Can You Put Curtains On A Blind Track?

Are you a window blind user stuck in wanting to replace your blinds with a curtain? Then you may wonder if you can put a curtain on a blind track. We're also curious about this, so we did some research, and here's what we've found out.

Yes. You can hang your favorite curtain on blind tracks. It is done using drapery hooks and simply putting them on the vertical blind tracks. This will prevent you from spending more time removing the tracks and drilling holes in the wall.

Keep reading as we tell you more about hanging curtains on blind tracks. In this post, we'll also discuss the steps on how to hang curtains on blind tracks.

How To Put Curtain On A Blind Track

Girl installs vertical blinds, Can You Put Curtains On A Blind Track?

If you're looking for a simple and easy way how to replace your vertical blinds with a curtain without removing the blind track, follow these steps:

1. Remove The Slats

Unhook fabric blinds slats

Remove the slats in your vertical blinds regardless if they're damaged or not. You can wrap the undamaged slats and store them. You'll be needing them once you decide to have your blinds back.

2. Use Drapery Hooks

Decorative luxurious shower curtain on hooks

Drapery hooks are ideal for hanging heavy curtains, drapery, and valances. They are essential when putting a curtain on a blind track since they happen to fit exactly and stay firmly in place in the holes in the clips for the plastic slats.

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3. Hang The Curtain

Installing curtains over window

Using the sharp edge of the drapery hooks, pin them at the back of the curtain through the top. Slip the other end of the hook into the hole of the clips on the blind track. Moreover, you can choose to go for a blackout curtain if you want to prevent light from coming through your window.

Things To Consider When Hanging Curtains To Hide Vertical Blinds

Hanging curtains over blinds not only adds more privacy and blocks light, but it can also change the vibe of the room dramatically. However, you must follow some simple guidelines to achieve your preferred style.

Type Of Blind

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Once you decide to bring blinds and curtains together, you must first identify the type of blind you want your room to have. Venetian and roller blinds are some of the most common ones since they can be easily paired with various drapes.

Another thing to consider is the color of the blinds. Be sure to choose neutral colors because they are easier to pair with curtains.

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Type Of Curtain

Curtains and ornaments in a modern livingroom

For the best visual effect when using prints, use a solid color for one and a print for the other when matching curtains and blinds. Having prints for both the blind and curtain can be overwhelming, especially when your room is too small.

The best combination, if you prefer prints, is to have neutral and single-colored window blinds paired with patterned curtains that have the same color as the blind.

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Curtain Rod

Double layer curtains on black rod in living room

Curtain rod colors should also match the color of the blind and curtain. Avoid using rods that are too bright, like silver and gold, because they can overpower the blind and curtain.

Height And Width

Combining curtains and blinds can make the window appear larger and wider. This is an advantage for smaller rooms. To achieve this, you can position the rod 30 to 60 cm beyond the window while keeping it at the same level as the blinds.


Accessories add style to a room but remember that they should blend with the vibe you want to convey. Choose the appropriate accessories for the patterns and colors of both the blinds and curtains. You can choose to go on simple fabric ties or simply install a metal that can be hidden behind the curtains.

Different Room, Different Style

Decorating the whole house can be time-consuming, so we often choose to have the same window coverings across the house. However, the atmosphere, light, and decorations vary in every room. That is why it is better to choose different combinations of blinds and curtains depending on the room's theme.

How To Hang Curtains Without Drilling

Woman hands hanging curtain with metal hooks on ceiling ledge

Hanging curtains is a time-consuming chore. Getting the ladder, measuring, drilling holes in the walls, and hanging your curtain rods will take most of your time. Luckily, there are ways we can easily hang them in minutes without the need to drill holes in the wall.

Use Magnetic Rods

This is an easy way of hanging a curtain without drilling. They come in customizable widths and are very simple to install. However, you can only use them with metal doors and windows. Additionally, you cannot use them for hanging heavy curtains.

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Try Curtain Rod Brackets

This method removes the pain of taking measurements and wall damage. Since they can support up to 20 pounds of weight, it is very simple to install and perfect for hanging thick drapes. There is no need for screws, nails, or drills. Moreover, it will not leave any holes after removing the brackets.

The only drawback of this rod bracket is that it can only be used on framed windows.

Use Command Hooks

Command hooks are also a way to hang curtains without drilling holes in the wall. You only need to peel off the command strip adhesive, apply it to the hook, and press firmly. The disadvantage of this hook is that it can only be used on flat walls and is unsuitable for heavy curtains.

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Use Tension Rod

You can stretch these rods from one side of the window frame to the other, and they are adjustable. Without any difficult measurements or installation, you can set them up in minutes.

Tension rods are best for sheer or light draperies but can become loose and slip over time. But your window size may require you to acquire custom rods, which might be expensive.

You can also check out "How To Hang Curtains On A Brick Wall Without Drilling" to learn more tips on hanging curtains without drilling.

How To Hang Curtains Without A Rod

Are you unsure of how to hang curtains without a rod? Here are some options you can do:

Consider Using Curtain Wire

These can be used to cover the whole window. This is easy to install if you pay attention to either end of the wire fastened to hooks fixed to the window and the curtain threaded onto the wire. They are best for sheers and lightweight curtains.

Try Ropes

Ropes are a practical option when hanging curtains without rods. To prevent sagging, stretch the rope until it is tight before fixing it.

Get Creative With Cabinet Knobs

Tie-top curtains can be hung using cabinet knobs. Install them at the same distance from the ties on the wall. This technique is best reserved for sheers that stay in place across the window because you can't move the curtains with it.


Windows can make or break a space. A window treatment can make a space appear brighter, softer, or more lively. If you're a fan of using curtains but are not allowed to remove the blinds in your home, remember the simple steps mentioned above to replace your vertical slats with curtains. This will help with a costly installation and prevent damaging your walls.

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