Should Bedroom Curtains Match Walls Or Bedding?

Some homeowners don't care about matching home decorations, and there are also those who prefer to match everything. One example is matching the curtains with walls or bedding. Should everything match? Since we want to help, we have researched this very question to learn what designers say.

Matching your bedroom curtains with walls or bedding is not mandatory. However, it would be best to match them if you prefer everything in your room to flow together uniformly. It will bring the room's vibe into harmony and eliminate any feeling of discord.

Now you know that you may or may not match your curtains with your walls or bedding. But if you wish to match them, you should consider tips and factors to achieve a pleasing look for your bedroom. And to know everything about setting up your bedroom decorations nicely, please keep reading.

Photo of a modern looking master bedroom. - Should Bedroom Curtains Match Walls Or Bedding?

Matching bedroom curtains with bedding or wall

3d illustration. Cozy bedroom in warm colors with painting, a nightstand, a pouf, and a plaid

You should remember a few considerations when using a matching technique for your bedroom's design. Matching might seem easy, but the truth is it can be tricky!

Do you have to match bedding with curtains?

As mentioned, matching is not mandatory. However, if you prefer a very organized or polished bedroom, you should go for it. And if you want to do it correctly, you must take note of the following essential things:

  • Focus on the room's focal points and increase its aesthetic attractiveness by maintaining the level of lighting you have set.
  • Focus on the style and mood you want to create for your bedroom as you plan out the arrangement and decor.
  • When shopping for drapes and bedding, feel free to discover several fabrics and color tones.

Furthermore, as long as your choices are consistent with a single aesthetic theme, you should be alright. If you have a clear vision of how your bedroom will appear and feel, you can easily select the appropriate window and bedding sets and decors to achieve that.

Creating the home of your dreams doesn't require a substantial financial outlay. Depending on your mood, the tone you want to set, and the energy you want to convey, several high-quality bedroom shades can do all that and more.

When is the best time to match bedding with your curtains?

One of the most important things you should know about setting up your room is to learn when is the ideal time to create matching bedding and curtains. And according to our research, it would be best to match them when you make your bedding in a neutral color.

As much as possible, avoid matching bolder colors. Keep in mind that curtains and bedding of the same vibrant hue can compete for attention in a small bedroom.

Is Matching Wall Color With Curtains A Good Idea?

3D rendering of large bedroom. Computer generated image of a luxurious and elegant bedroom interiors.

You still have another option if you don't want to match your curtains to your bedding. And that is to match your wall color to your color curtain.

It would be best to coordinate the color of your curtains and walls if you wish to have a harmonious atmosphere.

In some cases, this will look fantastic when used with mid-tone hues. Remember that this works best with a palette that leans toward neutrals rather than vibrant hues like pink or blue. Lastly, choosing a focal wall color is essential when decorating with numerous wall colors.

How to Attractively Arrange Your curtains with bedding

3D rendering of small bedroom with natural light. Computer generated image of elegant bedroom interiors with double bed, side cabinet and mirror on side.

Another thing you should consider is to keep the dimensions of your room in mind while shopping for furnishings.

For instance, if your room is narrow and small, it would be best to go for bedding and curtain sets in neutral hues. Know that neutral colors will allow more light into your space, giving the illusion of more height and width.

Why is it Suggested to avoid using the same pattern?

Straight curtains with a floral pattern on the fabric and a light tulle from thin transparent organza patterned on the top edge

A resourceful homeowner knows that changing the bedroom's layout is a wise solution to make the room more visually engaging. Matching everything in the bedroom is not always needed.

Depending on the overall style of your bedroom, there can be instances where using different patterns and prints is best. Mixing two different designs can create a better, distinctive, and more attractive vibe in the bedroom. In other words, using the same pattern or all matching bedroom decors is dull and has no striking impression.

Have you already tried mixing and creating a layout containing stripe and floral designs? If you haven't yet, we'll give you an idea of how to do such a decor.

