Do Curtains Come With Hooks?

Hanging curtains in your home is a fun way to change the feel of your space. You may wonder if all curtains come with hooks. We researched this question so you'll know what to expect when shopping for curtains.

Most curtains come with hooks. However, some curtains come with a hardware kit that includes the hooks and the curtain rod. The hardware kit is valuable as it saves you from buying the curtain rod separately. 

We've established that your curtains come with hooks, so you can hang them on a curtain rod. However, you may notice that sometimes when you get a new curtain, the openings in the hooks are either too narrow or too wide. So what can you do? Continue reading to find out how you can fix this problem, among other curtain-related queries!

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What To Do If The Curtain Hooks Are Not The Correct Fit?

You, like most of us, may have experienced at some point the frustration of trying to attach a curtain to the wrong size hooks. It is incredibly frustrating because we expected the fasteners to fit well since they came with the curtain. This challenge often arises if we don't check the merchandise before we buy.

Your curtains will only look great if they hang correctly on the track. So, ensure that the hooks that come with the curtain are the right size for the rod.

You may need to return ill-fitting hooks and ask for replacements at the store where you bought the curtains. It is advisable to take back the fasteners within 24 hours from the date of purchase.

However, it pays to check for any instruction leaflet that may contain information on how to use the hooks. It could be that the fasteners are fully adjustable, and all you need to do is to twist or stretch them a little bit to get the perfect fit. 

If you happen to have the same curtain hooks as shown in the video below, then this is how you adjust them:

How Many Hooks Are Needed To Hang A Curtain?

If your curtains come with hooks, then it's safe to assume that the manufacturer has provided you with enough hooks to hang the curtain. But if you're shopping for fasteners separately, you'll want to consider how many you'll need before you buy them. 

The number of hooks you need depends on the length of the curtain and the spacing you want to maintain between the fasteners and the rod. Most people who hang a standard curtain opt for a hook spacing of 4 to 6 pockets. 

The spacing between hooks is a matter of personal preference. You only need to space them against each other evenly and ensure that the fasteners aren't too close. The closer the spacing, the more hooks you'll need.

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When To Add More Curtain Hooks

When To Add More Curtain Hooks - Curtain rod with fasteners, rings, hooks for hanging curtains and tape measure on a yellow background.

Using the right amount of hooks on your curtain rod can make a big difference in the look of your curtains. The more fasteners you have, the more curtain gathers you can add to the look and vice versa.

Pleats are ideal for curtains and drapes. They give a soft feel to your curtains and create an attractive visual appearance, thus adding interest to your room decor. They come in handy if you want to dress up your curtains and make them stand out.

Furthermore, gathers make curtains look more formal and help curtains hang better. They can help make your curtains appear heavier and fuller than straight curtains because a pleat makes a curve, which is often thought to represent weight.

What Is The Standard Number Of Pleats A Curtain Should Have?

You determine the number of gathers on a curtain based on personal preference. But there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, pleats can are often used to add to the appearance of window treatment. Pleats add dimension to the fabric and help define the window treatment. The width of the gathers should correspond to the height and width of your window.

As a general rule of thumb, the curtain width should be twice the width of the window. You can make your calculation to ensure even pleat width distribution and consistency in their size.

That said, more gathers are generally better.

What Is The Standard Number Of Pleats A Curtain Should Have - Hanging up curtain using pleat hooks

How To Calculate Pleat Width

Measure the width of the opening from top to bottom and from side to side. Next, divide this measurement by the number of gathers you'd like to use. This calculation helps determine the width of the pleats.

Generally speaking, 5 pleats in every 54 inches of fabric width is the standard spacing that starts to give that more defined look.

What Are The Best Colors For Curtains?

What Are The Best Colors For Curtains - Interesting background of colored curtains.

The colors you choose for your curtains can significantly impact the look and feel of your room. When choosing curtains, you may want to consider the colors you already have in your home.

Alternatively, there are many shades of neutral tones that you can use as the color of choice for your curtain. These include gray, white, black, brown, and beige.

If you have a small space, you can consider using white curtains to help your room feel bigger. In contrast, black or gray curtains are suitable for a larger area since they create an illusion of a shrunk space.

If you have a darker room, you may want to consider using a light beige or even off-white for a more subtle yet complementary look.

Green and sky blue are some of the most popular color choices for curtains. These colors bring warmth and coziness to your space while making it appear brighter.

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Curtains Keep Drooping - What To Do?

It's common to have curtains that don't want to stay put. They can fall for reasons such as lacking enough support, either because they were hung in a hurry, are not hung right, or the curtains are not properly secured.

The solution is simple, regardless of why they fall: check the rod. A rod that is too flimsy is an invitation for curtains to fall.

When you hang curtains, ensure that they are taut and secure. You can accomplish this by following this tip - carefully and accurately measure the length of the window opening. Then, measure and mark the exact point where you need to fix the curtain rod.

A slight angle deviation is enough to affect load distribution and cause the curtain to fall, especially if it's a heavy curtain.

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Can You Cover Walls With Curtains?

Can You Cover Walls With Curtains - White wall mockup with brown curtain,

Curtains are one of the easiest ways to add decorative interest and cover imperfections on a wall. You can hang curtains on a wall just as you would on a rod. The only difference is that you tie the curtain to a hook on the side of the wall instead of attaching it to a rod already in place.

In Closing

When choosing your curtains, pay attention to the type of hook provided. Curtain hooks come in different shapes and sizes. Some can only be used with a specific curtain rod size, while others can be fastened directly on the wall.

Never assume that you have the correct size curtain hooks in the package because packaging mistakes happen occasionally. So, always check the merchandise before buying.

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