Will Sheer Curtains Protect Furniture And Prevent Fading?

Sun is one of the main factors that cause your furniture to fade. We always hear about blackout and thermal curtains protecting your home from sun damage but can you expect the same from sheer curtains? We've done the research for you and here's what we found out.

Sheer curtains can help diffuse or filter sunlight and offer a little bit of protection for your furniture against sun damage. However, they won't totally prevent fading due to the nature of their material being thin and transparent.

Hang in there as we explain the possible damage that can be caused by sun exposure and how sheer curtains can somehow be of help in preventing fading. We'll also share other ways on how you can minimize sun damage to your furniture. Let's begin!

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Can UV pass through sheer curtains?

The sun's ultraviolet rays can be harsh on your furniture. It can break down its paint or natural color and cause fading. When the color fades, it reduces the beauty of your furniture.

Your curtains play a big part in allowing (or blocking) UV rays to enter your home since the sun's rays pour through the windows.

When talking about UV protection, people would instead choose blackout or thermal curtains at any given time since they can completely block the light coming from the sun thus, avoiding the damage that UV light brings along with it.

However, no one can argue the fact that sheer curtains elevate the aesthetics of a room to a different level. They add a light, breezy, and casual feel while providing a pop of color or texture to your curtain set.

Also, not everyone appreciates the lack of natural light in a room. It makes it dark and dreary which is why some add a layer of sheer curtains to their window treatment to still allow some light to pass through during the day. It will not only instantly brighten the room but lift one's mood as well.

But therein lies their main drawback. Since sheer curtains don't block light, your furniture won't be protected that much from the harmful rays of the sun.

Sheers are Transparent

Given also that sheer curtains are made of thin materials, you can expect that whatever protection they can provide is minimal at best. They can help diffuse or filter sunlight thus, reducing the harshness of the sun's rays but don't expect them to play a crucial role in reducing fading in your furniture.

Sheer curtains are made of different materials such as polyester, chiffon, voile, cotton, silk, lace, and linen. Each has varying transparency levels so you can choose which ones can offer the best protection against sun damage.

Just remember, the more transparent the curtain is, the less efficient it is in blocking UV rays and won't help prevent furniture fading.

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What causes fading of furniture?

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Your home furniture needs protection from the sun. The ultraviolet light coming from the sun is the cause of about 40% of damage such as material deterioration and discoloration.

UV rays are a form of radiation that can attack the chemical bonds on paint, fabric, and the natural color of your furniture. Once these particles disintegrate, you will notice a change in your furniture's color.

Another factor that causes fading of furniture is the visible light which also comes from the sun. It accounts for about 25% of fading that happens not only to your furniture but also to your fabric, floor, and other parts of your home.

Direct or indirect exposure to visible light causes a photochemical reaction that results in color fading.

Infrared light also causes the same level of damage and this is manifested by dryness, warping, and eventual deterioration of your wood furniture.

Other factors that cause furniture to fade are artificial lights and the humidity level in your home. There can also be poor dye anchorage on the fabric used on your furniture upholstery causing it to fade in a short time.

That's why it is important to consider the level of sun protection your window treatment can provide to avoid damage and premature deterioration of your furniture pieces at home.

How can you minimize sun damage to your furniture?

You have to be proactive in reducing sun damage to your precious furniture pieces at home or you'll regret it later on. These are your investments and you don't want to see them go to waste in such a short time.

Here are some recommendations from the experts on how you can protect your home furniture.

Move Your Furniture

You can rearrange your furniture at home so that they aren't in the sunlight's path. This is a simple way to protect it from harsh UV rays. And the best thing about it is you don't have to spend anything!

Position your prized furniture pieces in shaded portions of your room so that you won't be worried about sun damage.

This also has the added benefit of giving you more space in the room and lets you enjoy a new look in your interiors.

Window Treatments

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If curtains are your chosen window treatment, it's best to layer them up. You can use blackout or thermal curtains together with your sheer curtains to offer better protection against sun damage. You might also want to consider window tints and blinds to help block the sun's harsh rays.

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Use Sealants

If you have wood furniture, it is recommended that you use sealants to add a layer of protection against the sun's heat. You can use varnish, lacquer, wax, oil, or polyurethane depending on the furniture's wood type.

These would also enhance the natural shine of the wood and emphasize the beauty of its grains.

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Fabric Protector

For upholstered furniture, you can spray a coat of fabric protector to help fight discoloration and maintain its color and beauty for a longer time.

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Cover Your Furniture

You can buy furniture covers to protect them from the sun. These are available in different sizes to ensure the right fit for your furniture. 

Alternatively, you can use a beautiful throw blanket as a cover. At the same time, this will also add to the look and texture of your interiors.

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Change Your Windows

There are windows that have been specially treated with UV-blocking properties that'll help significantly reduce sun damage and fading in your furniture. It is a worthwhile investment to consider since it'll also protect you and other parts of your interiors.

There are windows with dual-pane or low-emissivity glass filters. These windows are also more energy-efficient so they can help bring down the cost of your electricity bills.

These are just some of the ways that you can protect your furniture from the harsh rays of the sun and prevent fading and deterioration.

Final Thoughts

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Sheer curtains may diffuse or filter the harsh rays coming from the sun but they won't prevent fading. The level of protection that they can give is minimal so it's best to be proactive and take other approaches to minimize sun damage to your precious furniture.

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