How Far Should Curtains Be Off The Floor?

For any room, curtains add beauty and finish the look of the entire space. Most of the time, people are quite unsure of how high they should be hanging their curtains to keep them off the floor. We looked into it and we've come up with the answer to your questions.

Ideally, standard curtains typically hang about half an inch from the floor. This height is enough for curtains to easily be opened and closed without having to consistently fix them. However, different styles of curtains should be hung differently, depending on the look you are going for the space.

Figuring out the curtain height and the length of the curtain can be quite confusing because there are many different suggestions that go about it. In this post, we will share with you some styles on how to hang curtains, as well as tried and tested tips in keeping the curtains stylish in your home.

Curtain interior decoration in living room, How Far Should Curtains Be Off The Floor?

How Far Should Curtains Be Off The Floor?

Whether it is your living room or your bedroom, adding curtains will definitely change the look and feel of the space. While there are other window treatments available for every part of the home, curtains are still very popular because it adds a little flair to the windows.

When hanging curtains against the windows, the length of the curtains and the height depends on the windows that you will be covering. Living rooms, bedrooms, and other spaces that require the curtains that open and close regularly should have a little clearance above the floor to prevent ruining the hems.

Most standard curtains should hang at least a half inch off the floor for this purpose. This length is perfect for keeping the hem of the curtain from brushing the floor, as well as preventing it from absorbing any spills from the floor.

Of course, you can choose to hang the curtains a little higher so that they come off the floor at about 1 or 2 inches, depending on how you want them to look. Leaving the curtains at this height off the floor will make your windows look tall and the room will look bigger.

Rules on Rods

Curtains and gilt metal rod

Generally speaking, the height of how high you should be hanging the curtain rods above the windows does not have a specific rule. Normally, you would see curtain rods hanging right above the top of windows. Modern interior designs, however, place curtain rods a few inches higher than that.

For homes with arched, bayed, or bowed windows, the best kind of curtain rods to use are inside-mounted rods. These rods are installed on the top corners of the windows, and the curtains are more limited in width using this kind of setup.

Puddling Curtains

Living room with beige wall, three lamps and window with curtain

In some homes, you might have seen curtains that puddle on the floor. They may look pretty, but puddled curtains are not exactly practical.

If the windows' curtains open and close on a daily basis, you should avoid puddling the curtains. This is because you will most likely ruin the edges and the hem of the curtains due to friction from opening and closing the window treatments.

For those who would really like to have their curtain fabric resting on the floor, consider adding just an inch of fabric to add that trouser effect to your curtains. If the curtains won't be disturbed daily, you can add 2 to 8 inches of extra fabric, which will bring you from elegant to beautifully elaborate in no time.

Keep It Short

Interior of modern white wooden kitchen

Some rooms with curtains do not work well with floor-to-ceiling curtain fabric. Rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and with radiators would benefit from shorter curtains for practical reasons.

For spaces that have commonly wet floors, choose curtains that will cover only the length of the window. Cafe-style curtains are great for spaces like these because they show off the trim and the style of the windows, without the edges resting on the floor of the room.

If you have a radiator in the room, make sure that the curtains will not touch the radiator for safety reasons. The curtains should be an inch high from the top of the radiator to prevent it from possibly bursting into flames. If you have a radiator cover, the curtains should just barely brush the top of the radiator.

What Are The Best Types Of Curtains For The Home?

There are many different types of curtains for different rooms of the house. Depending on the style that you are planning to use in the room, some curtains will look better against another style. Here are some of the most common curtains you will find in most homes.

Panel Curtains

Quite possibly the most popular curtains for many homes, panel curtains can either come as a single panel or as a pair. Depending on how you want to open your window treatments, these curtains are easy to install and are very classic for any home.

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Cafe-style Curtains

Rooms with smaller windows like kitchens and breakfast nooks do not benefit from full-paneled curtains. Instead, shorter, more sheer cafe-style curtains look better in these spaces. Aside from their form, cafe-style curtains also provide great functionality by allowing more light to enter the room.

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Blackout Curtains

Popular in many bedrooms, blackout curtains block out light from entering the room to provide the sleeper with good, restful sleep. These curtains are typically very heavy, so it's always a good idea to look for sturdy curtain rods when hanging them.

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Tips For Hanging Curtains

Modern room with curtains interior design

Curtains can definitely change the look of an entire space just with the way you hang them against the windows. They may be simple, but they can change a plan boring room into something elegant in no time. Here are the top three best tips on how to hang curtains at home.

1. Create an illusion

A little change in the way you hang curtains can create an illusion that will change the look of your room. If you want to make the ceilings a little higher without having to renovate the entire house, adjust the height of your curtain rods to create the illusion of height.

For rooms that have ceilings that are about 8 feet high, hang the curtain rods about 4 to 6 inches above the windows to create drama. If the ceiling is higher, about 10 feet or so, make sure that the curtains hang about 8 inches above the window or directly below the ceiling if possible.

You can also create the illusion of having large windows by installing curtain rods that are wider than your windows. Make sure that the rods are about 3 inches longer from each side to make your window look big and wide.

2. Press or steam the curtains

When people buy curtains from the store, some of them immediately put them up on the windows despite the fabric looking wrinkly and folded. These wrinkles won't fall out in time, so it is always a good idea to press or steam the curtains to make them look good.

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A quick way to do this is by using a handheld steamer on your curtains. Not only will you get the wrinkles out of the fabric, but you will also be able to sanitize and clean them using this method.

3. Be creative with hem finishes

Some curtains look better with their hems touching the floor. It adds elegance to the room because of the length, but they are generally curtains that are only decorative in nature. A trouser hem or puddled finish will make your room look like it's something like it's from a hotel interior.

Wrapping Things Up

Keep your curtains looking their best by hanging them at the right height. While curtains are typically used for a "fashionable" take on a room's design, the way you hang them also dictates how well they can function. Take your time knowing how you will be using the curtains so you can hang them at the proper height.

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