How To Layer Curtains With Sheers On Same Rod

Having layered curtains with sheers on your window can provide a lot of benefits for your room. If you are planning on doing this but do not know how because you only have a single rod, do not worry! We have researched this for you and here is what we found out:

You will need to assemble the curtain and sheer in an A-B-A format. This means you must first insert the curtain then the sheer and after that is the other curtain. You can do this also in an A-B-B-A format. From there, you can adjust the layering to your liking. Another technique uses a curtain ring with clips where you will do the A-B-A-B format.

Are you still confused about how to do this? We will explain this further in a little while along with the other things you should know about layering curtains with sheers. This information is all for you so make sure you will keep on reading!

photo of a green curtain with sheers on a huge wide open window on the room inside the hotel, How To Layer Curtains With Sheers On Same Rod

Layering Curtains And Sheers On The Same Rod

The first thing you should do when layering is not the inserting of the rod through the eyelet or the header tape. Nope, that's not the initial step. What you should primarily do is to make sure that the bracket is screwed to the wall stud.

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Doing so will give the bracket support when you hang heavy curtains. To do this, you will need a stud finder. Locate the spot where you want to drill and flatten the device there. Move it in a horizontal direction until the stud remover alerts you that you found one.

Install the bracket rod there. Do the same to the other side and make sure the brackets are aligned. After that, we can now proceed to the layering. To give you a better understanding of the formats you will see, A stands for the curtains, and B is for the sheers.

Method 1: A-B-A

photo of a grey curtain with sheers on a huge wide window of the room on the hotel

The first method we will do is very simple. You will need one or two sheers and a pair of curtain panels. Just like what we discussed, you can do two patterns here.

We will go with the easier one, the A-B-A way. Here you will need to insert a curtain panel. Push it up to the end of the rod. Then do the same with the sheer before positioning another curtain. Adjust the partition of the layers depending on how much light you want your room to have.

Take a look at the picture below for a better illustration of what it will look like.

The drawback here is that since there is only one sheer enclosed by the drapes, you cannot do much of a styling. But if you want to experiment or add more spice, then the next format is for you.

In the A-B-B-A format, you will put two sheers next to each other. Take a look at the picture below.

Since you have two pairs of sheer curtains, you can either part them in the middle and tie them on the side part of your window using different ribbons or tying methods like this one:

The color contrast removed the dullness of having only one. Plus, you can easily do this if you want a direct hit of sunlight inside your house. 

Method 2: Curtain Rings With Clips

In the second method, you will need curtain rings with clips. You will know how much of this material you need by measuring the width of your panel. Next, you determine how much space you want in between the rings.

For example, your panel is 84 inches and you want each ring to have a 7 inches gap between it. So, 84 divided by 7 is equal to 12. This means you will need 12 curtain rings with clips per panel. Just a little tip, the heavier the drapes are the narrower spaces and more numbers of this you should have.

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Now, read carefully as this may be a little confusing; but here are the steps you should use for this method. But as a pattern reference, follow the A-B-A-B format.

  • Lay flat the curtains on a flat and clean surface.
  • Put the sheer above or behind it and make sure they are aligned.
  • Get the first ring and clip it to the edge point of the curtain.
  • Measure the space you desire.
  • Clip the second ring on the sheer that is behind or over it on that spot.
  • Repeat the alternating process until the whole length of the panel is attached to the rings.

If you want the easier version, you can just simply clip them together in a single ring. For an illustration of the finished look, take a look at the photo we found for you.

Do Sheers Go Behind Or In Front Of Curtains?

Positioning sheers depends on your preferences. Putting the sheer behind or in front of the curtain can create different effects on your window. Putting it at the back can let you use it to soften the light that is coming into your home when you set the blackout drapes aside.

On the contrary, putting it on the top of the curtain may add a texture of design to it. Especially if your sheer has patterns on them. Since sheers are usually thin and see-through, they can also soften or minimize the strong color that the curtain has.

Should Sheers And Curtains Be The Same Length?

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Yes, curtain and sheers should have the same lengths. This way, you can protect the whole curtain from dirt whether it comes from the inside or outside your home. Also, this will give a consistent and uniform look for that spot.

However, there are instances when lengths vary. You can also do this as there is no fixed rule regarding the right or wrong length when using the two together.

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How Far Off The Floor Should Sheers Be?

There should be half an inch or up to two inches of allowance between the hem of the sheer and the floor. The purpose of this is to give way to your cleaning activities such as mopping or vacuuming. With this gap, you do not need to put them up or tie them up until the floor is clean and dry.

This will also prevent dirt from being swept by your sheer and since it is just a little space, the overall look will not appear as weird or lacking.

Which Curtain Length Looks Best?

It depends on your preference or the intent for the curtain based on the room's purpose. You see, a curtain's length changes the room's look. For example, floor length can have the power to make a space appear formal.

Meanwhile, positioning at window sill level is perfect for the places where the rod is only a few feet away from the base like a situation with a table underneath the windows or above the kitchen sink.

Take a look at the curtain's different lengths and where designers recommend curtains should fall.

  • Sill length - small windows, kitchen, bathroom
  • Apron length - window seats, over window attached furniture
  • Floor length - living rooms, large windows
  • Trouser length - bedroom, formal dining
  • Puddle length - tall windows

In Summary

photo of a green curtain with sheers on a huge wide open window on the room inside the hotel

To layer curtains and sheer in the same rod, you can insert them alternatively. For example, the first one you will put in the curtain then the sheer. After that is another panel that is similar to the one you inserted. If you want, you can slip on two sheers in the middle.

Another method is with the help of the curtain rings that come with clips. Just determine how many are you going to use by dividing the length of the drape by the space you want to have. Then clip both the sheer and curtain together.