How To Hang Curtains Above Air Vents

Curtains serve as protection from sunlight and provide great ambiance and privacy. But if you have air vents in your room, and you're wondering how to hang curtains above them, you're on the right page. We've done the research to help you out with the best answer.

You can simply hang your curtains above the air vent by following these methods:

  • Hem your curtains.
  • Use sheer curtains.
  • Open curtain.

Consider safety precautions on hanging your curtains with style. Keep reading to learn more about how to hang your curtains above air vents.

a white-curtain-flies-wind-ventilation-floor, How To Hang Curtains Above Air Vents

Basic Methods

You don't have to worry about hanging your curtains above air vents with these techniques below that you can employ.

Hem Your Curtain

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Curtains are available in a wide range of hues and designs. There are only a few common lengths for pre-made curtains (typically 63, 84, 95, 108, or 120 inches).

Unfortunately, the size you require is not always available in the one you want. While it is practically difficult to make curtains that are too short longer, it is possible to shorten curtains that are too long.

Curtains can also be tailored for function plus hemming stops the fabric from fraying, sagging on the floor, and creating a tripping hazard. To ensure that your curtains fit your windows properly, hem them.

Here are some steps to hem your curtain:

  • Lay the curtain out on a level surface and the wrong side facing up.
  • The bottom part should be folded up and ironed flat depending on how wide you want your hem to be. For instance, fold the bottom up by 4 inches if you want a hem that is 4 inches wide. While ironing, hold the fabric in place with sewing pins. When you're through ironing, be sure to take the pins out.
  • Refold your hem and use an iron to flatten it out then fold it up by the same amount as you did previously. After ironing the hem flat, secure it with pins, and your double hem is now folded.
  • Separate the lining from the hem. Typically, the lining is hemmed independently. The bottom hem is not tucked in; instead, it is tucked into the side hems.
  • Cut a piece of hem tape that is just a little bit shorter than the width of your curtain and tuck it inside the folded hem, next to the curtain's back. Match the folded hem's top with the top of the hem tape. Iron the hem under and apply pressure with the iron for 10 seconds at a time.

  • The majority of hem tapes will need a wool setting. For the correct setting, consult the packaging from your hem tape.
  • Consider putting a moist cloth between the iron and the fabric to stop it from burning. Some hem tapes feature a paperback and adhesive on one side, respectively. It will require two ironings: one with the paper backing in place and the other with the backing peeled off.
  • When using sewing machines, sew as close to the top folded edge as you can.

Use Sheer Curtains


A heavier curtain material will work harder to impede air passage than a lighter one. Based on how strong the wind is, a light curtain will tend to just blow more often.

According to a Q & A forum site, a sheer curtain is made up of lightweight fabric. If you are planning to use a long curtain and don’t want to hem, this can possibly be used. It comes in different styles and colors so don’t worry about the style.

Transforming your indoor and outdoor living spaces with sheer curtains is a great idea. By softening the light that enters the area, framing the windows, and giving the appearance that the room is taller, they can improve the mood of the space.

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Open Curtain

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Privacy is one possible reason for using a curtain. But if you don't have any problem with privacy then you can use this method. Simply place your curtain, open it up, and voila! Depending on your style, you can tie it up or hang it loose. This trick can actually avoid your vents even if you use a long curtain.

What Happens If I Block Vents?

Air vents are usually seen in any part of the house but what if it’s exactly under the curtain? This is where the problem enters, having long curtains can cover up the vent causing it to block the airflow.

Blocking vents can cause a fire in your house. Furthermore, closed vents may result in greater energy loss than keeping your system running normally.    

Static pressure will begin to build up in the supply air channel or duct if you begin to cover the vents. More air is served by the vents that are left open. This could cause the serving area to cool down even more, which is unacceptable.

Additionally, the static buildup will make the blower work less efficiently by applying back pressure to it.

Do Curtains Block Airflow?

Yes, curtains are still barriers. It can block the airflow just like a door blocking the vent especially heavy types of curtains, and as expected this kind of fabric is thick. A light curtain will have a higher tendency to just blow, based on how strong the airflow is.

Is It OK To Put Something On Top Of A Vent?

Having furniture in the house is essential and you should look out for a good spot in the house. Putting furniture on top of your vent will block the air just like curtains, so you need to leave at least 6 to 12 inches between your furniture and wall vents.

How Do I Stop My Curtains From Blowing Through The Vents?

You can attempt a trick where you go to the bottom of the curtain panel, tuck an old key inside, and then secure a safety pin with the key so that the weight will pull the curtains down and the current won't blow them up.

In Closing

a white-curtain-flies-wind-ventilation-floor

When hanging your curtain above air vents, just make sure that it won't block the airflow. Hemming it up is the best solution not to block the vents and to avoid blowing it up.

It's better to consider the safety of your family and not start a fire by covering up your vents. Style-wise, you can adjust the scenery by choosing the best curtain that could pair up with the theme of your living room.

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