Do Shower Curtains Come In Different Lengths [And What Is Right For You]?

Shower curtains come in many colors and designs. Length is also key for the curtain's functionality. This is why we've researched shower curtain lengths to help you pick which one is right for you.

Standard shower curtains come in one of three lengths: 70 x 70 inches, 70 x 72 inches, and 72 x 72 inches. These standard dimensions should be appropriate for most showers you find today. But for walk-in showers or high ceilings, the recommended length would be 72 x 96 inches.

As we mentioned above, in some cases, such as extra-high ceilings or walk-in showers, you will need longer curtains. Things aren't always so straightforward, so keep reading to learn more about the nitty-gritty details of shower curtains and how to make the right choice when buying one.

Shower Curtain Lengths And Choosing The Right One For You

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Aside from the decorative and aesthetic factor shower curtains bring, they also mainly have two functional contributions to your bathroom. They keep the water and moisture from your shower away from the rest of the bathroom while adding a sense of privacy as you bathe.

Standard Lengths Of Shower Curtains

Most of the curtains you’ll find are 72 x 72 inches. There are also shower curtains in lengths of 70 x 72 inches. These are all considered standard lengths when talking about shower curtains.

These curtain lengths were specifically designed for standard 60 x 30-inch bathtubs. These lengths are also proportional to the minimum American ceiling height of not less than 6 feet and 8 inches, but you'll typically find bathroom ceilings around seven to eight feet high.

Some standard variations, like 70 x 72 inches, are designed for bathtubs or showers smaller than the standard size, but the length is still 72 inches. So, if you have the standard ceiling height and bathtub, 72 x 72 inches should be right for you.

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Long-Length Shower Curtains

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If you have a slightly higher ceiling, you may want to look into long or tall shower curtains. They aren't usually wider than standard-sized shower curtains. Long shower curtains are typically 72 x 84 inches.

Shower curtains of these lengths are made for bathrooms with ceiling heights of eight feet and above. Like the standard-sized shower curtains, these are also made to fit around a 60-inch bathtub with an additional 12 inches for full coverage.

If your bathtub is wider than the standard model, you'll most likely need a shower curtain with wider coverage. Typically, these curtains will measure 84 inches in width and 72 inches in length.

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Extra-Long Shower Curtains

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Standard and long shower curtains are only appropriate for showers with bathtubs. For walk-in showers, you’ll need a much longer and wider shower curtain. Walk-in shower curtains are typically measured at around 72 x 96 inches.

Most walk-in shower curtains are floor-to-ceiling length, meaning they typically hang from at least a foot below your actual ceiling height down almost to the floor.

Unlike the other lengths discussed above that hang in proportion to the bathtub and ceiling height, extra-long shower curtains are centered around the ceiling height only.

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How To Measure For Shower Curtains

Shower curtains come in different lengths that cater to different styles and designs of bathrooms. Before you purchase your shower curtain, it's best to measure the dimensions of your showering area first to ensure full coverage and privacy.

See Where The Curtain Rods Should Go

Before anything else, you should know where to place your curtain rods or frame. The rods or frame will be where your shower curtains will hang from.

Start by deciding what style of shower curtain you would like. If you want a standard-length shower curtain, you can place the curtain rods around two feet below your ceiling height. But if you prefer the floor-to-ceiling style, you may want to fix your curtain rods at least one foot below your ceiling height.

Next, your curtain rods should be fixed at least an inch away from your bathtub. This is to minimize friction between your shower curtain and bathtub and give you that smooth motion of drawing your shower curtains back.

Measure The Width

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You'll want to measure the width of your showering area, so you know how wide your shower curtain should be. This ensures that your shower curtain provides full coverage of your showering area.

Start by taking a tape measure and measuring how wide your bathtub is. Standard bathtubs are 60 inches wide, but if your bathtub isn't standard or you have a walk-in shower, measure how wide it is from one end to the other.

After finding out how wide your showering area is, add 12 inches to that measurement. This is to ensure that your shower curtains cover your showering area from end to end and give you those aesthetic ruffles and folds commonly associated with shower curtains.

Calculate Length

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Now that you know where you should put your curtain rods and how wide they should be, it's time to calculate how long your shower curtain should be.

Start by measuring how high off the floor your curtain rod is. After that, measure your curtain hooks. This is important to take into consideration because the length of your curtain hooks will affect how high off the floor the curtains will be.

There's a recent trend of letting shower curtains hang all the way down to the floor. This isn't recommended because this decreases the smooth motion of drawing your curtain back and exposes your shower curtains to the germs and contaminants that may be present on your bathroom floor.

We recommend hanging your curtains at least two to three inches off your bathroom floor. This prevents it from having contact with a potentially dirty floor. It also helps avoid water splashes and moisture escaping the bath area which can lead to slipping accidents.

If your shower curtain rod is 75 inches off the floor, and you want to hang your curtains two inches above it while having one-inch curtain hooks, you should have the standard 72-inch shower curtain.

Another way to determine how long your shower curtain should be is by first measuring the height of the curtain rod and subtracting that from the curtain inches above the floor. Then, subtract that answer further with the length of the curtain hooks to get the length of your shower curtain.

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Shower curtains come in multiple lengths. The standard lengths you might find would be 72 x 72 inches or 70 x 72 inches. Larger showers or bathtubs will need shower curtains that are 72 x 84 inches. Extra-long shower curtains used in walk-in showers typically measure 72 x 94 inches.

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