Somfy Wall Switch Not Working – Why And What to do

Somfy wall switches are very adaptable features for the home. They help you control five nearby radio technology like drapes, slides, or window shades. That is why when they stop working, it becomes stressful for their owners. We have researched why and what to do when your Somfy wall switch is not working, and here's a reliable answer we got.

There can be more than one reason your Somfy wall switch is not working. It could be the connection, battery, or the switch itself. Whichever, these are the steps you should carry out when it happens:

  • Check your remote battery.
  • Check if your remote connects to the motor properly.
  • Check the switch if it is fixed properly.
  • Check for problems in your wiring.
  • Check your rails, too.

Somfy switches are very easy to use. They aid work and give your apartment that classy look. Keep reading to learn more about your Somfy wall switch and what to do when it malfunctions.

Switch on the wall. - Somfy Wall Switch Not Working - Why And What to do

Why is My Somfy Switch Not Working?

Somfy switches control window blinds, curtains, and slides in homes or offices. With a remote, it is very flexible and can be used from reasonable distances, practically making life easier.

That is why it can be discomforting when these switches stop responding normally. There are many reasons why a Somfy switch may no longer work, it can be a minor issue or a major one. Knowing why the switches are not working is important to get the switch to function just as before.

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Here are some reasons why your Somfy switch is not working

Bad Switches

Do not panic when your Somfy no longer works properly. Sometimes, the fixing of the switches may be faulty. Gunk or dust may be getting stuck inside it. At other times the switch may have become loose and wiggled out of place, interrupting connections, hence, making the switch not work properly.

Improper Wiring

This can also be an issue if the installation was done by a novice or done improperly. It would surely tell on the usage. Improper installation can cause even more damage, especially to other home appliances.

Stuck Motors

Sometimes, you may not be aware the motors get stuck due to dust or misalignment. The gears and rotors are affected, which will cause the switch not to work.

Misaligned Railings

We often forget to check out the railings, as it always comes as a last resort. The railings might not have been properly adjusted, so they can cause the switch not to work.

What To Do If Somfy Wall Switch Is Not Working

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Knowing why a Somfy wall switch is not working, the wise thing to do is to check out all the factors that cause them to malfunction. Below are some of the faults you can look for and how to fix them.

Check Your Motor Batteries

The first thing to check when your switches stop working is your motor batteries. Use a tester to check if all of them are working. If one is bad, then change all the batteries since they may get bad soon, especially if they were bought at the same time. Also, some testers are cheap and won't always give proper results.

You should also check if the batteries are aligned properly to the spring. If the spring is shorted out, you will need a new battery tube.

Here are some tips to help you handle your battery tubes:

  1. Do not allow them to slip off and fall, it can damage the wiring.
  2. Always hold the tube sideways when replacing the batteries. If you hold it in an up-to-down direction, it can damage the battery or the tubes.
  3. Always arrange the battery so that all of them are pointing in the same direction.
  4. Check and recheck if the batteries are fixed properly.

Check Your Remote

It is easy to examine the remote control. You can check if it is working by pressing the direction buttons. If the LED illuminates, then your battery is fine. You should check out other problems, too.

The Somfy remote uses batteries. They use them to store energy so they can function properly.  Some units use a 2430 Lithium 3V  type of battery.

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But if your battery LED doesn't illuminate, then replace the batteries and try it again. You can replace your batteries through the following steps:

  1. With a screwdriver, loosen the screws at the back of the remote control.
  2. Take the back lid off and replace the battery correctly.
  3. Check on the battery and remote. Check the negative and positive points and replace the batteries in the same arrangement.
  4. Screw back the nuts and lid tightly back.

If you are done replacing the batteries and if the LED light doesn't still come up, then it's time to buy a new battery.

Check The Switches

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Your switch may be bad, so you need to check them. They may have gotten stuck with specks of dirt or dust, not fixed properly, or their batteries are fried. Once you see a loose switch, you should get a professional to handle it. Dirt and dust can be easily brushed out.

For the batteries, they will need a total replacement. Here's how to go about it once you have confirmed you have the right type of battery.

  1. Remove the switch from the wall with a small screwdriver.
  2. Then, remove the faceplate and pry off the switch with a small screwdriver.
  3. Change the batteries and replace the faceplate, and switch.

Check The Motors

Your switch may have a problem with its motors, though it may not necessarily be a major problem. The Somfy motors are made with heat regulators, so they don't fry out easily because of overuse.

These regulators stop the motors from working after 3-4 minutes of constant use. When this happens, you should allow the motor for about 15-20 minutes to cool down before trying it again. 

If you have tried this and it still doesn't work, try changing the motor batteries. If the rails are still stuck, it shows that the motor control board is damaged. You should call customer service for a replacement or purchase a new one.

Check The Wiring

Poor installation can cause great injury to appliances. If your connection was made with wires, check out the wires and their plugins. If you don't know how to go about it or you notice wrong wiring somewhere, the best thing to do is to reach out to your retailer dealer or the installer.

Inspect For Interference Problems

Another is interference problems, which can be caused by cellular phones, lighting dimmers, RF house phones, microwave ovens, LED and plasma TVs, short wave radios, fluorescent lights, computers, AM and FM radio signals, and the like.  

Since Somfy switches use remote control, signal interferences can also be a problem. This problem is often overlooked, but here are some techniques you can do to make your switch work if this is the issue.

  1. Modify the direction of the antenna by moving it gently.
  2. Set the antenna in such a way that it does not touch anything.

Other Factors To Consider

Other factors can be range problems. You should consider how far from the switch the remote can get to and make sure you are within that range. Then, you can also clean the rails, specks of dirt, dust, or dead insects that may get stuck in them.

How Do I Sync My Somfy Remote

It is easy to synchronize your Somfy remote control with your mobile app, Firstly, set your device in user mode. To find a way to press the transmission button at the back of the device, you can use a paper clip.

Once the window slides down, it shows it is in user mode. You can now use the up and down button to control. If that doesn't work, click here to get other options.

What is the "MY" Button On Somfy Remote

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The MY button stops the window blinds when it moves in any direction. Also, the MY button is used for programming the window blinds to stay at a preset position you are most comfortable with. So, instead of adjusting your blinds up and down often, the MY button gets you to your customized position.

How Often Do I Need To Change Motorized Blinds

Depending on the use, you will not need to change your motorized blinds in 3-10 years. They are strong and long-lasting, and they may not be the first thing you want to check if your blinds aren't working well. 


Switch on the wall

Somfy switches are very adaptable and flexible. Although they may get spoiled or have minor issues, just like every other piece of equipment, they are easy to handle and versatile.

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