What Curtains Go With Florals [Inc. Bedding, Rug, And Wallpaper]?

Incorporating florals into your space is a great way to make the room effortlessly charming. However, since floral elements already tend to be visually stimulating, it can be challenging to choose curtains that can complement them well. So, how do you pair curtains with floral elements? What curtains complement them? We have researched answers to find out.

As a design rule, you should pick out a color from the floral prints on your rug, bedding, or wallpaper and find a curtain that matches that color. This will ensure that the color scheme remains cohesive. For example, if your floral bedding has pink, purple, and blue colors, you can pick out a solid blue curtain. But, if you're still having second thoughts, you can never go wrong with a neutral-toned curtain.

Figuring out the curtains that will tie up the room together can be difficult. It's an important decision, too, since curtains are one of the largest fixtures in the room. However, with the right design solution, you can narrow down your curtain choices and choose one that matches your preference best. Keep reading below to learn more!

What Curtains Go with Floral Prints?

Victorian-style bedroom with a four poster bed and curtains, What Curtains Go With Florals [Inc. Bedding, Rug, And Wallpaper]?

Mixing patterns can be intimidating, especially when you're not familiar with design rules. With prints, the key is to create a balanced look in terms of form, shape, and color. However, if you don't have the time to coordinate designs, the safest solution is to go with neutrals.

Neutral colors are the easiest to pair with almost any printed fabric. They are aesthetically versatile, and they won't clash with the prints and rich color scheme in your home. They can also tie up the interior together effortlessly.

Of course, you would still need to consider contrast and the amount of light you want inside the space. Here are the neutral colors that will easily go with floral prints.


Handmade accessories in contemporary bedroom

White curtains make the space feel wider and airy. They balance out the rich floral patterns and tie up the interior neatly. This color is ideal if your walls are white and want the consistency to make the room appear bigger.

Since white shows dirt easily, you will need to clean it more often to maintain a clean and crisp look. Also, Try to avoid "clinical" white shades which expose dirt more. Instead, go for eggshell white for a softer and more inviting look.

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Stylish living room with floral rug

Greige is a combination of Grey and Beige. It has a muted tone, so it can tie up the floral-printed fixtures around the room neatly. It's an excellent alternative to stark white curtains, and it's a good choice if you want a more sophisticated and effortlessly chic look in your space.

They are also relatively more low-maintenance since dirt won't be easily noticeable--although you will still need to inspect the material closely so you're assured that the curtains are as clean as it looks.

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Grey curtains add depth and dimension to the room. Although it's a neutral color, it has an industrial appeal that can provide visual contrast against soft and feminine floral elements. Grey can also make the room feel more "solid" since it grounds the designs and decorations around the room.

Although grey has a reputation for looking too drab, they are actually a good choice for a curtain especially if you just want to have a cohesive color scheme. It's a practical color, and it complements floral prints.

However, if you really want to spruce it up, you can add a sheer white curtain at the center to make it more visually alluring.

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If you want a soft and light color scheme, cream-colored curtains are a perfect choice. They are light on the eyes, but they are not too plain or drab. They inject warmth into the room because of their undertones, and it provides a great backdrop for all the floral prints around the space.

Cream-colored curtains are also a great choice if you are leaning toward a modern rustic design since the color scheme matches that aesthetic. It is also versatile, so you can transform your room however you like and the curtain will still complement it.

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Matching Floral Prints With Curtains

If you don't want to stick with neutrals and want to explore other colors, there are design rules you need to be familiar with first. Creating a harmonious look is essential especially if you're dealing with floral prints, so make sure you are coordinating colors that seamlessly fit together.

You need to be sharp about the colors you choose. If you want to create contrast, the colors should still come from the same color family, or at least be beside or opposite each other in the color wheel. You should also pay attention to the hue, intensity, and tone to create depth in the space.

Here are examples of how you can design a room with floral elements.

Soft Pink Color Scheme

Quilted bedding

Pink is a popular color scheme in floral designs. If the bedding or rug is made with white and pink floral patterns, you can choose either pink or white curtains. This will create a soft and feminine vibe in the space. You can break up this color scheme by incorporating neutral-toned designs.

Another curtain you can try to put up would be plaid curtains. Plaid and floral patterns complement one another--just make sure that the plaid colors are either light-neutral or also pink and white.

Coastal Vibe

Having a coastal and tropical look starts with the right color scheme. Greens, blues, beiges, and yellows are the typical colors incorporated into this style. If you have yellow floral-printed bedding or rug, you can pair it with teal or light blue curtains. You can also try sage green for a more muted but refreshing look.

Sunflower-printed beddings will pair well with yellow or beige curtains. Yellow curtains will give it a monochromatic scheme, while a beige curtain will tone down the rich floral prints and provide a balanced look.

Natural and Refreshing

If you want a tranquil and relaxing look in your space, incorporating natural elements is the way to go. Since you already have floral elements, you can pair them with matching floral curtains to capture a nature-themed vibe.

This can be tricky since the curtain should exactly match what's on your bedding, rug, or wallpaper since it could look chaotic if they aren't matching.

However, you can always try to balance out the floral patterns by using asymmetry. For example, if the floral print on your bedding or wallpaper has huge patterns, the floral print on the curtain should be smaller--and vice versa.

Rustic Theme

A rustic theme is possible if you have the color scheme down pat. Floral prints in gold or light brown hues would set the foundation, and you can match it with gold, yellow, or brown curtains. This will create a rustic vibe, and you can tie everything up with rattan and wooden elements around the room.

You can also pair the curtains with dried flowers for visual allure. As with all rustic designs, exploring and balancing out the texture is important.

Bright and vibrant

Bright and a cozy bedroom in a contemporary home

Floral prints are naturally vibrant, and they're an effortless solution to making your interior feel cheery. You can lean into this appeal by pairing the florals in your space with bold colors. Although they can be a bit visually overwhelming, you can balance them out with decorations and accents.

Of course, it's still important to be tactful about the intensity of the curtain's color. Deep purples, blues, and terra cotta-toned curtains have bold colors that won't eclipse the entire space. If you're choosing bold colors, make sure they're not visually straining to maintain a relaxing environment.

Final Thoughts

Coordinating floral prints with other elements in the room can be challenging. However, if you have a vision and are familiar with design rules, they can be fun to design. Just remember to keep your space visually harmonious, and to make sure that everything fits your personal style.

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