Do Curtains And Blinds Have To Match?

Curtains and blinds both block sunlight from entering the window and help in providing privacy. But do you ever wonder if curtains and blinds work together? How do you make sure they match? We researched this matter to provide you with an answer.

In most cases, they have to match. Matching curtains and blinds can add beauty to the room. They also block excess sunlight, allowing you to control the amount of light and heat that enters the room. Additionally, they improve privacy since curtains and blinds can obstruct the view of potential intruders.

There are some blinds and curtains that can go well together. However, before installing, it would be best to know how to pair certain blinds and curtains. Keep reading below to learn more about how to match curtains and blinds.

A patterned carpet and grey armchair with curtain and blinds, Do Curtains And Blinds Have To Match?

Reasons For Using Blinds And Curtains Together

If you're torn between using blinds or curtains as window coverings for your room, you can use them together. Pairing blinds and curtains on the same window can provide you with the following:

Light Control

When you put curtains and blinds together, you have absolute control of the light passing through your window. You can block lights or allow them to enter depending on your needs and desire.

Better Privacy

Curtains over blinds are a good way to provide the space with greater privacy. You can open your blinds to allow natural light inside while keeping your privacy when you close the curtain.

Temperature Control

These combinations can help you with temperature control. During the summer, you can open your blinds and curtains to welcome the cold air while maintaining style. During the winter, closing both the curtain and blinds can retain heat and make the room warmer.

Improved Room Perception

Combining blinds and curtains is ideal for small spaces since this combination can make a room appear larger and wider. This can be achieved when you install your blinds a few inches below the ceiling. Then, you may install the curtain rod so that it is at the same level as the blinds but extends 30 to 60 centimeters beyond the window.

Better Style

The layering of curtains over blinds adds style to the room dramatically. It can help you make a bold fashion statement, and the proper accessories will enhance the impact even more.

Things To Consider Before Putting Blinds And Curtains Together

Black Blinds window decoration interior of room

Bringing your curtains and blinds to work together is a good decision. But some things need to be taken into account to achieve the style that will fit your home.

Choose The Right Blinds

If you're planning to combine curtains and blinds on the same window, the first thing to consider is to choose the right window blinds to use. This will make it easier for you to mix and match the two elements without sacrificing style.

Venetian blinds and roller shades are some of the frequently-used window treatments. These types of blinds are easy to pair with curtains and drapes. You can also base the color of your curtains on them.

Other blinds that you can use are wood blinds which are perfect when paired with curtains that look rustic. When choosing the blinds you want to use, make sure to pay attention to the fabric and color so that you can easily look for curtains that will match them.

Choose The Right Curtain Pattern

Patterned curtain

If you're into patterns and want to use them for your curtains, make sure not to use bold patterns on the blinds. You can choose to go with a neutral palette blind paired with patterned curtains. Do not use prints on both the curtains and the blinds because it can be visually overpowering.

Choose a patterned curtain that has the same color as the blinds. This way, they will blend beautifully together.

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Match Blinds And Curtains With Rod

Make sure to indicate the precise shades once you've chosen the colors so the curtain rod can match. Do not use rods with bright colors and glossy finish because they can be visually overpowering. For versatility, choose rods with a matte finish.

Make The Room Feel Cozy

As a homeowner, you get to decide the vibe and style you want your house to achieve. As you decorate, remember that you want it to be cozy, warm, and welcoming. That's why it is very important to consider the combination of curtains and blinds you use.

Roman blinds are the perfect option for creating a natural and cozy appearance. You can choose either textured, sheer, or blackout cloth for the material.

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Make it Blend With The Room

If dressed properly, windows can change the vibe of the room in an instant. When deciding about the curtain and blind style, remember that the atmosphere and the amount of light in every room vary. You can use different curtain and blind styles depending on the atmosphere the room conveys.

What Kind Of Curtains Go With Blinds?

Your windows and shutters can be nicely framed with long drapes or curtains. Additionally, it can keep you from becoming tangled in the blinds if the drape hangs above the window frame.This is ideal if you wish to close the curtains for privacy or to block out light. If you have large windows, shorter curtains might not completely cover the window, and it might make the room appear smaller.

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Mix And Match Curtains And Blinds

Indulge yourself with decorating your window by mixing and matching curtains and blinds. Take a look at the examples that might inspire you.

Solid Colors

Modern tv living room with couch, new design coffee table and big windows

Watch your favorite movies with this elegant floor-length grey curtain paired with white roller blinds. These window coverings can perfectly complement the vibe of any room.

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Neutral Lines

Curtain interior decoration in living room

This is a fun way of matching curtains and blinds. Pair this roman shade in chocolate brown lining with a lined chocolate brown drape to match.

Neutral Colors

Luxury apartment bedroom

Are you looking for luxury and comfort in one place? Then, you'll enjoy your stay in this master bedroom with a pair of neutral-colored pleated drapes and white venetian blinds.

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Modern apartment with window blinds and curtain

This modern living room with a large gray corner sofa decorated with pillows and blankets would be so cozy. The minimalist blinds paired with a neutral palette curtain make the room look elegant and welcoming.

Patterned And Traditional Curtains

Traditional living room interior with cream sofa

Ever thought of pairing printed curtains with blinds? It's a great idea especially when your blinds are in a neutral color. Make sure to highlight the room with matching printed decorations like the above photo.

Traditional pink chaise longue in the bay window

If your room has a more classic look, consider putting blinds and curtains together for a classic but elegant look. Don't forget to install a sheer curtain to make the window look whimsical and airy.

Final Thoughts

Decorating a room is time-consuming, but at the same time, it is fulfilling especially when you achieve your desired look. If you can't decide whether to use curtains or blinds, remember that you can use both at the same time.

Don't forget to focus on colors, sizes, and patterns to make your room cozier. Use neutral-colored blinds to match any type of curtains.

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