How To Dress A South Facing Window

South-facing windows receive the most light, so they typically have the warmest temperature. However, they are also the best at providing the house with natural lighting. You may wonder how you can properly decorate them, so we have researched to provide you with an answer.

Here are ways you can dress a south-facing window:

  1. Consider the space and the theme.
  2. Choose your shade.
  3. Pick the perfect color and pattern.
  4. Add some greenery.
  5. Make some finishing touches.

Knowing the details on how to properly dress your window is very important since it will help you to be more comfortable in your own space. Continue reading as we talk about these ways in greater detail.

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How Do You Dress A South-Facing Window?

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South-facing windows let in sunlight and heat all year, which helps to keep your home warm.

However, because the sun remains in the south skies all day, it is vital to choose window coverings and decorations that can keep belongings from being damaged by direct sunlight while giving beauty and style to the space.

In this section, you will learn some ways on how to decorate your south-facing window effectively.

1. Consider The Space And Theme

Before starting with window treatments, you need to look at the function and vibe of the room. Is the south-facing room a living room, or a bedroom? Are you into a traditional or a modern look?

These are one of the many considerations you need to look into to make sure you're on track. The theme of the room is very important so that the decorations can blend with it.

2. Choose Your Shade

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After knowing the space and theme of the room, we need to take into account what is the best shade for your window. Since south-facing windows are mostly sunny and bright, here are some of the light shades that are best used:


Shutters are an excellent way to control the light and heat entering the room. It also gives the space privacy from the outside.

Additionally, it does not completely block the light from entering, so you will still have some natural lighting. You can leave them open during the summer to welcome more natural lighting and fresh air and close them during the winter to retain warmth.

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Different types of curtains are used for windows. You can use a valance or a long curtain depending on your preference.

This is also a great way to style your window while providing shade to your space. Just always remember to choose the best color for curtains that will fit the theme of your room before buying.

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Conservatory and pleated blinds are both perfect for a sunny environment. These types of shades will block direct sunlight from coming through while giving you a stylish look in your space. They make the room cool during the hot season and warm your room during the winter season.

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3. Pick The Perfect Color And Pattern

Having a south-facing window is not a problem at all when it comes to colors and patterns. All colors work nicely in spaces facing south because of the abundant natural lighting.

While bright colors scatter light, dark colors block it. Moreover, cool colors like blue, green, and violet balance the brightness of sunlight. If you're not sure what color to use, hold the curtain up to the light to see if it produces your desired effect.

When it comes to patterns, pick something that will complement the color and theme of your room. This will give an aesthetic effect to the space as well as to the window.

4. Add Some Greenery

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Given the abundance of sunlight entering south-facing windows, it provides the perfect environment for house plants.

You can try adding some cacti and succulents because these plants are sunlight friendly. Anything that requires a lot of sunlight will work best in a south-facing window. Putting some plants on windows can also make the room cooler since plants give off oxygen and take in carbon dioxide.

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5. Make Some Finishing Touches

This is where the fun part begins! In this process, you can start adding accents that will make the space more visually appealing. You can add anything you want such as rugs and candles provided that they will complement the things you added in the prior process.

This will add style and aesthetic not only to the window but also to the room.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of A South-Facing House?

People often say that south-facing houses are good for attracting positive energy. However, it doesn't mean that there will be no issues at all. Here are some pros and cons of a south-facing house.


The sufficient amount of sunlight that passes through the house is the biggest advantage of having a south-facing home.

This is very advantageous especially to garden lovers because sunlight will be beneficial for the plants. They will be given a better gardening opportunity since sunlight will always be available for them.

Moreover, south-facing houses receive help from sunlight since the sun heats up the exterior masonry and keeps the inside of your house warmer. This will help you save energy bills during the winter.


Since south-facing houses are in demand and are most desirable, possessing this property is more costly than with east and west-facing houses. This may not be ideal if you have a tight budget.

Additionally, having a south-facing home will give you warmer summers compared to houses with other orientations. This can increase your utility bills especially when the weather becomes too hot.

How Do You Reduce The Heat In A South-Facing Window?

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During the winter season, south-facing windows are the best since they make the house warmer. But, during the summer, they become an inconvenience.

First, the use of blinds and curtains is a good option. They block the sunlight from coming through and cool down the room.

They also add visual appeal. A careful selection of blinds or curtains is necessary. Don't forget about the color, pattern, and materials too. You can check "How To Block Light From Top Of Blackout Curtains" if you want to know more about blocking out the sun.

Final Thoughts

South-facing windows are very advantageous for plant lovers. The sunlight is abundant here which helps plants thrive. It also will give visual appeal to the space.

Colors are also not a problem for south-facing windows because almost all colors work for them. You just need to complement everything to the theme you want to convey.

The only disadvantage is that it's hotter on this type of orientation during summer.

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