17 Farmhouse Kitchen Curtain Ideas You Will Love! [Modern And Traditional Styles]

Modern farmhouse kitchens have a whimsical but timeless charm that can spruce up your kitchen interior. Farmhouse kitchens have a consistently warm atmosphere that gives off nostalgia, and the type of curtain can instantly set the atmosphere.

There are a lot of options to choose from despite the design being a niche aesthetic. Modern farmhouse designs are all about making the space feel welcoming, but also effortlessly chic with curated ruggedness.

When designing a modern farmhouse interior, the challenge lies in making the space look more unique. Over the years, the style has gained popularity, especially in the US, so it won't be surprising if you sift through the same designs many times over.

Although the design looks visually appealing, you wouldn't want to have the exact same style as someone else's kitchen--you'd want to put your own spin on it so it would look and feel more personal. It is your kitchen after all!

The key is to draw inspiration from designs, but also know your personal style and incorporate it into your interior. There may be some risks, like the colors possibly not matching, but there are a lot of ways you can get around it.

Both modern and traditional kitchens have their own appeal, but it depends on your style and preference which one you should choose.

We have gathered 17 curtain ideas that can inspire you to create a unique but charming farmhouse kitchen. Keep reading below to learn more!

Fancy kitchen interior kitchen, 17 Farmhouse Kitchen Curtain Ideas You Will Love! [Modern And Traditional Styles]

1. Use Cafe Curtains

Cafe curtains are a classic window treatment that can fit into your farmhouse kitchen design. Cafe curtains only cover the bottom half of the window, allowing natural light to enter while still maintaining a level of privacy.

Cafe curtains have an effortlessly charming look. They are versatile, so you can design your kitchen however you want and they would still fit in. You can get the fabric in many colors, so choose one that goes best with your intended color scheme.

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2. Use Sheer White Curtains

Sheer White Curtains have an airy look that makes the space feel wider and breathier. This choice is ideal for small kitchens since the color won't make the space feel narrow, and they let in a lot of natural light. Make sure to layer sheer curtains if you want more privacy.

Use Sheer White Curtains - View of Kitchen sink, window view of backyard, curtains and flowers.

Choose sheer white curtains that are not floor-length. Since it's white, it exposes dirt easily. As much as possible, go for shorter sheer curtains to maintain their clean look.

3. Go for Crisp Yellow Drapes

Yellow is a cheerful color. It adds vibrance to the kitchen, and it matches the color scheme of most farmhouse kitchens. Since it's a natural color, it can blend with other vibrant hues such as green or brown.

Yellow drapes also lean into the whimsical and inviting charm of farmhouse kitchens, so it's one of those no-brainer choices that you wouldn't go wrong in.

Go for Crisp Yellow Drapes - cozy well designed modern kitchen interior with appliances and dining table

Go for thick yellow drapes if privacy is your priority, but if possible, go for lighter fabrics since kitchens can usually get hot or humid. It is best to go for drapes that can let in the fresh air.

4. Incorporate Neutral-Toned Roman Shades

Roman shades are a classic kitchen window covering. They are relatively low-maintenance, and they most likely won't catch the grease or dirt that is often present in the kitchen especially if they are placed away from the cooking areas.

Neutral-toned roman shades blend in seamlessly with farmhouse kitchen color schemes, especially warm neutrals such as cream or beige.

Roman shades are also ideal if you want to save space. They are not bulky, and they are easy to clean if they ever get stained.

Incorporate Neutral-Toned Roman Shades - Gray roman shades and a pink curtain on big, glass windows in a modern kitchen

Mobility is important in all parts of the kitchen. Roman shades are easy to maneuver, so you can pull them down or put them up when necessary.

5. Go for Woven Shades For A Rustic Look

Woven shades lean into the classic and rustic appeal of farmhouse kitchens. They fit into kitchens with warm and neutral color schemes, and they add character and depth to the space.

Woven shades are typically incorporated into traditional-style farmhouse kitchens.

