What Color Curtains Go With Taupe Walls?

Taupe is a neutral color that works well in most room decor. If you're looking for a curtain color to match your taupe walls, you will surely have an easy time finding something that works. We browsed through different style guides and found some of the best curtain colors that go very well with taupe.

The best color curtains to use with taupe walls are ones that have a warm undertone. Warm curtain colors that match perfectly with taupe walls include white, gray, orange, pink, red, brown, and cream. However, they can also pair well with cool tones such as blue and green.

If you've painted your walls taupe and are wondering what color curtains would look good on them, keep reading. We'll help you figure out what colors go with taupe walls so that all your decorating efforts can come together seamlessly.

Brown armchair and beige walls - light room design project. Pastel milky ivory tones are a trend 2022. What Color Curtains Go With Taupe Walls?

What Does The Color Taupe Look Like?

Before we get on to discussing color schemes for curtains, let's make sure we are on the same page and that we properly define the color "taupe". Below is a picture of the color taupe.

Taupe is considered a muted or neutral color (e.g., black, white, gray). The term "taupe" refers to an earth-tone color that has brown undertones, but it can also include gray and yellow hues.

While it may seem simple, taupe is actually one of the hardest colors to define because of the different hues and undertones. Below is a picture of the color taupe's various undertones.

Now that you have a clear idea of what taupe is, let's move on to finding the right color curtain for your taupe wall.

What Color Compliments Taupe?

Luxurious large bedroom with marble slabs and a bed in the center. Delicate beige colors - ivory, milk, brown, taupe

Taupe is a neutral color that can be used in any room. It gives off a warm and inviting vibe and it's perfect for making your space look bigger than it is.

The best way to use taupe in your home is by pairing it with other neutral colors. You can do this by using basic neutrals like white, black, and gray. You can also create an interesting contrast by pairing taupe with brighter shades such as yellow or orange.

If you are trying to decide what color curtains go with taupe walls, here are some of the best options:


Creams are a great color choice for taupe because they can help to brighten up the room and make it appear larger. Creams also have a softness to them that will complement the neutral tone of taupe perfectly.


White or off-white curtains work well with taupe walls because they add an airy feeling to the space by letting light through easily. White curtains will make your space feel bigger than it actually is while also adding an element of elegance due to their neutral tones.


These two colors work well together because they are similar in tone but opposite in hue. Blue is cool, while taupe is warm—but they both come across as neutral. Blue curtains are a great way to give your windows extra personality—they'll look amazing with either white or cream window panes.

Reception or salon with a luxury lounge area. Purple armchairs and gold details in the decor livingroom. Accent colors - taupe ivory and lavender.


These two colors are a good match because they enhance each other's qualities without canceling each other out. Gray will make the taupe appear warmer and more vibrant, while taupe will do the same for gray.

Both colors will also blend well with other room decors, making it an excellent choice for rooms with a lot of other colors.


Green curtains have a cool, fresh hue that creates a relaxing environment in any room. Paired with taupe walls, this earthy combination is visually soothing, creating a spa-like ambiance.


When paired with taupe walls, orange is able to add some brightness while still feeling neutral. Orange has a lot more energy than taupe does. It's warm and bright, whereas taupe has more of a calming effect on the eye.


Red curtains are a bolder choice, but together with taupe walls, they create an elegant look that is inviting and makes a statement. The red color itself adds energy into the room, so if you're choosing this color combination, don't overwhelm the decor with too many patterns or prints. Keep furniture pieces in light woods or white lacquer, and the rest of the colors muted.


Pink curtains and taupe walls are a good combination because they both have a calming effect. Pink is bright and cheerful, but it also has a calming, serene side to it.

Pink is a color that's both feminine and modern, so it can feel like a fun way to add interest to your space without making it feel too stuffy or mature.


Brown curtains can be made in a variety of shades and textures. The curtains will add depth and dimension to your taupe walls and give you an elegant look that complements both traditional and modern styles of decor.

Luxury living room in chocolate color.

Is Taupe Warm Or Cool?

Taupe is a warm color. It is a neutral color that gives off a relaxing effect, that's why it is often mistaken as a cool color. Taupe, however, is more of a brownish-gray, so it leans more into the warm color spectrum.

Warm colors are best paired with neutrals and fellow warm colors such as yellow, orange, and red. However, with the color taupe, there are several cool colors that blend well with it such as blue and green.

When using taupe for room designs, the best way to pair it with other colors is to use it as a neutral base. This way you can use all sorts of different colors in your room without clashing or overwhelming each other. You can also use taupe as an accent color to add depth and texture to a room.

Why Is Taupe So Popular?

Why Is Taupe So Popular? Taupe Abstract Grungy Decorative Texture.

Taupe has been a popular color for years, but 2017 marks the first year it's been named the Sherwin-Williams color of the year. Since then it has been one of the favorite color schemes for home interior paint and decor.

The popularity of taupe can be attributed to its versatility. You can use it as an accent color or color an entire room with it without making the room feel stuffy. Taupe is also a neutral color, which allows you to easily pair it with other colors in your home without clashing.

Taupe is a great choice if you're looking for something that will coordinate with other colors in your home, whether it's traditional or modern interiors. It is a timeless and luxurious color with varying choices of undertones to add depth to any room's design.

Wrapping Up

Taupe is neutral enough to work well in any curtain color, room setting, or decor style. It also provides enough variation in tone to add interest to the design without being overwhelming or distracting from your whole scheme.

Thank you very much for reading through and we hope this article inspired you to choose the right color curtain for your taupe wall. To learn more about curtains installation and design, check out these other articles below.

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