What Kind Of Rug Goes With Floral Curtains?

When decorating with floral curtains, finding the right rug to match them can be difficult. If you're unsure what color or pattern works best, you're in the right place. Do read on because we gathered the best design tips when matching rugs and floral curtains.

Floral curtains will go well with rugs in neutral colors, striped, geometric shapes, and even floral designs. There are no strict rules when matching rugs and floral curtains.

However, design experts recommend avoiding clashing colors and sticking to a color scheme to maintain design consistency.

Read on if you want to see more design inspirations. We'll give you tips on how to mix and match different patterns with florals.

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How Do You Match Carpet And Curtains?

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You've decided to go for floral curtains to decorate your window, but have you given any thought to the rug that will sit underneath it?

Floral curtains give a classic look that adds a touch of feminine charm to a room. It is a popular choice for people who love vintage styles and a retro vibe. However, it can be difficult to think of a rug that will match floral curtains because the designs can easily clash.

The answer depends on your personal style. If you like simple and modern, a solid-colored rug or one in a neutral color will complement it well. If you like bold patterns, choose a patterned rug, preferably in a neutral color or in the same color scheme as your floral curtains.

Below are some style guides with picture inspirations you can follow.

Neutral Colors

If you want to be safe with your choice, choose a rug in any neutral color. It will match your curtain beautifully, no matter what colors the florals are. This design creates a clean look, highlighting the floral prints of the curtains.

If you have a curtain with a beautiful pattern that you want to show off, choose neutral colors all around the room so the eyes will immediately be drawn to the colors of the curtains.

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Solid Colors

If you want to place a solid-colored rug to match the floral curtains, you can choose a neutral color or take one color from the curtain and match it with the rug. The complementary color will add contrast without taking away the attention from the curtain and tie the whole color scheme together.

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Go Vintage

You can pair your floral curtains with a vintage rug to create a warm and rustic feel to a room. Just make sure they have a few similar colors to keep the design consistent and won't look overwhelming.

A floral and vintage print is a very tricky pair to match because the designs can easily clash. If you're going for this vintage pair, keep the furniture and other decors in the room in a neutral color or in very minimal patterns.

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Geometric Patterns

Floral curtains and a patterned rug can be very tricky to match because there is always the possibility of colors clashing and designs overpowering each other. If you aren't careful in picking the rug design, the room will look chaotic, and the designs will compete for attention.

However, if you pull it together, it makes a very interesting design than can be a focal point of conversation in your living room.

To achieve this eclectic look, choose a rug in neutral colors. It's also best to use a single geometric pattern to avoid overwhelming the design. This will help ensure that the whole room has an overall cohesive look rather than being cluttered with too many patterns.

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Solid Geometric

If you love patterns but don't want to overwhelm your space with too many intersecting lines in the design, then choose a geometric rug in a solid, neutral color. This is a great way to subtly add texture to the room while maintaining a clean, overall look.

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A striped rug gives out clean lines, which is an excellent contrast to the swirls of the floral design. Striped rugs keep the space formal and classy without drawing attention to itself. Keep the color of the rug neutral, and it will work well with any floral curtain.

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How Do I Choose A Complimentary Rug?

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For a foolproof way to match rugs and curtains, stick to one color scheme and play with the different shades. If you're working on one color scheme, it's safer to play with patterns and contrast texture.

When you're choosing a rug, it's essential to think about what kind of look you want to achieve. If you have a very elegant minimalist space with a modern appeal, choose a sleek rug or something with lots of texture and detail. This will make it stand out against minimalist decor.

On the other hand, if you want something more casual or rustic, try a vintage rug. These are great options to create a warm, hygge type of space.

Should You Have The Same Curtains In Every Room?

Scandinavian bedroom interior with bed in pastel beige and mint colors, 3d rendering

It's not necessary to have the same style and fabric of curtains in every room, but according to many design experts, one of the keys to a good interior design is consistency. There should be one thing, whether it's fabric or color, to tie up the design if you want to maintain one theme throughout the entire house.

However, having the same curtains in every room is only possible if all the windows are uniform throughout the house. Bedroom windows, for instance, may be smaller than living room windows so it needs a different window treatment.

It would be best if you also considered how much light you want to enter a room. If you're using blackout curtains in the bedroom, it may not be appropriate in the kitchen and living room, where you want a bit of sunlight coming in.

Do All My Rugs Have To Match?

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Rugs in your home don't need to match. The rug in your dining room doesn't need to be the same as the one in your living room. Even if you have an open concept home, you can have a different shape, color, design, and texture of rug in other areas of the house.

However, if the rugs are in the same area, let's say you're using two rugs in your living room, then the rugs should match for better aesthetics. As a rule of thumb, you can only vary the rugs if it's in another area of the house.

Wrapping Up

Thank you very much for reading through, and we hope you are able to get inspiration on how to match your rug with your floral curtains. You can check out the other articles below to get more design inspiration for your curtains.

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