How To Dress A Tall Narrow Window

A narrow window adds a view to your home. But how could you dress it the right way? What should you consider in doing so? We did comprehensive research to answer your questions. 

Tall, narrow windows tend to be on a high portion of the wall. They're common on the walls of a kitchen and other spacious rooms. You can dress such a window by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Measure the window. 
  2. Choose a valence. 
  3. Install a blind. 
  4. Add a curtain.
  5. Arrange some plants.

With this article, you'll learn how to dress the tall, narrow windows in your home. We'll tackle the importance of dressing and what options you may have. We're thrilled to share with you what we discovered. Come and let's read! 

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How to Dress a Tall Narrow Window? 

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Dressing a window means personalizing it with some materials to achieve its desired appearance. It's common when you want to match the window with the house's theme and color. 

The dressing or window treatment is important for security and lighting. Strangers from the outside cannot see into your room if you cover the window properly. At the same time, dressing reduces natural light depending on the time of the day. 

You can dress a tall, narrow window with the steps below. 

1. Measure the Window

Prepare a tape measure to record the measurement of the window. It's important to find the right size for the materials.

  • Measure the inside trim to find the size of the blinds.
  • Then, measure the length from the window's top down to the floor for the size of the curtain.

Take note of the measurements. 

2. Choose a Valance

A valance is a fabric material that looks like a smaller curtain on top of the window. Its purpose is to cover up the curtain rod, so it will not look awkward when exposed. Also, valances add appeal to the window depending on the design. You can install the valance by simply inserting the metal rod into it. 

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3. Install a Blind 

Wooden shutters blinds with sun rays. Window blinds.

Blinds are slatted, hard materials that restrict sunlight and air from passing through the room. They're attached to a string or chain that folds the blind when you pull. Compared to a curtain that still allows light to pass through fabric and stitching, a blind is solid enough to completely block the light. 

However, this depends on the kind of blind the window has. For instance, light can pass through thin and light-colored blinds. Check below some of the types of blinds you can use. 

Wooden Blinds 

Wooden blinds are made of smaller wooden pieces of the same size. Wooden blinds are quite heavy and are ideal to match the vintage theme of a house.

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Faux Wood Blinds 

On the other hand, faux wood blinds are made of composite wood or vinyl materials coated with a polymer. As a result, faux wood blinds weigh less and are thinner than regular wood blinds. 

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Aluminum Blinds

Aluminum or metal blinds are durable and rust resistant. These are great for insulating the room a bit due to the metallic surface that traps heat. However, the edges of an aluminum blind are quite sharp. 

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Now, you can install the blind. Remember to refer to the product instructions for use. See the steps below: 

  1. Mark some spots above the window where you'll screw the brackets. 
  2. Drill some holes at the window's top for the brackets. 
  3. Put the blind on the window's top. 
  4. Screw the brackets tightly into place. 
  5. Put a valence to cover the brackets.

4. Add a Curtain 

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After you install a blind, you can add a curtain to protect the room from public view. You need to place it above the blind, which will require you to have sufficient space for the rod. See below for some curtains to use. 

Grommet Curtain 

The grommet or eyelet curtain is the easiest to install. You just need to insert the curtain rod through the rings, exposing the grommet and giving the room an aesthetic view. 

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Box Pleat Curtain 

A box pleat curtain is made by folding and sewing the fabric on its top portion. As a result, you'll see the curtain's top covered with flat squares of the same sizes. 

Sheer Curtain 

A sheer curtain is thin and smooth, allowing light to pass through it. It's almost transparent, which is best used in dining and living rooms where you often need good lighting. 

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Thermal Curtain 

A thermal curtain has a layer of acrylic foam between two or three layers of fabric. The thermal curtain helps insulate the room by restricting airflow through the fabric, retaining the current room temperature. 

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So, to install a curtain, simply follow the steps below: 

  1. Measure the distance from the floor up to where you want to place the rod. This will determine how long your curtain should be. 
  2. Use a pencil to mark the brackets on the wall. 
  3. Drill the holes, then screw the brackets in. 
  4. Fit the rod between the brackets to level it on both sides. 
  5. Remove the rod, then put the curtain on it. 
  6. Hang the rod on the bracket.

5. Arrange Some Plants

This is optional, but putting some plants in the window can enhance the look of the window. You can consider hanging small plants near the window or getting a tall plant that can get sunlight. However, plant growth depends on its characteristics and needs.

What Size is a Tall Window?

Tall windows often referred to as casement windows, have a width ranging between 1' 2" and 2' 11.5" and a height between 2' 5.5" and 6' 5. 5".

Ventilation Vs. Fixed Window

A ventilation window allows you to open it on one side, while a fixed window has no opening at all. A ventilation window is common on kitchen and bathroom walls to improve air circulation. On the other hand, a fixed window tends to allow only light to pass through.

Should a Casement Window Come with Exhaust Fans?

A ventilation casement window makes a good pairing with an exhaust fan since the window opens allowing you to install a fan to increase airflow. This technique works best in kitchens where the temperature is usually hot. The exhaust fan will release the hot air to give space for the cooler air to circulate.

Another good location for a window fan is a bathroom, in which the moisture level is high. Installing a fan helps eliminate odor from using the shower and toilet. As a result, the air in the bathroom will become cleaner and safer.

You can use an exhaust fan that fits right in the casement window. However, you should check the fan size and wiring compatibility.

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How to Install a Casement Window

Casement Awning Window opening uPVC aluminium frame with space for text

Installing a window of any type requires skills and proper assessment. However, you can check below the steps in general:

  1. Use an aluminum frame or any watertight material to seal the window from water.
  2. Level the hollow with a leveling tool. You may need to flatten the edge to achieve even sides.
  3. Fit the window into the hollow.
  4. Start nailing the window frame into the flange.
  5. Add a weatherstrip to seal the edges.
  6. Assemble the remaining window parts, such as the casing.
  7. Apply silicon caulk along the edges to ensure that there's no gap.

Can You Widen a Window?

Yes, it is possible to widen a window, but that will be a major task. You should allow contractors to do it as they need to adjust and remake the hollow in the wall. Otherwise, it's not recommended to do it on your own.

Should the Doors Have Windows?

Large and open living room den sun room with windows on two sides and lots of natural light flowing in. Rear entrance back door to home

A window in a door helps you see through who's knocking or waiting on the other side. It's also an alternative to the peephole. However, this can be less secure than windowless doors.


We're thankful that you reached this point in the article. We learned how to dress a tall, narrow window, also known as a casement window. Keep in mind that dressing a window helps enhance its appearance and promotes security.

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