How High To Hang Curtains Above Sliding Doors?

As a homeowner, you may want to fix curtains above your sliding door but are unsure how high to hang them. Fortunately, we have done the legwork for you, and here is what we found.

Curtains should be hung between three to six inches above the sliding door. Make sure the curtain does not touch the floor to make movements through the doorway convenient. 

It is important to install your curtain properly to serve its purpose. Keep reading to get detailed information about how high to fix curtains above sliding doors.

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How High To Hang Curtains Above Sliding Doors?

If you plan to install curtains on your sliding glass door, consider placing them at the correct height. Most professionals or homeowners will take measurements of the door height before buying the curtain and add to the measured height. Doing this will help you get a perfect size.

During installation, the recommended measurements for hanging your curtains above the sliding door are between three to six inches. You should make sure the curtain is not fully touching the ground and not flying at half-mast.

Generally, the lower part of your sliding glass door curtain should be between one to two inches from the ground. The height of your curtain can determine your space and can affect light levels, privacy, colors, and room texture.

If you fix your curtain high, your room will look bigger. So, the curtain needs to hover above and also extend sideways to cover the door. 

How Do I Measure My Sliding Door Curtain?

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There is a way to measure how long the curtain of your glass door should be. Follow the steps below to do so:

  1. Decide on the area you want the curtain to cover.
  2. Measure the total width of the area and multiply the number by two or three, depending on how full you want the curtain to be. Then, divide the number by two to arrive at the number for both sides of the frame. 
  3. Measure the line where you will mount the rod to one and a half inches above the ground. The number obtained will tell you how long your sliding glass door curtain should be. 
  4. To get a more custom appearance, you can buy curtains mounted at least four to six inches above the ground. 

Curtain Length

The sliding glass door itself determines the size of the curtain. Because most doors are 80 inches long, a standard curtain length for a sliding door in inches is 63, 84, 96,108, and 120. So you should consider measuring your door before buying a curtain. 

Curtains' length also varies based on the style you are looking for.


Float is good as it helps your curtains to hang down without breaking. Make sure to hang the curtain less than one inch above the ground, that is, ⅜ -½ above the floor. Not only because it is an easier length to measure, but it also makes vacuuming and sweeping more easier. Any increase will make it look awkward.


Kiss is the most difficult curtain style to install because it requires precise measurements so that it will barely touch the floor. Aside from this, you will also find it easy to open and close the curtains, plus your curtains will be clean since they are not brushing against the ground. 


Poodle is a little longer, and they have a romantic feel to showcase luxurious fabrics such as velvet or linen. 

With a few exceptions, your curtains are expected to touch the floor. Although the final decision depends on the style you want to achieve, curtains that touch the floor give the most classy and modern look. 

Curtain Width

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Curtain width determines how it looks when completely hanging at your sliding glass door. You may wish to have a look of fullness or plusher curtains.

You can have a full sliding door curtain to cover the door or use a curtain that is two to three times the size you will need. This makes the curtain look plusher. However, having a full curtain can be difficult to deal with. So, if the door is a functional one that opens and closes every day, it is better to keep it simple

What Kind Of Curtains Do You Use For Sliding Doors?

When selecting curtains for your sliding glass door, it is essential to choose the one that best compliments your home design. Curtains make sliding doors look more attractive. Here are the types of curtains you can use for your sliding glass door:


Drapes are the most common coverings used for sliding glass doors. When choosing drapes for your sliding door, ensure they are wide so they can come together at the center. This makes it easier to close and open the curtain.

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There are different kinds of shades that can be used for sliding glass doors. Roman shades are one of them. They are usually fixed above the glass doors. Alternatively, you can go for sliding shutter panels or vertical blinds.

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This is also a good option when selecting curtains for sliding doors, especially if you stay in a private area. These coverings hang down and are usually used if you want to conceal only the top. An advantage it has over other types is that it can be used in combination with other coverings.

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Is It Okay To Use Regular Curtains?

Yes, it is still okay to use regular curtains for sliding doors. Using regular curtains on your sliding glass door is like installing them on a regular window. All you need to do is ensure the rod is long enough to stretch to the whole length of the door. You might need a bracket as well to support the center. 

Helpful Tips When Hanging Curtains Above Sliding Doors

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When hanging curtains above a sliding glass door, you can make use of the following tips:

Use Long Curtains

Ensure curtains are long enough to trail the floor or be half-inch above the ground. This is to prevent them from dragging when you open and close them, and you would not like them to be too short.

Fix The Bracket Close To The Ceiling

When mounting the curtains, it is recommended that you mount the bracket close to the ceiling to draw your eyes up and also to give the appearance that your doors are taller. Doing this will show the length of your curtain. 

Use A Traverse Rod

Instead of using a standard rod, you can use a traverse rod. This is because they have clips in them, and these clips serve as carriers where you can hang your curtains. Another reason you should use a traverse rod is that they glide easily on the rod. 

Split The Drapes

You can split the drape of your curtain, this means that you can divide the curtains whereby one panel goes to one side, and the other goes to another side. You can also push the curtain to one side when you want to open or close the sliding door. 

What Not To Do When Hanging Curtains?

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When hanging your curtains in the sliding door, here are things you should not do:

1. Don't use small fabric: To impact the style of your room, the curtain should not be too small. So, ensure the width of the curtain is twice the width of the door.

2. Don't use the wrong curtain length: You should always use the appropriate length. Using the wrong length can break your door treatment 

3. Avoid hanging the curtain wider than the frame: Doing this will only allow additional light to steam in when you open the curtain. 

To Wrap Up

Curtains make sliding glass door looks more modern and unique, so they should be properly fixed. The sliding door curtain should be hung three to six inches above the door.

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