How To Hang Curtains On Different Sized Windows

Curtains provide the finishing touch to a window and complement its structure if matched properly. The size, style and presentation, location, and function of both elements must be considered to create a unified but stylish look. We have researched ways how you could hang curtains on different-sized windows.

Hang floor-to-ceiling length curtains for large and medium-sized windows, and use short-length coverings for structures with small frames. On the one hand, if the windows on one side of a wall or inside a living area have different sizes or dimensions, use curtains of the same length to create an illusion of uniformity.

Curtains and windows influence the overall style and visual appeal of a room, making it necessary that both materials complement each other. The issue may mean different-sized windows on a single wall or individual structures separately. This post will address both concerns in the hope that it can help you.

Interior of modern room with light curtains, How To Hang Curtains On Different Sized Windows?

What To Do?

Windows are available in various sizes and are installed in different areas or rooms inside the house. The frame’s dimensions determine the appropriate curtain to use. You might not want to hang floor-to-ceiling length coverings for small windows.

Generally, long curtains are ideal for covering large and medium-sized windows. The rods are mostly customized to fit the design since they may need to overlap the frame. Apart from this, since the windows are big, the draperies are mostly used to provide privacy and block or filter light.

Small windows in the bathrooms, kitchens, and attics require short-length curtains because of the little space they consume. Given that these rooms are more function-specific than the rest of the areas inside your home, small curtains are appropriate.

What To Do - Vintage kitchen with old fashioned porcelain sink, lace curtains and fruit and vegetables in the window,

To illustrate, it is recommended to use café curtains on small windows over a kitchen sink. The fabric hangs just above the sill so it won’t get soaked or wet when someone uses the sink.

That being said, it is important to know the window type in your home so you can also determine which curtains work best.

Pairing Curtains With Windows

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Different types of windows require specific kinds of curtains. Hang materials that are appropriate to the frame and make sure that the fabric complement the overall design.

1. Bay Windows

Bay windows are popular in many homes not only because of their ornamental appeal but also because they brighten a room by allowing more natural light in.

Hanging draperies is relatively simple; here are some ways you can do so:

Use Three Separate Curtains

You will need to use three separate rods and curtains because the structural frame is angular – the drapes should follow the general shape or outline of the window. This allows you to open and close them as you like. Ensure that the fabric is the same length as the surface of the cove or the edge of the sill.

If the frames aren’t too angular, it can be difficult to use three separate rods. Alternatively, you can opt for flexible rods specifically designed for bay windows.

Check out this bay window curtain rod on Amazon.

Hang The Curtains Above The Bay Window

If you do not want to use three separate rods, you can opt for a single rod placed on the wall atop the bay window and complement it with a pair of floor-to-ceiling curtains.

2. Picture Windows

Picture windows are fixed structures that allow plenty of natural light and are designed to stay closed. They are available in various sizes and dimensions.

When hanging your curtains, determine the frame’s size. Café curtains can be used on smaller structures, while sheers and drapes are hung on larger windows. This allows you to have control over the amount of natural light that is entering your home.

However, if you prefer the appeal of bare windows, you can also decide to cross the idea of hanging drapes or sheers, especially when the frames are installed on walls at right angles.

3. Dormer Windows

Dormers, often built with windows, are enclosed structures on the sloped side of roofs. They are usually installed in bedrooms, attics, lofts, and other rooms with vaulted ceilings to allow light in.

Dormer windows are often difficult to dress since the amount of space is relatively limited. Using a standard-size curtain rod will not help with the issue because there is no allowable space for opened curtains on either side.

The best way to hang the drapes or sheers is by using dormer rods. It has swing arms that let you move the rod to the side walls. Note that when the product is pivoted against the wall, the backside of the curtain is seen, so it is ideal to use fabrics that still complement the outer covering.

How Do You Treat Different Size Windows In The Same Room?

How Do You Treat Different Size Windows In The Same Room? - Curtains and Sheers

Different-sized windows are usually found in every home. Since the frames vary in size and dimensions, they are fairly tricky to dress. It is difficult to pair or use curtains with different lengths because, in most cases, it will create an absence of continuity and balance.

That being said, here are the various ways you can dress windows of different heights and sizes:

Hang Curtains Just Below The Ceiling Line

Hanging the curtains below the ceiling line will create a cohesive and uniform look even though the frames have different lengths and dimensions.

You will be using floor-to-ceiling length window coverings to still produce a complementing look. By doing so, you are allowing the ceiling to appear higher and the room to look bigger.

Since the fabric becomes the backdrop of the room, be sure that the curtains have a matching appearance. To be on the safe side, you can use plain drapes or solids as opposed to printed or those that have designs.

Hang The Curtains On The Same Height

Placing the rods and hanging the curtains at the immediate top of the highest frame will make a cohesive and uniform look as well. Ensure that the fabric or the window treatment complements the overall design and appearance of the room.

It is necessary to use curtains hanging half an inch atop the floor surface or just grazing or touching the flooring. You might also want to consider the fabric’s design. You may combine sheers and drapes as long as the colors complement each other.

Hang The Curtains Atop Each Window

Some homeowners prefer to emphasize windows of different heights because some frames are structurally designed in a way that they add to a room’s visual appeal. This can be done by placing the rods and hanging the curtains at the top of each window.

Similar to the techniques mentioned above, using floor-length curtains with matching appearance is advisable.

Pair Your Curtains With Valances

Pair Your Curtains With Valances - classic style modern bedroom interior (3D rendering)

Valances are mini ornamental curtains placed at the top portion of any window. By doing so, they create the illusion that asymmetrical frames have proportionate sizes.

Pairing your curtains with valances only works if the different-sized windows are within the same wall and if the height differences do not exceed the valance’s overall length.

Do All The Curtains In A Room Have To Match?

Do All The Curtains In A Room Have To Match? - Modern dining room,

Curtains do not necessarily have to match; instead, your window coverings should complement each other’s design, color, and style. You may combine sheers with drapes as long as the hues, tones, and shades go together.

To illustrate, you can layer grayish tone sheers with dark-colored drapes on the main window and then use a different shade of black on the accent structures.

In Closing

In closing - Modern room interior with armchair and curtains

There are several ways how to hang curtains on your windows. Remember to use coverings that complement the structure and the overall design of the room. We hope this article helped you resolve the issue and decide which window treatment works best with your interior layout.

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