How Far Apart Should Hooks Be On Curtains?

It isn't just enough that you have lovely curtains. It matters how you hang them so that you can display them in all their splendor. Spacing the hooks properly plays a big part in this. This is what this article is about. We asked interior designers how to space the curtain hooks on the rod and here's their reply.

For flat curtain panels, the hooks can be between 4 and 8 inches from each other. You can allot more space for lighter curtain fabrics but hooks for heavier draperies need to be closer to each other. If you have pleated or folded curtains, there should be a curtain hook for each pleat or fold.

Keep on reading to know more tips on how to space your curtain hooks so that you can hang beautiful curtains over your window. We'll also help you choose the best curtain hooks for your home and tell you where you should place your curtain rod. Let's get this started!

worker inspecting installed curtain rod with curtain hooks on newly constructed home. How Far Apart Should Hooks Be On Curtains

How to Space Curtain Hooks

If your curtains don't come with rod pockets, grommets, or tabs, you won't be able to hang them on your curtain rods without using hooks. Curtain hooks are attached to the curtain rod and they also have a mechanism to hold the curtains in place so that you can hang them properly.

Close up of woman hands hanging curtain with metal hooks on ceiling ledge.

There are different types of curtain hooks and each one lets you achieve a different look when you hang your curtains.

For example, clip rings are hooped over the curtain rod and have clips hanging at the bottom so they can hold the curtains in place. S-hooks look like the letter 'S.' The top part is fastened to the curtain rod and you hook curtains with buttonholes on the lower part.

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There are also pin-on hooks (also called drapery pins) and pleater hooks that you attach first to the top of your curtain's back panel before you fasten them on the curtain hooks.

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How you hang your curtain on these hooks affects its overall look. You have to be mindful of the space in between them so that you can achieve an elegant and luxurious look.

You also need to know how many curtain hooks you have to buy so that you can hang your draperies properly. The number of curtain hooks that you need to install would depend on the curtain type, your desired look, and window coverage.

Curtain Type

Flat curtain panels would need one curtain hook after every 4 to 8 inches. Curtain hooks for light fabrics can be spaced 7 to 8 inches apart but for heavier draperies, they have to be closer together to ensure better support.

Meanwhile, if you have pleated curtains, they would require a 1:1 pleat-to-hook ratio so that you can hang them securely.

Look and Window Coverage

When it comes to the curtain panels' window coverage, spacing the hooks close together would mean that your curtain would cover less of your window but this will lend fullness to your panel. This also provides more support to your curtain.

Spacing them farther apart gives more window coverage but the curtain would seem flat or stretched out. Sometimes, the curtain would even sag and look off when there's a wide distance in between hooks.

woman hanging curtain on hooks into curtain rod

Computing the Number of Curtain Hooks You Need

Experts share a way for you to compute the number of curtain hooks that you need to install on your curtain rod.

Let's say you have a rod that is 120 inches long and you want the curtain hooks to be spaced 5 inches apart, just divide the length of the curtain rod by the length of space that you want for the interval of the hooks. The answer that you'll get is 24 which is the number of hooks that you need to buy.

For best results, you can try attaching the curtain to the hooks and see how it works. Remove or add hooks as needed and make sure you space them evenly along the rod to achieve a lovely and luxurious drapery.

How do I choose the best curtain hooks?

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of curtain hooks on the market. It may be overwhelming to choose which one to buy. So, we've got shopping tips for you. These are the qualities you have to look for when buying curtain hooks.

A luxury metal curtain rail with hooks

Durable and Sturdy

The hooks should be able to support your curtains, especially those draperies made of a thicker fabric. They would ensure that your curtains stay up all the time.

Style and Finish

Choose one that matches your curtain rod and preferably, other elements in the room. Curtain hooks are little hardware pieces that'll help tie up the look of your interiors. And if they don't match the rod, they would be painful to look at.

Curtain hooks can come with a metal or wood finish. Think about how they would go with your curtains and the rest of the room. Metal finishes provide a more formal and modern look while wooden finishes give a more casual vibe.


Curtain hooks are usually sold in sets containing seven pieces. Prices would vary depending on the material, finish, and style. On average, one set is enough to hang your curtains on a standard-sized window.

However, if you'll be hanging two curtain panels over the window, you would also need to install two sets of curtain hooks on your rod.


Yes, curtain hooks come in different sizes to fit different rods. The ones you need to buy should be half an inch wider than your rods so they'll fit easily but they won't be too wide.

If the hooks are too wide, they'll cause your curtains to hang loosely and out of form. It will also cause a huge gap between the rod and the top edge of the curtain which isn't a pretty sight.

On the other hand, if the hooks are too small, you'll find it difficult to open and close the curtains when needed.

Keep these in mind when buying curtain hooks so that you won't have any problem hanging and using your beautiful draperies.

Where should curtain rods be placed?

Curtain rod placement plays a big part in how your curtains would look when you hang them using your curtain hooks.

In general, curtain rods are placed about 4 to 6 inches above the window frame. Placing them higher or near the ceiling is also preferred especially for rooms with a low ceiling. The long panels would make the window and room look taller. Just make sure that there's space to install your curtain hooks too.

But for rooms with a high ceiling and short windows, placing the curtain rod higher would look awkward. It is best to mount the curtain rod up to 8 inches above the window frame so that you can still hang long curtains without emphasizing the huge gap between the window frame and ceiling.

Meanwhile, if you have a high ceiling and a tall window, it is okay to install the curtain rod on the ceiling so you can cover the windows all the way with your lovely curtains.

woman hangs the curtain on the hooks that are on the curtain rail.

Final Thoughts

The space in between curtain hooks would depend on the curtain type that you're using and how you want it to look when hung. Put them closer and you'll achieve a full look. Space them far apart and you would make the curtain sag and flat.

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