Are Shower Curtains Supposed To Be Inside Or Outside?

One of the most argued topics among homeowners is the placement of shower curtains. Are they supposed to be outside or inside? You shouldn't trouble yourself with this matter anymore since we have already conducted thorough research to make things easier for you.

Honestly, there is no concrete answer to that subject since it will depend on the purpose of your shower curtain. You can place it inside the tub to prevent water from splattering around the bathroom. If you have a curtain liner installed, you can allow it inside and let the shower curtain outside.

Shower curtains are indeed helpful for bathrooms. And to make the most out of it, you must know everything about it aside from knowing whether you should place it inside or outside. Keep reading to delve into more details.

Shower curtain hanging from a chrome shower curtain rod, Are Shower Curtains Supposed To Be Inside Or Outside?

Where To Place Shower Curtains?

The primary purpose of shower curtains is to stop water from splashing around the bathroom while you take a bath. It can help prevent water from damaging your tiles or your entire bathroom. So, correctly hanging your shower curtains would be best if you wish to avoid such a situation.

There are shower curtains that come with curtain liners, and there are some that don't. If you own one that doesn't have a curtain liner, you should place the shower curtain inside.

If it comes with a liner, you can place the curtain outside and let the liner hang inside the tub to prevent the water from splashing all around the tiles.

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Hanging Shower Curtains

Hanging Shower Curtains - Modern bathroom vanity cabinet with drawers and marble top

If you want to achieve a correct hanging placement of your shower curtain, it would be best to know the appropriate steps.

measure the rod location

If you want a well-installed shower curtain, the first step you should ensure is getting the correct measurement of the area.

As we know, there are different shower dimensions. However, the standard measurement of shower curtains is 72 inches in width and length.

If you have ever purchased a shower curtain over your bathtub's range, it would be best to measure the curtain rod's location before you hang it.

Additionally, purchasing a durable shower curtain is challenging, especially if many sellers and manufacturers claim that their products are durable. It would be best for you to check the curtain products' reviews first before buying them.

hang the curtain rods

After measuring and marking the location of the curtain rod, you can now carefully hang it.

A screw-mounted curtain rod allows you to install the brackets at a consistent distance from the floor of the tub or shower and the walls on each side. More importantly, it needs to be parallel to the floor of your shower.

If you're using a tension rod, raise it until it reaches the height you marked on the wall, then tighten it until it doesn't budge.

loop the rings of the shower curtain

Place the shower liner behind your shower curtain. Ensure that the liner is facing outward and the curtain is facing upward.

Once you finish, arrange the shower curtain and liner, ensuring the holes are aligned. Loop a shower ring in each hole. After looping, it would be best not to close the rings yet. You would want to select shower rings that match the theme of your bathroom.

In addition, after you've hung the hooks on the rod, you can simply loop the holes of the shower liner and curtain over them.

Hang The Shower Liner And curtain

Lift the liner and curtain with care, then put each shower ring over the rod and hook them securely into position. After you have done hanging your shower curtain, you may go on adding other requirements for the bathroom, such as washcloths, shampoo, toothpaste, and other toiletries.

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how to properly use shower curtains?

how to properly use shower curtains - Bathroom detail. Tub and shower combo

In everything you own, you must be responsible enough to make them last longer and make the most out of them. Below are some tips on how you can use your shower curtains properly:

  • As mentioned, your shower curtain or curtain liner should be inside your tub while you shower or take a bath.
  • If you want your shower curtain and tub to dry out properly and stay clean, close the shower curtain after each use.
  • When buying a set of curtain rings, it would be best to buy them as a set to install your shower curtains quickly without any confusion and complications.
  • It is a must to open or close your shower curtains gently and carefully to avoid ripping them off.
  • Invest in a shower curtain rod to keep your towel dry and accessible while you shower.

Shower curtains of superior quality prevent the water from flooding the bathroom when taking a bath. Those made of polyester are in exceptionally high demand because of their resistance to water and availability in a wide range of colors.

What are the advantages of shower curtains?

What are the advantages of shower curtains - bright bathroom with tile floor and white shower curtain.

There are numerous advantages that you can obtain if you will use a shower curtain for your bathroom. And they are the following:

  • With shower curtains, you can quickly and easily customize your bathroom anytime.
  • Shower curtains are adaptable or can handle high humidity.
  • It would be best to purchase shower curtains than shower doors since they are more inexpensive.
  • Once you notice mold and mildew, you can quickly change your shower curtains to a new set.
  • Since shower curtains come in various types, sizes, and designs, you can modify your bathroom with the style you want.
  • You can hide ugly or old tubs in your bathroom using shower curtains
  • Ideal for children, older people, and pets since they can easily bathe without the difficulty of opening or closing like a shower door does.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Shower Curtains?

Like all other things, shower curtains also have their disadvantages, and they are as follows:

  • Unfortunately, shower curtains are prone to mold and mildew if not used correctly.
  • Some homeowners see shower curtains as outdated decor for bathrooms. However, decorating is a matter of personal taste and style, so you might not see this as a disadvantage.
  • Shower curtains are messy compared to shower doors. It is highly suggested that you ensure they are tucked into the tub or water will flood your bathroom tiles.

Why Is It Important To Always Leave Shower Curtains Closed?

Why Is It Important To Always Leave Shower Curtains Closed - Bathroom interior with vanity cabinet and white shower curtain.

Another common concern of most homeowners is how they should leave shower curtains.

It is highly advisable to leave the shower curtain closed as always to prevent the growth of mold and mildew, especially after a bath. Once you leave your shower curtains open after you shower, expect mold and mildew to occur between the curtain's folds.

Leaving the shower curtain closed will allow the water to dry out quickly; thus, no room for mold and mildew to thrive.

Do shower curtains need to touch the bathroom floor?

Do shower curtains need to touch the bathroom floor - Nice bathroom interior with modern cabinet and floral shower curtain.

Some people prefer their shower curtains to touch the tiles. However, allowing at least two inches of space between your shower curtain and the bathroom floor is highly suggested.

Doing such a thing can prevent mold and mildew growth on the bathroom floor and slip accidents. In addition, you can also make your tiles cleaner.

Wrapping It Up

Wrapping It Up - Bathroom with double oval marble sink and shower curtain.

There's no hard rule regarding whether you should place your shower curtain inside or outside your bathtub. However, it's best to let your shower curtains inside the tub. This will help prevent mold and mildew from growing. Additionally, it is the proper use of shower curtains.

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