How To Install Air Curtain Switch

Air curtain switches are important in regulating the atmosphere inside buildings. If you are looking for how to install air curtain switches in your home, you're on the right page because we have consulted experts, and here's the step-by-step process they recommended.

To install an air curtain switch, follow this procedure:

  • Get a switch outlet with three lines
  • Separate one of the lines
  • Fix it on the plug of the air curtain to enable it to turn on and off.

Air curtains are not just known to prevent flies and flying pests in the house. There are a lot of benefits you can enjoy from Installing air curtains with a switch in your home.

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How To Install Air Curtain Switch

It can be challenging to install an air curtain on your own. The incorrect installation of an air curtain may lead to long-term issues and ineffective performance.

Here is the step-by-step procedure for installing an air curtain switch.

Get a Switch Outlet

First, get a switch outlet. You can easily buy this at home depot or any hardware store around you. You need to get an outlet that has three lines. The purpose of those lines is to demarcate the switch differently.

Fix The Line on The Plug of the Air Curtain

Separate one of the lines. Fix it on the plug of the air curtain. This will enable it to turn on when the door opens and off when it closes.

The direction the door swings would determine where you would mount the air curtain switch. If it swings outward, the switch should be mounted on a corner of the door.

On the other hand, if the door opens by swinging inwards, create a metal bracket before installing the micro switch.

How Do Air Curtains Work [and Types]?

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For an air curtain to work, the air current that flows beneath sets a barrier that controls air flow between two spaces. This airflow forces contaminants away from the space the air curtain protects.

There are primarily two types of air curtains:

Unheated Air Curtains

This type of air curtain controls the entrance of microbes and contaminants. They are mostly used in places where air quality is essential, such as laboratories and hospitals.

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Heated Air Curtains

Heated air curtains also protect a space from contaminants, but they mainly help maintain heat in the space. This is important in indoor spaces that require temperature control, such as entrances of big halls and shopping centers.

When choosing the right air curtain for your home, there are a few factors you should consider. These are the installation height, the structure of your door, and the ventilation condition in the room.

Installing an Air Curtain

You would need an air curtain for an air curtain switch to work. Before Installing an air curtain, there are certain things you should know. They are as follows :

Establish The Required Size

It's crucial to choose the right size of the air curtain before making a purchase. Any air curtain that does not cover the complete width of a doorway will be ineffective.

Choose a Placement Site

Establish the location where your air curtain will be installed. Almost all air curtains have mounts. Test out a good position with the mount.

Placing your air curtain close to an outlet is a good idea. The distance from the door, the amount of air passing through, and the room temperature is what you should consider when looking for the ideal area to install the air curtain. 

Attach The Air Curtain

Attach your air curtain to the mount after the mounting plates are securely held. You can consider getting extension brackets if a barrier prevents you from positioning the air curtain at your intended spot.

The curtain can also be mounted to the ceiling; however, doing so necessitates additional safety measures.

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Do I Need a Wall Outlet For My Air Curtain?

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Air curtains that are designed to generate heat must have access to electricity. These air curtains must be attached to a wall outlet that supplies 30-40A 240v to function effectively.

Usually, the minimum power an air curtain can consume is less than 200 volts. But if you plug the unit into this power level, it may become weak. To save cost, you would rather choose not to buy an air curtain that generates heat.

How Far Away From The Door Should an Air Curtain Be?

A door should have air curtains installed above it horizontally or, if necessary, vertically mounted to the side. They must be installed as close to the opening as possible inside the doorway.

The air curtain should always be mounted above the door opening between half and two inches to serve its function effectively.

The air curtain can be mounted to clear an impediment using extended mounting brackets, which come in different lengths. Generally speaking, for every inch the device is mounted higher, move it 3/8 inches away from the wall.

How Long Does It Take To Install An Air Curtain?

The time consumed to install an air curtain correctly is two to three hours. This is especially true if it's your first time doing the installation.

A precise time estimate specific to your air curtain model can be given by some air curtain sellers, nevertheless.

Can You Install Multiple Air Curtains Over One Door Way

It is indeed possible to install several air curtains covering a single doorway. Nonetheless, you must ensure the air curtains are positioned as close to each other as possible.

The highest long-term performance and energy savings come from directing air in a consistent stream. Take your time. Installing an air curtain doesn't need to be done right away.

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How to Make Air Curtains Stand Out in Your Room?

Here are some top suggestions for making your air curtain stand out in your room.

Ensure Proper Installation and Units Are In Good Condition

A properly installed and sized air curtain will function properly and effectively serve its purpose. But it is also possible that installing an air curtain that is not well-planned will have a worse impact on energy usage than having no installed unit at all.

Do Not Use It As A Space Heater

Air curtain creates barriers that control cold air entering the building while regulating the warmth within. It is not intended to heat a space.

You should not use air curtains as your major heat source, even though over-door heaters, typically modest and installed in the middle of a door, are commercially available.

Increase Efficiency By Using Controls

The air curtain market places a lot of emphasis on controls since they are crucial in reducing wasteful energy use.

Manual control will often be set up during installation. The settings will only be accurate occasionally and inaccurate frequently. It is because the environment is continuously changing, wasting both energy and money.

How To Maintain an Air Curtain

Cleaning an air curtain is generally an easy task. Some models allow you to unscrew the filter and run it under hot water to remove all the dirt and debris. Afterward, simply screw it back into the curtain.

In other models, it is not as simple because it can have many motors and fans attached to it. This type of model is peculiar to industrial settings.

To start cleaning your device, all you need to do is first turn off the power and take out the bottom access panel to expose the motor. Use a vacuum or microfiber cloth to clean off the built-up dust particles.

In Summary

Front of Raw Seafood and Meat Cold storage room with control temperature at 60f

An air curtain's switch improper installation could lead to extra cost and poor performance, so make sure you follow the recommended procedure by the manufacturers. You should also consider the relevant factors when installing your air curtain.

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