How Long And Wide Should Outdoor Curtains Be?

How do you hang outdoor curtains? Do home designers have a guide for us ordinary homeowners so we can make our outdoor spaces look better? Well, read on to find out their recommendations when we asked them about the proper length and width for outdoor curtains.

You can choose to have a curtain length that's puddled on the floor or a couple of inches above the floor. Add 2" to 8" to the rod-to-floor length of your outdoor curtains for puddling or subtract 2" if you don't want them to touch the floor. Meanwhile, the width should ideally be 2 to 3 times the length of the curtain rod to achieve a full look.

Keep on reading to know more about getting the proper measurement for outdoor curtains. We'll also guide you in choosing the perfect outdoor curtains and give you tips on how to prevent these curtains from getting blown away by the wind. Let's get started!

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How do you measure for outdoor curtains?

It is always about form and functionality with curtains. Sure these window treatments help filter light and provide privacy among their other uses but no one can deny the aesthetic factor that they give to a place.

With the right design, colors, and texture, these colorful fabrics can transform a dull room to add drama, style, and elegance elevating its look to another level.

But one would wonder, are the rules for hanging curtains the same for indoor and outdoor use? If you follow home design ideas, experts recommend that you hang indoor curtains with fullness all the way to the floor to give a luxurious feel to the room. Is it okay to do this for your outdoor curtains as well?

Outdoor Curtain Length

You have two choices regarding the length of your outdoor curtain.

Above the Floor

Unlike indoor curtains, outdoor curtains aren't recommended to touch the floor. Otherwise, they will collect dust, dirt, moisture, and other unwanted particles that'll make it hard for you to clean them. To avoid this, they should drop a couple of inches above the floor.

Measure the distance of the curtain rod to the floor then subtract 2" from the measurement to get this curtain length.

However, this length can be problematic when it's windy. They can be blown away and using heavy items to weigh them down can be dangerous when there are strong winds as they could hit other people.

Puddled on the Floor

Some experts still suggest going for the puddled look. Aside from the beauty and drama that it creates, it also has a practical purpose. Puddled curtains are heavier and won't easily be blown away by heavy winds.

If you prefer puddled curtains, just add 2 to 8 inches to the length of the curtain rod to the floor.

Understand that it'll require more maintenance on your part so choose a waterproof and easy-to-clean curtain material to make the task a breeze for you.

Outdoor Curtain Width

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The fashion rule when it comes to curtain width is the same whether for indoor or outdoor curtains. It's best to achieve a full and ample look when the curtains are draped over the patio or outdoor deck.

Measure the length of your curtain rod and multiply this by 2 to make your outdoor curtains look full or even by 3 times to achieve maximum fullness.

How to Choose the Perfect Outdoor Curtains

Because of their placement, outdoor curtains have different requirements than indoor curtains. Here are the most important factors to consider when buying curtains for your outdoor area.


Durability - Gazebo on the beach at sunset with evolving curtains

Take note that outdoor curtains will be exposed to external factors and weather conditions. The heat of the sun in itself can be unforgiving adding to that the heavy winds, rains, and snow. It will also be battered by dirt, dust, moisture, and possibly insects.

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You need curtains made of materials that'll be able to stand up well to these elements. You can also read the customer reviews for the curtains that you're looking into. The actual experiences of the buyers will be of great help in proving the durability of the product.

Fabric Type

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Outdoor curtains can be made of olefin, acrylic, polyester blends, cotton, or linen.

The material that you choose should have a long-lasting color so that it can maintain its beauty for a long time. Faded colors make your patio, gazebo, or pergola look old and worn out.

It also helps to choose a material that has been specially treated to resist UV rays as these are the culprit in breaking down the color cells in your curtains resulting in fading.


Look for water-resistant and rustproof hardware from the rods to the wires and grommets. These will be better able to bear the impact of various external conditions.

Top Treatment

Outdoor curtains can have grommets, tabs, or pockets. Choose what will make it convenient for you to hang the curtains. Their top treatment will also affect how the curtains will drop to the floor so you need to adjust the measurements accordingly.

For example, grommet outdoor curtains usually have a provision of 1 1/2" above the curtain rod making it drop shorter than the manufacturer's published curtain length.

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Aesthetics - outdoor living area at an estate home with a view overlooking a lake.

Outdoor curtains make your patio or outdoor deck look comfortable and inviting. They may come in different colors to match the exterior of the house and the outdoor area. Aside from solid colors, some also come with bold patterns like stripes, geometric, or botanical to add spice to the space.

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You can choose from the vintage, romantic, or eco-chic look and find curtain designs or colors that would help you achieve these styles.

Make sure that your outdoor curtains have these qualities to enjoy having beautiful and long-lasting curtains in your outdoor area.

How do you keep outdoor curtains from blowing up?

Outdoor curtains can be unstable when there's wind. They can cause irritation or hazard when they are blown away. But don't worry, there are ways to prevent your outdoor curtains from blowing up when it's windy outside.

Weighted Curtains

You will commonly find outdoor curtains with weights at the bottom hem. The added weight will help stabilize the curtains by pulling them down.

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If your curtains don't have built-in weights, you can use stones, marbles, bolts, or any other thing that you can sew at the bottom to aid with stabilization.

Bottom Rod

You can put a rod at the bottom hem to stabilize your curtains. Sew a pocket at the hem where you can insert the rod and let gravity take it from there.

If you don't have an extra rod, you can use any long and heavy stuff that can fit at the bottom hem of your curtain.

Heavier Fabric

Heavier Fabric - Beautifully designed outdoor living area at an estate home with a view overlooking a lake

Instead of having to put small items inside the hem of an outdoor curtain, you can prevent this problem right during shopping for your curtains.

Choose outdoor curtains made of heavier material so that they will stay in place. Blackout curtains are a great option here plus they'll help cancel out outside noise so that's hitting two birds with one stone.

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But if you like the whimsical effect of light and sheer curtains, you can consider adding transparent curtain liners to make your curtains heavier. You can attach them at the bottom using magnets to ensure that they stay in place.


Tie-backs can help you secure the curtains on one side. You can also play around with the looseness of the tie so that the curtains can still offer some level of protection against the sun and add to the aesthetics of your outdoor area. 

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Potted Plants and Furniture

You can tuck your long curtains underneath your potted plants that'll serve as their anchor on the ground. If you have bigger and sturdier plants, you can tie the curtains around them.

This makes use of what you already have in your garden and it'll incorporate nature into your outdoor living space.

Alternatively, you can use your outdoor furniture to anchor your curtains. Either position the furniture so that the curtains are tucked behind them or put the edges of the curtains underneath the furniture.

Try out any of these tips so that you can still enjoy staying in your outdoor living spaces even when it's windy outside.

Final Thoughts

The key to hanging beautiful outdoor curtains is to achieve fullness by putting more panels than the actual length of the curtain rod then decide if you want to go with the puddled look or above-the-floor look for your curtain and measure your desired length.

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