How Far Below Window Should Curtains Hang?

Curtains add character to a room. Length and size play a significant role in hanging curtains. How long should a curtain be? Or, up to where should curtains hang below the window? We researched to help you find out the correct measurement from interior design professionals.

Curtains should hang below the window, just hitting the floor. Or, hang them just a little less than an inch or go for an inch before it hits the floor. You can also puddle it on the floor for 6 inches or more. On the other hand, you can also choose short and square curtains at right angles. Cafe-style curtains usually hang right at the bottom of a window. 

Finding the desired length for your curtains contributes to the overall look of your entire room. Stay on the page to discover more details about achieving the recommended curtain lengths and how to maintain and achieve the look that you prefer.

A woman standing looking out of full-length window of luxury modern apartment, How Far Below Window Should Curtains Hang?

How Long Should Curtains Hang Below Window?

The length of curtains below the window often depends on the window size. Large windows call for drape-length curtains. While small kitchen windows that are sometimes above the kitchen sink need to have short curtains.

Long Curtains

Sliding doors of modern bedroom

Curtains dropping to the floor are the recommended length, as mentioned above. Long curtains create a romantic feel and classy vibe. Though it may cause trippings and it gets dirty frequently. It makes it harder to clean and maintain.

Puddle Effect

Luxury master bedroom interior

Puddle curtains let the drapes flow extra on the floor. It gives off a certain style and personality. There are different measurements for each type of puddle you want for your room. Check out the easy guide below:

  • Break puddle. Add an extra 1/2 to 1 in. length to your curtain, achieving a cozy look.
  • Medium puddle. Add an extra 2 to 4 in. length to your curtain, achieving a dramatic look.
  • True puddle. Add an extra 6 to 16 in. length to your curtain, achieving an elegant look.
  • Fold-under puddle. Add an extra 16 in. and more length to your curtain, achieving a pastel, calming look.

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Short Curtains

Kitchen curtain

Short curtains aren't the commonly recommendable length. However, it is preferable in cafes or busy places to avoid accidents from draping. Too short curtains make your room space look smaller. Hit the right angles in hanging short curtains hitting just the bottom of the mantelpiece.

Cafe-Style Curtains

Cafe curtain

Cafe curtains are suitable for cafes, as the name says. It is hung just below a window-ledge, such as a kitchen sink or a side table. It is also known as sill-length curtains.

Some cafe curtains only cover half of the window, providing subtle privacy. But, it is also welcoming the sunshine. It has a casual mood due to its cute size.

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Apron-Style Curtains

Sunlight through the window

Apron-style curtains are not-so-short curtains that fall extendedly for some inches below the window stool. It is recommendable on smaller windows in your kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom.

Types of Curtains

There are different types of curtains. And, often, you can recognize them by their lengths and styles. Look at the kinds of curtains according to their length:

Short Curtains

  • Window treatment sets. It usually includes one or two curtains and a pelmet.
  • Valances. It hung above the curtains. It helps give a complete look.
  • Window tiers. It is usually advisable to put on kitchen or bathroom windows where you can aim for a bit of privacy.
  • Window scarf. It is like a valance but hangs carefree on top of the window.

Long Curtains

  • Panel pair curtains. It is classy and modern looking.
  • Single panel curtain. It covers the whole window, which adds to the decorative side of the room.

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How Do You Hang Curtains Professionally?

Hanging curtains may need additional knowledge in design. But here are some tips on hanging your curtains at home like a professional designer. Read them below:

  1. Hang your curtains high, preferably 8-12 inches, on top of your window frame.
  2. Hang your curtains wide, preferably hanging the rod window brackets about 6-8 inches. far off the window frame.
  3. Hang your curtains at the right length, preferably just touching the floor.
  4. Hang the exact number of curtain panels, preferably by getting the minimum number of panels you need. Multiply 1.5 with your window width to get the minimum number.
  5. Hang the appropriate style of curtain panels, preferably by determining the proper fabric for your curtains, such as sheer, linen, or blackout.

Width comes first in curtain measurements, followed by length. The standard curtain widths are 44 in, 66 in, or 90 in. Select the width that is near the size of your curtain pole.

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If you intend to have the curtains close completely, get a hook and a loop tape and install it on the ends of the curtains where both panels meet. Secure the length of your curtains with hooks and loop tape from top to bottom to ensure total closure of your curtains.

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Can You Hang Curtains Too High?

Hanging curtains too high can have a bit-off look. The window frame can be obvious when there's a lot of light, creating a non-proportionate impression. The recommended hanging is 8 inches or less on the window frame.

Should My Curtains Go To The Ceiling?

Your curtains should go to the ceiling if the window trim is very close. Whereas, for higher ceilings such as 8 feet, it is advisable to hang your curtains 4-6 inches over the window trim.

How High Do You Hang 84-Inch Curtains?

The two standard curtain lengths are 84 and 96 inches. You can buy them readily online. The lengths indicate the height of the rod. Mount the rod barely at 84 in. off the floor without any rings included.

Can You Use Long Curtains On Short Windows?

Yes, dressing short windows with long curtains is one of the most effective ways to bring in the window as a defining part of the room. It also brings balance and more personality to the room.

On the other hand, short windows with short curtains draw attention to the window size and not to the total look of the room.

What Color do Curtains Keep Heat Out?

White-colored curtains maintain a cooler temperature in a room than black-colored curtains. Black absorbs thermal energy. White can also make the room bigger and never goes out of style with its

What Kind Of Curtains Go With Blinds?

Bright gray living movie room

Drapes are the kind of curtains that go well with blinds. Highly installed curtains prevent from raveling with the blinds. It also builds the frame of the entire window and adds a block from sunlight, complete closure, and privacy.

Mostly, putting curtains over the blinds is acceptable. It is to help block the sunlight. It also sets privacy in the room. Pairing curtains with your blinds make a great combination and design. Both are flexible with their use and style.

How Long Should Window Valances Be?

Get the 1/4 height of the window and add an inch to get the proper length of your valances. Cut the fabric into rectangles, leaving a 1/2 in. seam. Mend the fabric and lining with an open space for turning.

Should You Have The Same Curtains In Every Room?

You may vary the style of your curtains in every room as the window size differs also. Mixing designs of curtains in a room should not be done without a reason. Consistency is important in interior design. It is recommendable to use the same style of curtains in the same sizes of windows as well.

Summing Up

Woman standing looking out of full-length window of luxury modern apartment

Curtains can hang below the window further or just a few inches below the sill. You can choose to drape your curtains and pool on the floor. Or, have cafe curtains or halfway curtains on your window. Be careful not to have too short curtains on your window, creating an overall small space or dull window area.

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