17 Living Room Curtain Ideas For Big Windows That You Will Love

Large windows in your living room can be an advantage as they can bring in a lot of light, making your space look bigger and more sophisticated. They can also give you a better view of your garden or backyard. On nice and windy days, you can open up your windows to bring in fresh air.

But having big windows in your living room can be disadvantageous, too. It can make the room hotter if there's no proper covering or curtain. You'll also have to consider your privacy. Bigger windows also mean more difficulty in cleaning.

Despite all that, there's no denying that having big windows can boost the aesthetic factor of your living room. Here are some of the best ideas on curtains for big windows in living rooms that can help eliminate or lessen some of the disadvantages mentioned.

photo of a minimalist modern idea living room house design wide window big, 17 Living Room Curtain Ideas For Big Windows That You Will Love

1. Layered Curtains

The simplest way to use curtains for your big windows is to have two types of materials for the curtain and install a double curtain rod to layer the curtains. You'll have to put in a sheer curtain for the base layer. The outer layer of the rod should hold your thicker curtain.

photo of a very big wide corner window of the living room of the house

For this example, the homeowner pulled back the outer curtain and maintained the sheer curtains drawn to let light into the living room while still covering the living room from any prying eyes outside.

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2. Reverse Layering

You can also reverse the way you layer curtains by putting your thick curtain as the base layer and a sheer curtain as the outer layer. This softens the solid color of your base curtain and adds a bit of elegance to your living room.

This living room uses solid dark gray curtains, a color that can make the room a little bit dimmer. However, using sheer curtains on top of that dark color softens the color and adds to the hominess of the room.

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3. Holdbacks Or Tiebacks

Speaking of layering curtains, you can choose between a holdback or a tieback to hold a layer of your curtains open. The holdback is an apparatus installed on the wall and suitable for functional curtains. Meanwhile, the tieback wraps around the curtain and is usually paired with decorative curtains.

This example has a tieback for the brown curtains. It ties the brown curtain neatly, showing more of the white sheer curtain behind it.

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4. Use Two Colors

If you want your curtains to have more colors for your big window in your living room, you can get one pair of each color you want. The colors should complement each other well while playing with the dynamic of your room.

Having bold colors means you need the elements of your living room to be muted. If you already have bold elements in your space, pick neutral colors for your curtains instead.

5. Two-tone Curtains

Having two different sets of curtains can be a bit pricey, but if you still want to have two colors for your curtains, get two-toned curtains. Normally, the two-tone curtains have different hues divided horizontally across the curtain, but some curtains section their colors vertically, too.

It can have an ombre effect or a solid division in a section of the curtain. In this example, the homeowner chose an ombre color of white and blue for the big windows.

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6. Plain With Patterns

You can pair your simple curtains with patterned ones for a bolder choice and layer them with a sheer curtain base. It will function the same way as a layered curtain. The difference is that you add more character to your living room by adding patterns.

For this living room, the designer went for a curtain with different-colored triangular patterns to be the middle curtains on the curtains' outer layer.

7. Full-on Pattern

You can also do away with the plain curtains and just go with full-on patterned curtains. Similar to having two colors for curtains, a full-on patterned curtain will work best if your living room is simple. This way, you are not bombarded with too much design around the living room.

This can be seen in this room with the black patterned curtain against a simple gray wall. The patterns on the curtains give character to the living room without clashing with its color scheme.

8. Curtains With Roller Blinds

Summer can get too hot on some days for you to enjoy the sunshine from the comforts of your living room. To remedy that, you can use two types of shades for your windows.

In this example, the homeowner decided to go with simple gray thermal curtains on the sides of the big windows that can be pulled across to cover them when needed, especially during hot days.

9. Curtains And Roman Shades

Another way to have some natural light while keeping your privacy is by installing Roman shades alongside your curtains. The curtains would frame the sides of your big windows while the Roman shades do all the work.

The material can be thin enough to let light through, but it also gives a complete cover from any outsider that might pass by.

10. Velvet And Sheer

Velvet is a heavy fabric that can block natural light. Its texture can add elegance to any room, including your living room. To have that natural light flowing into your living room, add a layer of sheer and velvet curtains on your big windows.

One can close the velvet curtains if it's too bright, but otherwise, the sheer curtain lets light in while the velvet curtain adds a pop of color to the living room.

11. Sheer On Sheer

Giving ample light in the living room is important, but this can add to your electric bill. Having big windows can help lighten your bill's load, but keeping your shades up might give strangers outside your home a view of your life inside your house.

If you want to constantly have natural light while avoiding unwanted eyes, you can put layers of sheer curtains to maintain your privacy.

12. Dark Sheer Curtains

photo of a big wide window of the living room of the modern house

You can choose darker colors for sheer curtains if you want to maintain a single layer of curtains. Choosing a darker shade will make your space cozier while regulating how much light comes in so your room won't be too bright.

This living room is an example of dark sheer curtains on big windows. Although it might dim the light from outside a little bit, the living room will still be able to receive light.

13. Delicate Lace

Lace can add a delicate and vintage feel to your living room and window without taking away the gorgeous view you might have outside. The fabric is light and has intricate designs that make lace a decorative curtain that can stand independently.

You can see it in this room wherein the designer installed a simple lace for this big window. The lace plays well in adding that vintage, romantic feel to the rest of the pieces in the living room.

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14. Complement With Valances

You can use valances if you want to frame the upper portion of your window and hide the rods for your curtains or other hardware. Apart from that, valances can also add to the overall design of your curtains and contribute to the whole look of your living room.

An example is this living room with blue valances with gold accents for the big window. The colors complement the living room's wooden furniture and add to the earth and sky theme.

15. Floor To Ceiling

You can add a bit of drama to your living room by installing your curtains at the very top of your wall and having the fabric reach the floor. This might be a bit more expensive and the maintenance might be a bit harder, but it brings attention to your ceiling's height.

This dramatic effect can be seen in this example, with its curtains spanning the full height of the wall with two big windows on each side.

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16. Flora And Fauna Designs

Having a big window allows you to have access to the outdoors. Adding a curtain with plants or flowers as a design can connect your living room more with your view and add a new design to your living room.

For this example, the floral design of the curtains creates an illusion of the trees outside continuing into the homeowner's living room.

17. Frilled Curtains

If you want to add texture to your living room, you can frame your big windows with a frilled curtain. As the name suggests, the curtains have frills on their borders, giving them an overall regal look.

This living room makes use of a white frilled curtain. While the color is simple, the frills add personality to the whole area.

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Final Thoughts

photo of a minimalist modern idea living room house design wide window big

You can use curtains in multiple ways to frame your big windows in your living room. Not only can they function to keep too much light and heat out, but curtains can also add a decorative aspect to the living room.