Living Room Curtain Ideas With Black Sofa [11 Gorgeous Options With Pictures!]

Coordinating living room colors can be challenging, especially if you have a lot of furniture that might potentially clash with your intended color scheme. However, curtains do a great job of tying up your interior to make it more balanced. So, what curtains should you put up if you have a black sofa? We have gathered ideas you can try!

Black sofas immediately provide depth and, potentially, visual contrast to your living room. Curtains are one of the largest fixtures in the space, so it's important to make the colors cohesive. Here are the curtain designs that will match black sofas:

  1. Taupe For Balance
  2. Black for A Monochromatic Look
  3. Grey for A Modern Mood
  4. Beige For Warmth
  5. Pale Pink For A Soft Flair
  6. White For Visual Contrast
  7. Printed Blue Curtains for Visual Appeal
  8. Gold for Sophistication
  9. Geometric Prints For Structure
  10. Grey And Blue For A Cosmopolitan Feel
  11. Yellow For A Burst of Color

Black sofas can be challenging to design and complement since it's a solid and deep color. With the right colors, you can spruce up the living room with a black sofa as long as the colors remain cohesive and match the aesthetic you want. Keep reading below to learn more about how to incorporate other colors with black furniture.

woman touching silky green curtain. Living Room Curtain Ideas With Black Sofa 11 Gorgeous Options With Pictures

11 Living Room Curtain Ideas With Black Sofas

You can instantly change your living room's atmosphere simply by changing out the curtains. They set the base of your color scheme since they are essentially an extension of the walls, and they provide inspiration for how you want to style your space.

Thus, It's important to choose curtains that are aesthetically versatile--although they don't necessarily have to be in a neutral tone.

Don't be afraid to explore patterns and combine curtain designs since this will add dimension to the space and make your black sofas seem less plain especially when you spread out throw pillows and blankets that match your curtains.

Here are the curtain colors and designs you should try.

Taupe For Balance

Taupe curtains have brown tones softened by gray. They balance the stark color of your sofa, and they make the atmosphere in the room seem more elegant and put-together.

Taupe curtains complement the sofa well, and they neatly tie up the decor and colors inside your living room because of their versatility. If you want the curtains to be more attention-grabbing, choose taupe curtains with prints on them.

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Black for A Monochromatic Look

If you want to lean into a dark color scheme, go for matching black curtains. Black curtains paired with black sofas give off a mysterious but elegant appeal. Make sure to opt for velvet curtains to get that full effect, and to make the space more visually alluring.

If you want an all-black design, explore other fabrics and textures so there can be a distinction between the different areas in the room. Fur rugs, velvet fabric, and silk throw coupled with gold accents can all add mystique to the room.

Grey for A Modern Mood

Grey and black colors give off a "bachelor's pad" look in a room. Paired together, they have an effortlessly cosmopolitan mood that appeals to people who prefer masculine interiors.

However, this color scheme has a reputation for looking too plain and serious, so you may want to incorporate printed throws on the sofa and pair them with geometric-printed curtains.

This color scheme complements interiors that have a lot of silver accents--be it on appliances, light fixtures, or other furniture.

Beige For Warmth

Incorporating beige curtains is a low-effort way to inject warmth into your living room. Beige curtains can soften your stark black sofa, and you can make them blend into each other better by layering the sofa with beige throw pillows and off-white throw blankets.

Beige is a neutral color, so it is aesthetically versatile. It matches any style, but you have to make the colors work with each other by layering other deep-colored furniture with soft and warm-toned hues.

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Pale Pink For A Soft Flair

Putting up pale pink curtains is another great way to soften your interior, especially ones with a black sofa.

They add a feminine flair, which is balanced out by your black sofas by providing depth and dimension to the space so that there's still visual structure and contrast, which all add to an alluring and effortlessly chic space.

The two colors can be tied together by gold accents. Gold goes well with black, and it complements the flair of your pink curtains. This way, the colors are more balanced and there is less risk for the colors to clash.

White For Visual Contrast

Black-and white color schemes are a tried-and-true design solution--which means you cannot go wrong with it. It gives off a timeless and elegant look with so little effort, so it's a great choice if you're still unsure about what curtain style to go with.

White curtains easily provide visual contrast with black sofas since they have starkly different tones, but this is exactly why they pair best.

Incorporate this design with black-and-white printed throws and silver light fixtures. You can also try "bridging" the two colors with grey accents to make the colors blend better into each other.

Printed Blue Curtains for Visual Appeal

Printed blue curtains complement black sofas because blue is a natural color that can pair with almost anything. Of course, the shade of the curtain still matters, so try to go with either navy or powder blue--it depends on your preference.

If you choose navy blue curtains, make sure to pair it with sheer white curtains since navy blue can get lost in the interior. Printed blue curtains are your best choice, especially geometric-printed fabric, since they add charm to the living room.

Layer your sofa with blue elements, and tie the two colors together with grey or silver accents for a more cohesive design.

Gold for Sophistication

Nothing says sophistication like black and gold color schemes. They instantly give off an opulent appeal, and you can spruce it up with a classic twist when you incorporate wooden accents to the living room.

Wood will reveal the warmth of the space, and it will complement your black sofa. Tie up the interior with light brown and gold throws, and incorporate texture into the space for a more sophisticated look.

For best results, look for curtains with velvet or silk fabric to lean into the opulence of the space.

Geometric Prints For Structure

Incorporating curtains with geometric prints is a great way to lean into the structured appeal of your sofa. They frame your living room, and they make for a great accent piece if you don't want too much clutter in the living room.

Geometric curtains are great for minimalist spaces since they make the room more visually stimulating while saving space. This is ideal if you have a small living room that you don't want to look cramped.

Grey And Powder Blue For Tranquility

Combining grey and blue curtains can give your living room a cosmopolitan feel, but you can spruce it up with a coastal twist by incorporating powder blue fabric. It can make your living room feel more relaxing as it provides a soft contrast with black sofas.

You can lean into the coastal and refreshing vibe by pairing the curtains with sky-blue throws on the black sofa and tying everything up with woven accents.

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Yellow For A Burst of Color

Yellow curtains provide visual contrast against the black sofa, and they make the room look more vibrant. This is ideal if you want the living room to have a more inviting atmosphere without changing out your furniture.

Make sure to balance out the two contrasting colors with neutral decorations and accents to make sure the contrast isn't too sharp, and the color scheme remains cohesive.

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Final Thoughts

young woman holding samples of different colored curtains. Living Room Curtain Ideas With Black Sofa [11 Gorgeous Options With Pictures!]

Your curtains can make or break the look of your living room. They set the tone of the living room's style, and they can make the room feel either welcoming or intimidating; cohesive or messy.

To narrow down your choices, make sure to choose curtains that match the vision of what you want to achieve.

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