What Color Blinds With Dark Wood Trim?

Dark wood trims are a timeless fixture in the house. They add contrast and dimension, and they outline windows beautifully. Wooden trims can either look contemporary or rustic depending on their finish, adding character to your space. However, what color blinds actually go with them? Are they aesthetically versatile? We have gathered answers for you.

When pairing colors with dark wood trims, it is recommended that you stick with a classic aesthetic that resembles vintage or antique styles. Wood usually has that appeal, so you can try to stick with an elegant look. However, if that’s not your style, you can try going for a rustic and beach-vibe look which depend both on the color and texture of the blinds.

  • White
  • Beige
  • Rustic or Light Browns
  • Matching Wood Stain

Pairing colors with dark wood trims can be challenging since they are already striking by themselves. You may find yourself asking whether the blinds should have design value, or if they should just be functional. We will be elaborating further in this post, so keep reading below!

photo of a dark wood trim room design modern and minimalist room ideas, What Color Blinds With Dark Wood Trim?

What Color Blinds with Dark Wood Trim?

Dark Wood Trims have a rustic appeal about them. Pairing them with blinds will accentuate their form and stain since they won’t be hidden by heavy drapes, and it will also make the window itself more functional.

Blinds are often seen as a purely functional fixture, so they are not necessarily picked for their aesthetic value. However, we can’t deny that blinds can catch the attention since they are situated directly on the window.

Although their main purpose is to be functional, it won’t hurt to look into the ideal colors that will go with dark wooden trims.

Here are the colors that can suit a dark wood trim.


Incorporating white blinds into dark wood trims is a safe design route that you can take. They inject visual contrast into the window, and they accentuate the dark trims well.

White blinds are versatile. Although the function is a priority, white blinds can still add aesthetic value to your space since it blends well with a variety of interior design.

White blinds have a contemporary and sleek look. They make your windows look more modern and polished since they won’t clash with the wood trims despite the contrasting hues.

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Beige or cream-colored blinds have a softer contrast compared to stark white blinds. They have the same undertones as the dark wood trims, seamlessly providing a warm color scheme that’s cohesive and visually appealing.

Beige blinds that are paired with dark wood trims are easier to incorporate into the interior. In a way, they match more closely, and the neutral tones can blend with any style.

However, you’d want to avoid too much plainness. Since the contrast is not too stark and the blinds may have no texture, make sure to accentuate your space and the windows to make them more visually alluring.

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Rustic or Light Browns

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Rustic or light Brown Blinds are one of the best colors you can incorporate with dark wood trims.

These colors blend best with wood since they virtually have the same hues and undertones, so you wont have to worry about clashing.

To get the best look, make sure you choose textured blinds. Rattan blinds give off a rustic and effortlessly chic look that can add character to your space.

If you opt for wooden blinds, make sure the stains match closely to create a cohesive and elegant look.

Depending on the blinds you choose, your space can look either elegant or beautifully rugged.

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Matching Dark Wood Stain

If you want a more cohesive look, you can have the blinds customized so that you can have the exact same wood type and color for your blinds. The window trim and the blinds would look more coordinated, and it will look as if the windows have been built that way.

This will make your windows look sophisticated and effortlessly classic. Make sure to decorate your interior in a way that would blend with the window trim and blinds and accentuate their beauty.

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Are Dark Trims Versatile?

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Dark wood trims are not as versatile as other trim colors. This is because they already have a deep and richly-toned hue, so it can be challenging to pair them with other vibrant colors.

Even pastel-toned colors don’t blend well with dark wood trims, not because of the tones clashing, but because they don’t match in aesthetics.

It is best to stick with tried and true colors such as neutrals, warm wood tones, and white shades when incorporating blinds into your dark trims. These colors won’t clash with the trims, and they will create a more harmonious look that will make your interior timeless and elegant.

Should you go for Dark trims?

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Now that you’re familiar with the typical color schemes that go with dark window trims, you may be wondering whether you should still go for them. Although light color schemes are all the rage these days, dark trims still have that timeless and antique look that give off elegance.

The colors you choose should be in-line with your personal style. When you weigh the pros and cons, you need to factor in the interior you want.

Your window trims, although a subtle fixture, still command your color palette since it creates a domino effect starting from the windows to the window treatment.

Here are the pros and cons of having a dark window trim.

Pros of Having Dark Trim

Dark trims can make your interior look more classy and expensive. The contrasting colors between the blinds, walls, and the trims will be visually stimulating so your interior won’t look boring or flat.

Dark trims add dimension to the space, and they can make your space look contemporary. Even if they lack versatility with color, they still have the range for design versatility depending on the wood trim’s finish.

Aside from design versatility, they also have functional advantages. They tend to hide dirt better than light-colored trims, making them relatively low-maintenance.

Cons of Having Dark Trim

Dark window trims don’t have a wide range of colors that they can go with, so it can be challenging if you want to play with colors. They are also pricier, especially dark wooden trims.

If you live in a small space, dark wood window trims can be heavy on the eyes. They can narrow a space down and make it feel cramped, especially since you’ll be stuck incorporating contrasting or matching colors so they won’t clash with the window trim.

Dark trims can only work if your interior design won’t be stifled and if your space will still have that expensive vibe after installing dark trims.

Final Thoughts

photo of a dark wood trim room design modern and minimalist room ideas

Dark Wood Trims have an expensive look that can elevate your interior. However, the look will only work if having a classic and antique style matches your aesthetic.

You are more likely to clash the colors if you want a more vibrant and airy look, so make sure you can enjoy styling your home with these trims.