How High To Hang Curtains For An 18-Foot Ceiling

Curtains are not just about the right color, style, or pattern of fabric you pick. Knowing how to place them properly is also essential. Wondering how to make your curtains look visually appealing for your 18-foot ceiling? Worry no more! We researched for you to help make your curtains complement your space better.

For 18-foot high ceilings, the rule of thumb is to hang your curtains within 6 to 8 inches above the window frame. This method allows the curtain to fall more freely down your walls, emphasizing your tall windows, giving a fluid look to your overall home design, and making your space appear bigger and much more open.

The primary purpose of your curtains is to either transform your interior or frame the view outside your window, so you have to pick the right height and length that go well with your high ceiling. Keep reading if you want to learn more information about utilizing your curtains to fit your ceiling height.

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Where Do You Hang Curtains On A High Ceiling?

You have two options: hang your curtains directly from the ceiling or above your window frame. If you choose the latter, never forget to abide by the rule: hang your curtains 6-8 inches above the window frame.

Remember to avoid doing anything that makes your high ceiling seem lower. A lower curtain placement can create this not-so-desirable effect.

You must also pick the right curtain rod and mount to fit your home style. The curtain rod and mount are just as important as the curtain placement. You want your curtain rods to complement one another throughout your house, and you must place them at the correct height.

Of course, the choice is yours when choosing where you want to hang your curtains, and it is dependent on the vibe you want in your home—maximalists favor long, flowy fabric to mimic a tall, open space. At the same time, minimalists prefer short, defined lines to convey a modern, comfy look.

Hanging Curtains Directly From High Ceilings

You can hang your curtains directly from your high ceiling. Doing this can elevate your interior aesthetic if you're going for a maximalist vibe. You can also opt for this choice if you only have a small space between the window trim and ceiling. 

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You create the illusion of more height if your curtains are mounted closer to your high ceiling. It can give your home a much more elegant, formal look and create an illusion of a taller, open space. Of course, you must choose a subtle embellishment such as a curtain rod ceiling mount if you want to go with this option. 

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Is It Okay To Hang Curtains On The Wall Above The Window Frame?

While the basic rule of interior design dictates that you should have floor-length curtains for your high ceilings, you can opt to hang your curtains above your window frame if you're a minimalist. This option gives your home a cozier, modern look. You can also do this to prevent your curtains from clashing against your outdoor view, your ceiling design, or if you want to emphasize your window trimmings.

Opting to hang your curtains on the wall is also cheaper because you will only need curtain rod bracket hooks for support.

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What Is The Best Curtain Length For High Ceilings?

Whether a maximalist or a minimalist, never go too short when picking the right curtain for high ceilings. Selecting the correct curtain length is important because the wrong proportion can ruin your home aesthetic.

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The general rule is that the fabric should hang high and fall to touch the floor or even create a little pool. However, this would mean that your curtain can get dirty quickly, so you must constantly clean around the area.

You may ignore this rule if you prefer to keep your curtains neat and clean with minimal maintenance. You only need a one-inch gap or less from the ends of your curtains to the floor, just enough to prevent them from direct contact with any dust or dirt below.

Should I Have Floor-Length Curtains For My High Ceiling?

A fundamental concept in interior design is to have floor-length curtains if you have high ceilings. Longer curtains are preferable because they can give your space a softer and subtler look and add a romantic vibe to your room.

If you also want to convert your space, such as your bedroom, into a privacy haven, floor-length curtains are the way to go. You can select neutral colors like beige or black.

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The only downside to having floor-length curtains is that you must constantly clean and maintain them and the surrounding area. You don't want dirty and dull curtains in your home. Since the longer fabric touches the floor a lot, dirt and dust found on the floor can cling to it quickly.

Is It Okay To Have Shorter-Length Curtains For High Ceilings?

While the general rule is to have floor-length curtains for high ceilings, it is okay to opt for shorter curtains if you want a linear, minimalist, and modern look and only need the curtains for privacy. 

You can go for a one-inch gap or less from the ends of the fabric to the floor. Or you can choose a traditional look with the material falling flush or an inch or more from the windowsill.

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However, shorter curtains tend to make your ceiling appear lower than it is. Even if you want to have short-length curtains, you have to pick the appropriate length that can still emphasize your high ceiling. 

How Do I Use Curtains To Make My Windows Appear Taller For A High Ceiling?

The height from where you hang your curtains affects the appearance of your windows. Yes, it makes your space appear bigger and more open, and you can also utilize your curtains to make your windows appear taller. The trick is to place your curtain rod higher and use floor-length curtains. If you want to learn more about this, you can read our article: How To Hang Curtains On Different Sized Windows.

The higher the placement and the longer the fabric, the taller your windows will appear. You want to emphasize a taller window size or mimic one for high ceilings because a disproportionate window size is not pleasing to the eyes and can ruin your aesthetic.

Why Do I Have To Match Ceiling Height With Proper Curtain Length?

You must always consider the window size to ceiling height ratio because proper proportions are crucial if you want your home design to be more visually appealing. Good proportions are easier on the eyes and can emphasize your chosen aesthetic.

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In Closing

As all home improvement projects go, the smallest details can make a huge difference. Properly installing your curtains at the right height, within 6 to 8 inches above your window frame, can go a long way. A nice set of curtains strategically placed in the correct location can turn your bland interior into an interesting one.

The size and height of your curtains can create different effects in your home, so you must know how to choose what fits your home aesthetics.

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