Do Motorized Blinds Need To Be Plugged In?

As a homeowner, you may be wondering if motorized blinds should be plugged in or not. Fortunately, we have done some research for you, and here is what we found.

Yes, a motorized blind needs to be plugged in before you can effectively use it. This is because they are powered with a DC power adaptor. Motorized blinds also use remote control.

There are various ways of powering motorized blinds. Keep reading to get detailed information about motorized blinds and how they can be powered.

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Do Motorized Blinds Need To Be Plugged In?

If there is no mechanical damage, a motorized blind connected to your home's main system could last a long time. Motorized blinds need to be plugged in before you can effectively use them. 

Motorized blinds come with a remote control that allows the fabric of the blind to roll up and down to uncover or shade the glazing. However, there are motorized blinds that provide manual control for situations where there is a power outage or low battery. 

You can power your blind by using the electric power source of your home. This means that your blind will continue to operate as long as electricity is available.

Motorized blinds that are electrically powered are recommended for homes with lots of windows. This will save you from the stress of changing or charging batteries when they are down due to the greater amount of electricity used. 

There are other ways of powering motorized blinds, like using a battery. The most widely used batteries are alkaline and lithium. The latter lasts long and can be recharged. Lithium batteries can explode when extreme heat and cost you more than your alkaline. 

How Often Do You Have To Charge Motorized Blinds?

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Most blinds installed will run smoothly when plugged into a power source. Unlike most electrical appliances that need to be charged often, you only need to recharge your motorized blind at least every six months. The lifespan will vary depending on how often you lower or raise the blind. 

Raising and lowering your blind becomes accessible with rechargeable motors that provide different control options ranging from affordable and straightforward motorized control to handheld remotes. With a button touch, operating your blind is more convenient. 

How Do I Charge My Motorized Blind?

You can charge your motorized blind by simply plugging the charger into the socket, then taking out the charger after six hours as it is expected to be full at that time. The charger is designed with an LED that will let you know the charging status. 

However, it is not recommended that you leave your charger plugged in overnight as it could lead to a "reverse charge," which means that the battery will get drained instead of increasing. 

If you want to save on the cost of energy, solar-powered blinds would be the best option for you. Since the main power source is the sun, you will need a small amount of sunlight that your solar can absorb for the day.

How Long Do Batteries Last On Motorized Blinds?

The battery's lifespan varies, and this depends on how well you open and close the blind and how big your window is. Heavier windows will use more battery power than others.  

The battery lifespan also depends on the brand. Some brands make use of lithium batteries, and they use up to one year. For electronic blinds in areas that are hard to reach, it would be more suitable to go for blinds that are powered by DC

With a DC-powered blind, you will not have to worry about changing the internal battery. These motorized blinds can last for a long period without getting replaced as long as they are mechanically sound.

Most motorized blinds have a lifetime warranty which does not include the batteries and any damage that occurs due to misuse. 

Can Motorized Blinds Be Hardwired?

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The answer to this is yes. Motorized blinds can be hardwired. In fact, hardwired is still the preferred option due to the following reasons:

It Is Good For Large Window Blind

Sometimes, batteries can lack the need to power a large window blind, which is why contractors and homeowners normally go for preferred options. By using hardwired, maximum power is ensured, and there will be smooth operation. 

Rises And Falls In Perfect Symmetry

One of the cons of battery-powered blinds is that two or more blinds may not fall or rise at the same speed as a result of a slight variation in the electricity that is supplied. By making use of the hardwired system, your motorized blinds will rise and fall in perfect symmetry.

Energy Efficient

Hardwired systems have proven to be energy efficient. It draws a certain amount of power as required, and you will not get a high electricity bill by making use of hardwired blinds. 

Constant Power 

If you want peace of mind and do not want to run out of power, the hardwired option is still the best. Unlike batteries that need to be replaced from time to time, hardwired blinds will keep constantly running as much as the source of the mains electricity is working. 

What Are The Downsides of Hardwired Motorized Blinds?

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However, like other appliances, hardwired blinds also have their downside.

Complicated Installation

Unlike battery-powered blinds, installing a hardwired system takes time and requires more planning. If you do not have a socket ready, you need a 5 amp fuse close to where you want to hang the blind. Then, call a qualified electrician to help fit it.

Battery-powered blinds have an advantage here as a hardwired system needs to be linked to the power source through which the wires will run down from the roller to the socket before it is concealed.

Motorized Hardwired Blinds Are Expensive

Due to how complicated the installation is and the extra work needed to fix and install a hardwired motorized blind, sometimes it can also be an expensive option. However, you can save on this if the blinds and power supply are directed into building works. 

How Much Does It Cost To Get Motorized Blinds?

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Based on the size of an average window, the price of a motorized blind is about $120. However, some factors determine the cost of electric blinds, which are: 


The cost of motorized blinds will vary depending on whether the motor is hardwired, plug-in, or battery-powered. Ensure you examine the technical capabilities of the motor before making a purchase.

Quality Of Material

High-quality fabrics with textured weaves and premium linings can also determine the cost of your electric blinds. 


Unlike conventional blinds that do not come with accessories like a charger and remote control, they also determine the cost of your window blind.

How Do I Reprogram My Motorized Blind?

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You can reprogram your motorized blind via its remote by:

  • Press the "Stop" button for five seconds until the motor shunts.
  • Press the "prog" on the reverse for seven seconds until the motor shunts.
  • After seven seconds, the motor will indicate that it has been reprogrammed by shunting twice.

Can Motorized Blind Be Used Manually?

Yes, different models and designs of motorized blinds provide manual control. This is to keep it running when there is no stored energy in the battery or a power outage. Models without this feature will have their blinds stuck until there is power. 

To Wrap Up

Motorized blinds are good for the home. For them to function properly, they need to be powered so you can plug them in. There are different designs and models, so check what the blind offers before making a purchase. 

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