For instance, if you have a striped wall, it would be best to use a stripe bedding set. And for your curtains, choosing a floral design is superb! Although it can make your bedroom appear smaller, it can enhance the room's appearance and make it lively.

Plus, you are lucky if you have a crystal chandelier in your bedroom. Furthermore, if you wish to add a more exceptional touch to your windows, you can opt to attach a striped curtain to the decorative panel, like in the photo below:

Modern design of a small window. Combined curtain with eyelets, monochromatic turquoise fabric, tapestry with an ornament and a tulle with patterns hang on a round cornice.

Lastly, remember that you can do this style the other way around.

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How do you establish peacefulness in a bedroom?

Your bedroom is like your haven, so it would be best to create an atmosphere of serenity and peace in this area.

As a general rule, you should decide on the pattern of your bedding first, then work your way down to the color scheme. If you want your room to have a more authentic look, it is excellent to utilize hues you can commonly see in the same area.

Curtains should be the same color as the walls, but if you're using a printed bedding set, you should aim for neutral curtains in a slightly lighter shade.

Moreover, if you're looking for printed curtains, it would be best to utilize woven ones. Plus, you should install a printed panel and a thin curtain that matches the curtain in front of the bed.

When Should You Change Bedroom Curtains And Bedding?

Cozy grey bedroom.

There is only one answer to this question. You should change your bedding and curtain setup if you are unsatisfied and want to change the ambiance in your bedroom.

Matching your curtains to your bedding is a cost-effective way to update the look of your bedroom. And in addition to what we have mentioned earlier, you can change them seasonally or whenever you feel like a style change.

Can You Complement Rather Than Match Your Curtains And Bedding Or Wall?

It is critical to ensure that everything flows together nicely when you change your bedroom setup, even though they don't match.

And since it is not necessary to match your curtain with the bedding or wall, it would be best to try another approach. We are referring to contrasting. Such a technique can make your bedroom more accommodating.

To contrast or complement curtains with your bedding or wall, you should check the color wheel and see what color should go with your preferred hue. For instance, if you wish to have pastel yellow curtains, using any shades of violet is excellent since that is the opposite of yellow in the color wheel.

Additionally, you can also play with neutrals. Use black and white bedding and white curtains if you have white walls. Know that black and white are the perfect contrasting colors.

Matching, complementing, or mixing and matching is a matter of personal taste. So, trying not to match your curtains, bedding, or walls won't hurt. Doing so will even make your room aesthetically pleasing once you use the perfect combinations.

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Why is it important to have white curtains?

Most bedrooms today feature a color scheme with a few different accent hues, especially with the curtains. However, putting up white curtains in your bedroom is a safe bet. White is so versatile that it looks well with any other shade.

Some of the shades that white complement or match well in a bedroom are lilac walls to blue and green accessories.

Aside from being a safe bet, a white curtain can make your room extra engaging, especially if there are other lighter hues inside. It can provide your windows with an attractive frame.

What Color Curtain Attracts The Eye?

Luxury bedroom interior with double bed and gray window curtains

If you wish to provide your bedroom with an eye-catching area, it would be best to utilize a black curtain. Bedrooms benefit from adding black curtains since they can establish and emphasize the layout's characteristics.

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Can You Match All The Curtains In Your Bedroom?

Curtains in a room don't need to be identical unless you want them to be.

If you want your bedroom to have a visual attractiveness, especially with multiple windows, it would be great to make one window stand out. You could highlight a single window using a different color or patterned curtain to do this.

Use your curtain selection to create visual movement in the bedroom by experimenting with different styles, patterns, and colors.

Wrapping It All Up

Beautiful room interior with large bed, mirror and floral pattern on wall

Now that you know what to do with your curtains, walls, and bedding, it is time to execute the process. To achieve a beautifully arranged and decorated bedroom, you must follow all the tips mentioned in this post.

We hope this post answers all your questions. If you still have additional concerns, please feel free to comment. And to continue reading, check these posts out!

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