is better than watching TV or staring at the wall.

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A Coffee Place

A Coffee Place - brake time with a mug of coffee and city view though window

Window sills are a perfect coffee spot. Make this little space a relaxing venue where you can sip a cup of your favorite coffee, tea, or milk.

A Space To Study

A Space To Study - Plant and triangles on window sill in bright workspace interior with posters on desk.

Studying is a lot easier when the place is relaxing. Make your window sill an extension of your study room. It is perfect for providing an ambiance that is not stressful while doing homework or revising for an exam.


Conclusion - Window roller, duo system day and night. Morning light shining through the window.

No matter your choice of window coverings for your home, the measurement always matters - the correct measurements will keep your windows from looking weird.

Consider the mode of blinds mounting to determine whether the blinds should touch the window sill. Blinds that are inside the window recess should rest on the window sill. However, add an extra 10 cm long on your blinds if your blinds are hung outside the recess.

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