How To Hang Curtains Around An Air Conditioner [Inc. Window Ac]

As a homeowner, you may want to hang curtains around an air conditioner but wondering how to do so. Luckily, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

The following are the step-by-step guides for hanging curtains around a window air conditioner:

  • Turn off the AC
  • Install the curtain rod
  • Attach hooks and ties
  • Add another curtain rod
  • Install a valance

Hanging curtains around an air conditioner may seem complicated, but it is actually an easy task. Keep on reading to get detailed information on how to hang curtains around an AC.

Window glass with ac on top of the curtain, How To Hang Curtains Around An Air Conditioner [Inc. Window Ac]

How To Hang Curtains Around An Air Conditioner [Inc. Window Ac]

Curtains are usually needed to reduce the amount of light coming through windows. It may seem difficult to hang curtains around a window air conditioner if you have never done it before.

To effectively hang curtains around your air conditioner, it is important to decide what portions of your window will have to be covered and get your materials ready. Here are easy steps to follow if you want to hang curtains around an air conditioner:

A small air conditioner in the window of a brick apartment building

Step 1: Turn Off The AC

The first thing to do before you begin is to ensure safety. Make sure the air conditioner is turned off and your workspace is safe before you start hanging the curtains.

Hand adjusting temperature on air conditioner

Step 2: Install The Curtain Rod

Stainless curtain rod on the wooden wall

After turning off the AC, attach a curtain rod above the window. The curtains should hang down from the top of the window to the floor.

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Step 3: Attach The Hooks

You can use hooks or ties to utilize the unit with the curtains drawn back. Attach them to the side of the window frame or wall.

The additional cloth can be styled or gathered above the air conditioner unit for a better result. These floor-length drapes might work if you only want to cover the unit when it is not in use.

A shower curtain, curtain rod and hooks in black and white.

Step 4: Add Another Curtain Rod

If you require more coverage, add another curtain rod about an inch above the air conditioner. Ensure that curtains fit over the appliance when it is not in use by hanging them.

You can attach Roman shades to the inner top of the window frame. But, this is optional. It allows the bottom of the shades to rest or hang over the air conditioner. This step is necessary only when you want to cover the top of the window while an air conditioner is running.

When the unit is in use, ensure all curtains and other covers are drawn back from it. Avoid using sheer drapes if you own a reverse air conditioner.

Heavy woolen curtains with ring-top rail

Step 5: Install A Valance

Decoration of windows with linen cloth in gentle pastel colors

After adding another curtain rod if needed, the next thing to do is to install a valence. At the very top of the window, hang a valance from the ceiling or wall using curtain rings, clips, or adhesive hooks.

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Can Curtains Obstruct The Flow Of Air Conditioning?

When used to cover air conditioners, Curtains will definitely have an effect. The curtains can obstruct the flow of air. In the same way, curtains keep heat or radiation from entering your room. They can also block the air from circulating.

As a result, whenever you are doing interior design or making use of your air conditioner, you should make sure your air conditioner vents are clear. Also, always check to make sure that your curtain is not blocking an air conditioner vent, as this can restrict airflow.

What Kind Of Curtains Should I Use Around Window AC?

In deciding the appropriate curtain to use around your AC, it is important that you consider the part where your air conditioner is located. However, it is advisable to use cafe curtains.

If you want to hide the AC, it is recommended to use thick curtains. Curtains are unable to completely hide the air conditioner because weaving only leaves a very small space. Just make sure that the window will not obstruct air flow if your AC is running.

Can You Cover Window AC With Curtains?

Yes, you can use your curtains to conceal your air conditioner. Installing curtains halfway down the window can hide your AC. However, you can pull the curtains aside when they are not needed. They are a better alternative if you want to keep your AC out of sight.

Always make sure to choose a good fabric. Not all curtain materials are suitable for keeping cold air out of your interior spaces. Lightweight fabrics with loose weaves, like linen, lace, and thin cotton, let cold air enter your home.

How Long Should Curtains Used Around Window AC Be?

a bedroom window dressed with silk curtains in an expensive luxury new home. The decor has been prepared

Choosing the right length of curtain to be used around your AC is crucial. It is advisable to do some measuring before buying the curtain.

However, a designer can ensure that your curtains are exactly the proper length and assist you in selecting a suitable print or pattern for the project.

The ideal fit for curtains used around the air conditioner is 10 inches above the trim and 10 inches broader than your window on either side.

Can Curtains Help With Air Conditioning?

Green curtain

Yes, curtains help with air conditioning. If you take down your curtain when an AC is on, the heat and cold cannot make their way outside. This allows the unit to do its job. However, curtains used should be able to create a barrier between the space and the window so heat can be retained.

You can choose a full-length curtain since they work well in keeping a room cool. They are able to do this because heat cannot make its way into the room with that curtain length. As a result, the room can remain under cool conditions.

However, it is advisable to choose a blackout and shade curtain. This is because they don't allow a lot of heat to be transferred from the window to the room. Due to this, the temperature will be low during summer and other warm periods. Another advantage is that you can save a lot of energy.

How Do You Use Curtains With Window AC?

Using curtains with AC is very simple. Cafe curtains are usually hung an inch above the window AC, so they conceal it. This makes usage easier.

If you want to use the AC, you can move the curtain panels to allow airflow into the room. When shifted, the curtains even make the room attractive, especially if a frame is formed.

To Wrap Up

Hanging curtains around an air conditioner are not as complicated as you may think. If you understand the techniques involved, you can easily carry out the task.

To hang curtains around an AC, you must turn off the AC, install the curtain rod, attach the hooks, add another curtain rod, and install a valance.

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