Do Microfiber Shower Curtains Need A Liner?

A shower curtain, especially a microfiber one can transform your bathroom's aesthetic completely. It can make your bathroom appear more luxurious. However, do you still need shower liner on it? You are on the right page! We’ve sifted through the internet and researched the answers to share with you.

You don't need to use a shower liner if you're using a microfiber shower curtain. Microfiber is water-resistant and, with careful care, can last for quite a while.

We will cover the shower curtains and liners in great detail in this article. We'll also include a few of them that are currently on the market. So keep on reading.

Interior of a classic themed bathroom with tan painted walls and curtains, Do Microfiber Shower Curtains Need A Liner?

What Is A Shower Curtain Liner? 

A shower curtain's lining, which can be made of either plain or patterned fabric, is attached to the back of the curtain. There are several justifications for selecting curtain lining. 

Most importantly, linings will shield your curtains from direct sunlight and prevent fading. A shower curtain liner prevents water from dripping into your tub or shower and aids in preventing mold growth on your shower curtain.

Bathroom interior.

Additionally, curtain lining fabric will improve privacy and your selected curtain fabric's appearance by giving it more structure and shape. Many different lining materials will also aid in insulation, with the thermal lining being the greatest option.

Some homes merely have a shower curtain liner serving as a curtain. Liners are typically less expensive, therefore many use this to save money rather than for aesthetic reasons. However, some individuals prefer the translucent appearance of a shower liner in their bathroom.

Do Microfiber Shower Curtains Need A Liner?

Close - up of women's hands hanging a gray curtain in the bathroom — Photo

Typically, you don't need to use a shower liner if you're using a microfiber shower curtain. Microfiber shower curtains are a popular fabric used in many different applications. They provide a softer choice than normal for shower curtains in the bathroom. 

They successfully confine moisture inside the shower area. If they ever experience any residual moisture, it will soon evaporate, preventing mold and mildew growth, especially if they are hanging in a well-ventilated bathroom.

To achieve a heavier consistency, use them in conjunction with magnetic weights. Even with high water pressure, or when the bathroom fan or heat vent is pushing air, you'll still experience a high level of stability. Additionally, these are safe for machine washing, so cleaning will be less of a hassle for you.

They are often easy to clean because many are machine and dryer safe. In addition to being machine washable, microfiber curtains offer the luxury of fabric and the sturdiness of vinyl. Unlike vinyl or polyester, microfiber is heavier and less likely to float into the shower with you or allow water to escape.

What Are Some Of The Microfiber Curtains On The Market?

Following are some of the options for microfiber shower curtains on the market:

1. Truly Soft Everyday White/Grey-72 Microfiber Square Shower Curtain

If you're looking for a modern look in 100% microfiber polyester, a medium-scale windowpane pattern is an ideal complement to any busy room. Incredibly soft printed windowpane and machine washable. This curtain pattern is printed on a percale weave fabric made of 100% microfiber polyester yarns.

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2. Homechoice Decor Victorian Ruffle Shower Curtain

The three rows of handcrafted butterfly flower details, together with the distinctive ruching, give your bathroom a sweet and elegant look.

The girly touch and eye-catching texture of those fancy flowers and frilly ruffles add a feminine touch and instantly brighten the look of your space. 

After a long day, this shower curtain provides a soothing atmosphere that is perfect for unwinding. This shower curtain is a great option if you're looking for something unique to add to your bathroom.

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3. Madison Park Aubrey Shower Curtain

This curtain gives your bathroom a chic, contemporary appearance. The shower curtain's pieced design features stunning woven jacquard with a modernized paisley motif and a wide solid stripe at the top.

For simple maintenance, this jacquard shower curtain is machine washable. To fit every bathroom area, many sizes are offered. 

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4. Mrs.Naturall Beach Theme Shower Curtain

The subtle sheen of the dot texture is an added bonus glow for a calming vibe. Made of dot pattern waffle weave look textured fabric.

As compared to a regular ombre shower curtain, the ombre fading effect is natural and modern due to enough white parts. Tired of the same old clear or plain shower curtains? This colorful, patterned, privacy-blocking shower curtain is the perfect addition.

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5. mDesign 100% Microfiber Polyester Fabric Shower Curtain

This features an embossed texture for a lovely shower curtain to match your bathroom decor. This creates a spa-like bathroom environment. The long length is ideal for higher ceilings and keeps water inside the shower or tub and off your floor!

The curtain has 12 reinforced buttonholes, is machine washable to prevent mold and mildew, and is simple to hang using the majority of standard shower hooks.

Check your space to make sure you have the right length curtain. This is longer than a standard shower curtain, which is usually no more than 72 inches long.

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Are Shower Curtain Liners Necessary?

If you want to shield your shower curtain from as much moisture as possible, you must use curtain liners. Even though shower curtains are designed to be water-resistant, using a shower curtain liner will help them last much longer.

Technically, if you have plastic shower curtains, you don't need them. To stop the water from your shower, use it instead on your shower curtain. You can use shower curtains to prevent the water in addition to using them for decor or privacy.

What Are Some Of The Microfiber Curtain Liners On The Market?

Liners can close gaps at the bottom or the side, extending the coverage that your curtain offers. If you are planning to put liners on your shower curtain, below are some of the great choices:

1. Downluxe Clear Shower Curtain Liner

It is constructed of 4-gauge 100% polyethylene vinyl acetate (PEVA), eco-friendly, and reasonably priced. The material is not only safe for your health and non-toxic, but it also has no odor and naturally wicks away moisture, making it superbly water resistant. 

The eyelets on the top of the shower curtain liner are rust-proof. Twelve rust-resistant metal hook rings are also included with some shower curtain liner selections. These shower curtains can be used as liners or as shower curtains on their own and come in a variety of simple colors and plain patterns.

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2. AmazerBath Plastic Shower Curtain Liner

This offers a variety of shower curtain liner sizes to fit extra-long or wide rooms. The sturdy lining is composed of ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA), a material that is easily wipeable and quick to dry rather than fabric.

The liner hangs straight down and provides structure so that water cannot splash out during showering thanks to the clear weights at the base. You may modify the shower ring hooks in the AmazerBath range to complement your decor and they work nicely with straight or curved rods.

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3. Barossa Design Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner

Bright bathroom with window

It is a waterproof shower curtain liner of the kind seen in hotels. Also, it is incredibly hygienic and simple to clean because the material is simply removable and machine washable. The fabric is water-resistant and dries quickly after a shower.

The draperies are kept from bunching up and blowing around by a weighted bottom hem, which also maintains them hanging straight down. If for any reason you are not happy with your purchase from Barossa, you have 90 days to return it.

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4. N&Y HOME Shower Curtain Liner

It is constructed of 100% premium polyester. Bottom magnets on these soft cloth shower curtain liners aid in securing the curtain.

Although the fabric isn't completely waterproof, it has quick-drying qualities and can be machine washed, so maintaining its quality and keeping it clean is simple. The fabric is devoid of dangerous chemicals, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), vinyl, and chemical odor.

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5. LiBa Shower Curtain Liners

You get two robust, water-resistant shower curtain liners with this purchase. Water is easily kept out of your bathroom and the curtain thanks to the unique aqua shield design.

There are clear, frosted, and solid white variants for the PEVA material liners. LiBa offers a 90-day money-back quality guarantee in addition to a 12-month warranty.

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Interior of a classic themed bathroom with tan painted walls and curtains
Ivory curtain hanging on a metal rod with the help hinges

Remember that not all curtains will require lining. It depends on your own preferences and the style you're going for. Heavier fabrics, like microfiber, offer a strong structure and may not require more volume. 

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