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6. Combine Window Treatments

If you want something more stylish, you can combine window treatments. For example, you can pair blinds with thick drapes for added privacy and better light control. This design solution is ideal for both modern and traditional kitchen designs since it is aesthetically versatile.

7. Use Plaid Curtains

Plaid curtains give off a charming and Cottagecore vibe. It's a great alternative to sheer white curtains if airiness and brightness are your priority. They come in vibrant colors, so these curtains can transform your kitchen space to make it look more inviting.

These curtains suit mostly traditional farmhouse kitchens, but they also fit modern styles if you choose dark colors.

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8. Use Unhemmed Curtains

If you want to lean into the rugged look of farmhouse kitchens, having unhemmed curtains is a great idea for visual appeal. Although they seem messy if placed in other kitchen interiors, they would fit right in with traditional farmhouse kitchens.

However, make sure that the unhemmed edges aren't near the open fire. They are best installed above the faucet or near cabinets.

9. Hang Ruffled Valence Curtains

Ruffled valence curtains are a great way to spruce up a farmhouse kitchen. Valence curtains cover the top of your windows, so they can only offer a small amount of privacy. They let in a lot of natural light while blocking the sun's glare, so it's a good option that's what you're after.

Make sure the valence is made with light fabric so it can visually blend with a traditional or modern farmhouse kitchen.

10. Hang Patterned or Printed Curtains

Patterned or printed curtains effortlessly inject vibrance into farmhouse kitchens. They also match its aesthetic well since printed fabrics fit in with the inviting ambiance of the interior. Floral prints are most recommended since it blends well with the space's natural look.

Hang Patterned or Printed Curtains - Interior of an old mansion, wide modern kitchen

11. Go For A Dark Curtain

Using a dark curtain can be risky, but it's an unconventional design solution that can make your kitchen space unique. These curtains are best suited for modern farmhouse kitchens with a lot of space to add dimension to the space.

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12. Use Cellular Shades

Cellular shades fit in with farmhouse kitchen designs because of their minimalist look. They come in a lot of colors, but it's best to choose one that blends with the color scheme such as off-white, honey, or beige.

13. Use Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds are another window treatment that matches the rustic theme of farmhouse kitchens. They're a sturdier alternative to woven shades, and they integrate well with traditional farmhouse kitchens.

Use Wooden Blinds - Sink in the modern kitchen, windows decorated with wooden blinds

14. Combine Shades with Sheer Curtains

Combining window treatments with sheer curtains softens its overall look. Shades with sheer curtains are perfect for either traditional or modern designs, and they add visual stimulation to the space compared to having just one window treatment.

This is ideal if you want more visual appeal without having to get more decors or accents.

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15. Go For a Burlap Curtain

Nothing says farmhouse kitchen quite like burlap curtains. These curtains lean into the chic ruggedness of farmhouse kitchens, and they are best incorporated into traditional kitchens. You can also put them into modern farmhouse kitchens to inject traditional flair into the space.

Go For a Burlap Curtain - Spacious kitchen with white cabinets and colorful tiles classic contemporary style

16. Tie Up The Curtain With A Ribbon

An effortless way to make the kitchen space look more put-together is by tying the curtains with a large silk or cotton ribbon. You can go for pastel colors for a sot flair, or you can pick brown-toned ribbons to match the kitchen's aesthetic.

Tie Up The Curtain With A Ribbon - Window with red and white checkered curtain. Indoors design

17. Use Linens for A Unique Look

If you want something whimsical, charming, and affordable, you can hang colorful linens on your curtain rods. However, this is a more temporary design solution if you don't have shades or curtains yet. Make sure you put up enough linens to maintain privacy.

This is ideal for both traditional and modern kitchens. Go for neutral linens for a cohesive look.

Final Thoughts

Interior of the kitchen in Scandinavian style with white furniture and a dining table

Farmhouse kitchens have a welcoming and nostalgic appeal. Curtains set the tone for them, so make sure you pick one that would blend into the design you want to achieve.

As always, the key is to create a cohesive color scheme so your kitchen is always visually appealing.