What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Bedspread?

Yellow bedspreads add a vibrant charm to your bedroom. The eyes are drawn to the bright pop of color, so it's not surprising that most people want yellow bedspreads especially if the room is fairly neutral-toned.

However, a room isn't complete without curtains, so what curtain colors complement yellow bedspreads? We have gathered ideas for you.

The curtain color you choose depends on whether you want to tone down the vibrant colors or want to accentuate them. Here are colors that will go well with yellow bedspreads.

  • Seafoam Blue
  • Pastel Yellow
  • Beige or Cream
  • Light Orange
  • Grey
  • Sage Green
  • Periwinkle
  • White
  • Deep Brown
  • Floral Pattern
  • Grey and Yellow
  • Blue and Yellow
  • Green and Yellow
  • Geometric Prints in Deep Green
  • Black and White
  • Sheer White and Yellow
  • Gold

You need to be mindful of the colors you pick if you want them to complement your yellow bedspread. Yellow is not a neutral color, so not all colors will blend well with it. Make sure you balance out the colors and that the interior remains cohesive.

Keep reading below to learn more about how to match your curtain with your bedspread.

full king size bed yellow bedspread turn white curtain white pillow case, What Color Curtains Go With Yellow Bedspread?

Color Curtains That Go With Yellow A Bedspread

Yellow bedspreads look youthful and cozy, making them an excellent choice for people whose priority is to feel instantly recharged when they enter their room. However, you won't be able to achieve that atmosphere without considering your curtain colors as they are one of the most attention-grabbing features of the bedroom apart from the bed itself.

yellow bed sheet yellow pillow case grey colored big curtain wide window

Here are the colors you may want to consider incorporating into your curtains for a more welcoming and warm atmosphere.

Seafoam Blue

Seafoam blue balances out the warm undertones of yellow. These colors when paired naturally look harmonious, and you can create a nature-themed color palette based on these two hues. Seafoam blue will make your yellow bedspreads less overwhelming, and it will tie up the interior beautifully.

Pastel Yellow

There's nothing safer and more cohesive than monochromatic color schemes. Pastel yellow is not that visually overwhelming since it's in a lighter shade. It filters in sunlight, making your room look warmer and more vibrant.

If you want to have yellow curtains that don't filter in light, get blackout curtains in yellow.

Beige or Cream

Beige or cream-colored curtains are a good alternative if you want a neutral color scheme with the bed itself as the accent. The curtains will blend into the background, but they will still give off a warmer look in the bedroom without having a striking hue.

full king size bed yellow bedspread, white curtain white pillow case

Light Orange

Light orange curtains match the warm undertones of your bedspread, creating a warm color scheme. You can incorporate a sunset-themed palette into your interior if that's your preference, but it is suggested to get either light or an almost-russet shade of orange for the curtains.

Try to veer away from neon orange since they can be visually overwhelming and make your bedroom look less relaxing.


If you want to tone down the color of your bedspread, go with grey. Grey is a cosmopolitan and serious color that can make your bedroom look more structured. it will add depth and dimension to the interior while blending into the design seamlessly.

Sage Green

Green is a natural color that pairs well with yellow bedspreads with no problem. However, most people can be turned off by overly-striking greens, so sage green is a great alternative. It has a soft look that balances out the vibrance of yellow, and it will still retain the youthful look of the room.


Periwinkle is an unconventional choice, but it's ideal if you want to lean into the youthful and cheery vibe of the room. It will add vibrance on top of the yellow bedspread, and it will still make your bedroom look cohesive.

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White curtains are a classic choice. It's the safest route to take if you're not sure about what color to incorporate into the bedroom, and it leans into the bright color scheme if that's what you're going for.

One downside is that white curtains tend to show dirt easier compared to other colors so you may need to clean them more often so they'll consistently look pristine.

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Deep Brown

Deep brown curtains add character to the interior. They add depth and dimension to the room and are an ideal choice if you want to lean into the cozy and warm appeal of your bedspread. If you want a more rustic look, incorporate wooden or basket-weaved accents around the interior for cohesiveness.

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Floral Pattern

Floral curtains are a great way to inject personality into the bedroom without having too much decor or clutter. Floral patterns lean into the vibrant appeal of your bedspreads, and you can create a "cottage-core" vibe in your bedroom with them.

Make sure that the flowers on the curtain have a bit of yellow in them so it still follows your room's color scheme.

Grey and Yellow

The key to making a bedroom less plain means playing with colors. Don't be afraid to combine two curtain colors together, especially if one of them is neutral--chances are, the colors will blend seamlessly together.

Grey tones down the yellow-on-yellow color scheme and makes the interior more balanced and structured. It interrupts the abundance of yellow to make the bedroom more sophisticated.

Blue and Yellow

If you want a more coastal and beachy appeal, go with the combination of blue and yellow curtains. Blue balances out the warm undertones of yellow, and it makes the room look more relaxing. Blue is known to be a tranquil color, so it’s an ideal color to incorporate into your bedroom.

Green and Yellow

The combination of green and yellow can make your interior look like a tropical escape. The color scheme is reminiscent of a lush garden, so you can instantly feel refreshed when you enter the room. Green tones relax the yellow tones, making it look softer.

Geometric Prints in Deep Green

If you want to add depth to the room but want a more vibrant alternative, deep green is a great option. The contrast adds personality to the bedroom, and the geometric prints will give the interior dimension effortlessly.

Black and White

If you want a more industrial or cosmopolitan look to create visual contrast to the vibrance of your yellow bedspreads, incorporate black and white curtains into the interior. It's a tried and true design solution so you can't go wrong with it. However, make sure it reflects your preferences.

Make sure the black and white curtains match your walls as well. These curtain colors pair best with stark white walls.

Sheer White and Yellow

If you want to filter in a lot of light, but want the room to remain visually stimulating, go with sheer white and yellow curtains. You can control the amount of lighting and heat that enters the room, and you won't compromise the aesthetic appeal of the room.

These colors will make the interior softer, and it makes the bedroom colors cohesive.

Gold Ombre

If you want an elegant bedroom look, incorporate your yellow bedspreads with gold curtains. Gold ombre or curtains printed with Gold patterns are a great option if you want to make your bedroom effortlessly chic.

Final Thoughts

full king size bed yellow bedspread turn white curtain white pillow case

Choosing the curtains that complement your bedspread is essential to creating a relaxing and visually pleasing interior. Make sure you pick colors that suit your personal aesthetic!

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