How To Hang Curtains In A Garage For A Party

You might be planning to have a party at your garage. But how could you hang curtains in a garage to make it look more appealing? Relax! We did comprehensive research to find the most decorative curtain hanging options for your garage gathering.

It's nice to decorate your garage as a venue for parties by adorning the walls with curtains. You can do so with the steps below:

  1. Plan the party theme. This will tell you what curtains will be suitable for the event.
  2. Choose the curtains' style and color according to your preference or to the party's theme.
  3. Clean the walls and ensure that they're in good condition.
  4. Apply a patch seal to cracks or holes that are obviously in sight.
  5. Measure the wall to get the curtain size to use.
  6. You have the option of drilling on the walls to screw the mounting plates, or hanging the curtains temporarily.
  7. If you opt to drill the wall, make sure there are no wires or anything that can get damaged behind it. On the other hand, you can hang curtains from a rope, tie them onto posts, or hang from the garage's entrance.
  8. Finish by decorating the area.

In this article, we aim to learn how to hang curtains in a garage for a party. We'll provide some useful tips to make the area look presentable for the guests. There is no time to waste. Join us in reading!

Two hard working women finishing decorating of banquet hall with blossom flowers, How To Hang Curtains In Garage For A Party?

How To Hang Curtains In A Garage For A Party

Curtains can serve as a backdrop to cover the walls as well as enhance the garage's ambiance for a party. There's a lot you can do, considering you'll be creative and practical. See below for the list of steps in more detail.

1. Plan the Concept

Plan the Concept - A modern and fresh table decoration with the theme of circus and animals for a children's birthday party with pancake birthday cake

Of course, you should know the theme of a party. Will it be for a birthday, an anniversary, or a simple celebration? Answering this question will help you decide on the curtain to use. You don't want to just put up a curtain that has nothing to do with the party. However, this step is optional.

For instance, a child's birthday party can vary between solid, bold colors or patterned designs. Some children may also prefer unique designs, such as cartoon characters. On the other hand, an adult birthday party can be a pastel colors or minimalist neutrals.

As for a special occasion, you might want to find silver-colored curtains for the 10th, gold for the 50th, and platinum for the 70th anniversaries. The theme can then vary depending if it's for a wedding anniversary or a birthday celebration.

For other celebrations, like a graduation, you can consider black or purple curtains. Also, you might hang the graduate's school's colors.

2. Choose the Curtain

Choose the curtains' style and color according to your preference or to the party's theme.

Now that you have a concept, it's time to choose the curtains to use. See below for your options.

Sheer Curtain

A sheer curtain is quite thin, allowing light to pass through it. This is good for occasions like weddings or formal ceremonies. Sheer curtains are commonly white, but there are other primary colors like blue or brown.

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Opaque Curtain

On the other hand, an opaque curtain blocks all the light, keeping the area dark. You will want to consider these if you prefer a lighter or darker ambiance in the area. Opaque curtains come in different solid colors like green or black.

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Thermal Curtain

A thermal curtain is like an opaque curtain, except that it has a layer for insulation. A thermal curtain is often used in cold weather as it can trap heat and save energy. However, thermal curtains may be difficult to wash once stained. You have the option of not using it if the party will be a messy one.

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3. Clean the Walls

Clean the Walls - hand in rubber protective glove with micro fiber cloth wiping wall from dust

You should clear the garage area to access the walls for cleaning. Consider brushing the walls with a wet sponge and soap. However, you can opt to swipe off the dust with a broom to prevent the paint from falling off.

See below the detailed steps:

  1. Remove the furniture and all the obstacles reaching the walls and corners.
  2. In a basin of water and soap, soak a sponge or soft-bristled brush on the other side.
  3. Scrub the walls to eliminate the dirt. You may need to add soap depending on the dirt.
  4. Use a cloth to dry the walls. Also, turn on the fans for quicker drying.
  5. Sweep off the dust upon drying the walls.

4. Fill In Cracks and Holes

Fill In Cracks and Holes - Young blond woman covering holes wth putty

You can use a patch sealant to cover the cracks and holes that are too visible in plain view. Otherwise, you should ensure that the curtains will be enough to cover them temporarily until the end of the party.

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5. Measure the Walls

Measure the wall - Asian woman measuring the size of the wall

Measure the wall to find the right curtain size. You can have two curtains on a wall if one is not enough. However, do not compress the curtains too much to avoid crinkling.

6. Install the Curtains

Install the Curtains - a curtain tied up with sunlight from outside window frame

We'll give you two options on how to install the curtain so that you can choose which one will work best for you. See below for the options.

Metal Rod

You need to drill the plates into the wall or onto the top edge of the garage's entrance, depending on your preference. Simply prepare the drilling spots and see if there are wires that can get damaged. See the detailed steps below:

  1. Use a measuring tape to mark the curtain height.
  2. Consider at least half an inch of space between the curtain and the floor.
  3. Place the mounting plate against the wall and mark the drilling spots. Use an automatic drill to mount the plates.
  4. Insert the rod into the curtain, then hang the rod on the mounting plates.
  5. Repeat the steps if you want to hang curtains on the garage's entrance.


If you opt not to drill, make sure there are posts or anything you can hang the curtain with. Refer to the steps below:

  1. Tie the rope on both ends to create tension.
  2. Insert the rope into the curtain.
  3. Find a post where you can tie the rope. Be it a joist or a corner of the room.
  4. Stretch the rope a bit to prevent the curtain from hanging down due to its weight.
  5. Tighten the knot at both ends of the rope. You can detach the rope as soon as the party gets over.

8. Decorate the Area

Finish by decorating the area.

Aside from curtains, you can decorate the garage area to achieve the theme of the party. You can have balloons, flowers, and other things that are relevant to the event.

Can You Leave Garage Curtains Up After a Party?

Yes, there's actually no rule against putting a curtain in the garage even after a party. Doing so can enhance the privacy and keep the ambiance more welcoming. However, you may need to wash the curtains if there are a lot of stains from the party. This is to eliminate the odor in the area as well.

Do Curtains Improve Airflow? 

Any room, including a garage, can become hotter with curtains. This is because curtains reduce the airflow and block the transfer of heat. However, thin curtains are quite good at enhancing air circulation as well as making the area appear lighter. 


We learned how to hang curtains on garages for parties. We talked about some things to think about, ranging from the concept to the different types of curtains available. Always be creative to make the party in your garage a fantastic one. 

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