How To Lower Blinds With 6 Strings

As a homeowner, you may want to lower your blind with six strings but are unsure how to proceed. Fortunately, we have done the research for you, and here is what we found.

The following is the step-by-step procedure for lowering blinds with six strings:

  1. Detect all six pulling strings.
  2. Grab the strings together.
  3. Lower the blinds.

Lowering blinds that has six strings may seem complicated but it is an easy task. Keep reading to get detailed information on how to lower blinds with six strings.

Folding plastic sun blinds, How To Lower Blinds With 6 Strings

Lowering Blinds With 6 Strings

Regardless of the number of strings attached to your blind, it is crucial to understand how to lower your blinds, particularly blinds with six strings. Below are the steps on how to lower blinds with six strings.

Step 1: Detect All Six Pulling Strings

Simple style blind

The first thing to do is to detect the six pulling strings. The six strings can be all on one side or three on each side. It is easy to detect them.

Step 2: Grab The Strings Together

After detecting the strings, the next thing to do is to grab the six strings together. Take your time, this step should be done carefully to avoid causing problems.

Step 3: Lower The Blinds

Release the lock before lowering the blinds when in control of all the strings. You need to pull down all six strings to release the lock. Then, carefully lower the blinds. After this, you can now adjust. Don't forget to lock the blinds.

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How Do Strings On Blinds Work?

Closing or opening a window shade

Nowadays, you can easily find blinds in many homes. Blinds play a vital role in the home as they can control the amount of light that enters a room. There are different categories of blinds, each with its own working mechanism.

Blinds have several components. At the top, you will find the front board known as the valance. You will find the valance clips, two end-stiffeners, and the headrail which houses the inner workings of the blinds.

The strings go through the bottom into the head rail, then down the slats. Most blinds make use of one or two strings. However, depending on how large the blinds are, you can have up to six strings attached to your blinds.

Strings play a vital role in the blinds as they are used to pull the blinds up or down. Strings run through the holes in the slats and are tied off at the bottom.

You will find the cord lock where the strings pass through at the headrail. There are two rollers: large and small. The large roller is fixed to a place, whereas the small roller moves freely and has a rough surface.

The small roller goes up and down as the strings go over the cord lock. This is because of the friction of the strings against the roller. When the strings are pulled, the blinds go up. When you let go of the strings, the blinds come down. This is basically how strings work.

What Are The Reasons For Lowering Blinds?

Adjustments room lighting range through the blinds

Oftentimes, blinds are lowered just to reduce the amount of sunlight coming in. Also, people lower their blinds just so they can have privacy.

Additionally, lowering blinds helps you save energy at home. In most cases, when it comes to saving energy in the home, many people think of turning down the thermostat and acquiring energy-efficient appliances as the only ways.

Nevertheless, you can save energy in the home by simply lowering your blinds. This, however, depends on the time of the day and the season.

During hot days, the sunlight coming into your home tends to heat the interior, making you turn on your air conditioner and use up energy. But, by lowering your blinds, you keep direct sunlight away from your home. This goes a long way toward reducing unwanted solar heat gain.

Why Are My Blinds Not Going Down?

Blinds have several components, one of which is the cord lock located at the headrail. Strings pass through the cord lock into the slats, then down to the bottom where they are tied. To take the blinds up, you need to pull the strings downwards. To lower the blinds, you simply let go of the strings.

However, there are cases where your blinds may fail to go down. The problem is sometimes due to the faulty cord lock, which can be easily fixed.

How Do You Fix Stuck Blinds?

Office blinds

The technique for raising or lowering window blinds is very simple. Often, the blinds can get stuck when they are raised or lowered. Here are some tips on how to fix a stuck blind.

  1. Pull the cord up to the level of the headrail. This should let the blinds loose. Nevertheless, if this does not work, you may need to remove the blinds using screws or nails.
  2. Observe the headrail to locate the cord lock mechanism when the blinds are out. You can easily identify it since the strings are running through it.
  3. You may notice a pin within the cord lock mechanism. Carefully turn the pin perpendicular to the headrail. This can be done using a screwdriver with a flat head. Additionally, ensure you do not turn the cord while carrying out this step.
  4. Push the pin to release the cords. This should cause the slats of your blind to be lowered.
  5. Test run the cord lock mechanism to ensure it is working as it should.
  6. Re-hang the blinds.

Why Do My Blinds Have Six Strings?

The number of strings that blinds can have depends majorly on the length of the blinds. A small blind usually has one or two strings attached. However, longer blinds have more strings attached to support the weight of the blinds in the middle.

Can You Re-String Window Blinds?

Replacing the lower chain in the blinds

The simple answer is yes, you can re-string your window blinds.

Your lift strings can get broken. In most cases, it is a result of constant use. When this happens, you can remove the broken strings and replace them with good ones. You don’t necessarily need to call a professional.

All you need to re-string your blinds is a screwdriver, scissors, and the new blind string(s). Here’s a guide to re-string your broken blinds to ensure they work well.

  1. Examine the broken strings to determine the number of strings that need to be replaced and the reason they got broken.
  2. Take down the blinds on the window and place them on a flat surface. This will help you remove the broken blinds easily.
  3. Remove the broken strings from the bottom rail. Simply remove the clip from the bottom rail underneath the broken string. Afterward, pull the knot of the broken string to remove it.
  4. With the broken string removed, all you have to do is slide the new string through the hole in the bottom rail and up through the hole in each blind slat.
  5. When you add the new string to the blinds, attach it to the headrail. Push the string through the headrail into the pulley for it to act as a pull cord. Afterward, tie the string end to the other pull cords.
  6. Be sure that the strings were properly added by doing a quick pull test.

To Wrap Up

Lowering blinds with six strings is not as complicated as you may think. If you understand the techniques involved, you can easily do it. To lower blinds with six strings, all you need to do is detect all six pulling strings, grab the strings together, then lower the blinds.

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