How To Hang Curtains On A Metal Gazebo 

Do you want to hang your curtains on a metal gazebo but are not sure how to do it? Take all your worries away! We've researched the steps just for you. 

A gazebo is an additional pop-up space outside that comes with a roof and has four corners. You can add curtains to it for privacy and to match the style as well. See below some options in installing outdoor gazebo curtains:

  1. Using the pre-installed curtain kit.
  2. Adhering with a magnetic tape.
  3. Mounting a curtain rod.

This time, we'll learn how to hang a curtain on a metal gazebo. We'll talk about how a gazebo works and how to set it up. Just hang on, and let's read up to the end!

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How To Hang Curtains On A Metal Gazebo 

A gazebo usually has four sides and no walls. A good option to make it private is to hang some curtains that could drape down to serve as the walls. Also, curtains can match the theme of the gazebo depending on the style you prefer. 

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The installation guide is usually included in the package. It's best to read it for accurate results. However, there are more installation options you can consider. See below the list. 

Pre-Installed Curtain Kit

Check the package for the materials included. There should be curtain rails, hooks, screws, netting curtains, and privacy panels. See the steps below:

  1. Place the curtain rails on top of the gazebo, then mark the screwing spots. 
  2. Insert five curtain hooks into each of the rail channels. 
  3. Screw the curtain rails on top of the gazebo. 
  4. Repeat the steps until you install the curtain rails on all sides. 
  5. Unroll the privacy panels, then hang them on the hook on the outer rail channels. 
  6. Hang the netting curtain on its track in the inner rail channels. 
  7. Tie the curtains on the posts using the straps.

Adhering With a Magnetic Tape

You'll use magnetic tape to stick the curtains on the gazebo. Magnetic tape is a kind of material that has the ability to hold thin surfaces together by adhering to the metallic edge. 
See below the steps: 

  1. Lay the curtain flat on the floor, then measure its length to know how much magnetic tape you need. 
  2. Cut the magnetic tape to fit the curtain's length. Exceed the length of magnetic tape for an allowance. 
  3. Use glue to stick the magnetic tape onto the curtain. You can also stitch them together if possible. 
  4. Place the curtain on top of the gazebo. 
  5. Use some magnets to hold the curtain in place.

Mounting a Curtain Rod

Outside curtain rod

You can also use a curtain rod to hang the curtains. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Measure the curtain rod and mark its length on the top edge of the gazebo. 
  2. Place two mounting plates on both ends of the markings, then mark the drilling spots. 
  3. Use a leveling tool to ensure correct alignment. 
  4. Drill some holes, then screw the plates on. 
  5. Mount the curtain rod on plates. You may need to cut the excess length and ensure that it's aligned using a leveling tool.
  6. Remove the rod to insert the curtains.
  7. Put the rod back on the mounting plates. 
  8. Swipe the curtains on the left and right corners, then tie them according to product instructions. 
  9. Repeat the steps until you put curtains on all four sides of the gazebo, depending on your style preference.

How to Set Up a Metal Gazebo 

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It's important that you know how to set up the metal gazebo. Remember to check the list of items included in the product.

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You may need someone to help you with it, but you can see the steps below: 

  1. Install the posts and connect them to their corresponding footings and parts. 
  2. Insert the lintels and other parts to create the gazebo's perimeter. 
  3. Connect the lintels to the posts. 
  4. Install the support bars on the top corners. 
  5. Attach the top counter and the long bars to outline the roof. 
  6. Connect the short bars to the long bars. 
  7. Attach the center connector between the short bars. 
  8. Install the small top panel and roof border on the small bar using bolts. 
  9. Attach the center cover to the top of the roof. 
  10. Go inside the gazebo and install the roof supports. 
  11. Connect the sliding tube to the long bar. 
  12. Install the big top panel by screwing it along the bar and on the corners. 
  13. Install the big top cover and connector, then attach the air vent. 
  14. Hang the mosquito net from the sliding tube.
  15. Adjust the posts based on the correct position.

Which Curtain to Hang Outdoors? 

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Usually, gazebos come with a mosquito curtain. It can protect you from insects as well as allow sufficient air and light to pass through it. However, there are other types of curtains you can hang on a gazebo. See the list below.

Blackout Curtain 

A blackout curtain can prevent light from passing through it, allowing the area to stay dark. You can use it on a gazebo to enhance privacy. However, you might need a lightbulb to see the area at night. 

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Sheer Curtain 

Contrary to a blackout curtain, a sheer curtain is light, thin, and allows light to pass through it. It can somehow save energy, as you don't need to turn on the light during daytime. Also, sheer curtains give you cool air even if you hang them down.

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A valance is a type of curtain that hangs from the top edge down to half the entrance. It's good to match the style of the gazebo and serves as decoration. However, valance can minimize the light by shading the area with its shadows.

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How to Kill Mold on Gazebo Curtains 

Since the gazebo is placed outside, its curtains are prone to mold growth due to excessive moisture. Such mold can ruin the curtains' appearance and make the area odorous.

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Washing the curtains may differ depending on the type and kind of solution you'll use. You should be careful when washing to prevent discoloration. However, you can refer to the steps below: 

  1. Pour a mild cleaning detergent into a basin of water. Soak it until the bubbles come out. 
  2. Remove the moldy curtains and place them in the basin. 
  3. Scrub the curtains to remove the mold. You can add warm water and bleach (or color-safe bleach to not alter color). 
  4. Let the curtain sit for a few hours to dissolve the stains. 
  5. Brush the curtains again to completely remove the mold. 
  6. Rinse the curtains in clean water a few times until the soap gets off. 
  7. Hang the curtains under the sun. 
  8. You can re-install the curtains on the gazebo once dry.

What Can You Do Inside a Gazebo? 

Considering that you can install curtains on a gazebo, it can be a place for relaxing, sleeping, or a space for visitors. You can add some couches or beds inside for optimal comfort. 

Also, you would want to use a fan to enhance air circulation. However, the gazebo already has an air vent on its roof to retain a comfortable temperature.

Do You Need Lights on a Gazebo?

A beautiful gazebo with a table in the evening, autumn park is lit by a lamp

If you tend to use the gazebo at night, then you'll need a lightbulb in its center. The light can vary from white, yellow, or colorful depending on your preference. A lightbulb is safer compared to using candles that could burn the curtains (or structure if a wooden gazebo).

You can follow the steps below on how to install lights on a gazebo: 

  1. Read the guide indicated in the outdoor light fixutre, especially the voltage requirement and other technical details. 
  2. Depending on how many lights you want to install, hang them in the corners, edges, or center.
  3. Clip the wires with a plastic strap to prevent the lights from falling off. 
  4. This is optional, but you can wrap a protective plastic strip around the wire to keep it safe from rain. 
  5. Plug in the lights on the power source. You may need to use an outdoor extension cord to reach the main electrical supply. However, you can consult an electrician for safety.


It's another informative article! We learned how to hang the curtains in a gazebo. We even provided some installation options and useful tips for proper washing of the curtains. Remember to read the installation guide on the product description.

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