Do Curtain Rod And Grommets Need To Match?

While you're shopping for your curtain installation, you might have noticed that curtain rods and grommets come in different finishes. This leads you to wonder if these hardware pieces need to match each other. We got you covered. We already asked the experts this question and here's their reply.

There's no rule that says curtain rods and grommets need to match. Although, doing this will help tidy up the look of your room and add more class to its interior design.

Hang in there as we tell you more about this gray area in choosing your curtain hardware finishes. We'll also give you tips on how you can change the color of your grommets, guide you in choosing the perfect curtain rod for your room, and answer if finials are necessary. Let's get this started!

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Should grommets match curtain rods?

Here's the other side of curtain shopping. You need to ensure that you have the right hardware before you can hang your colorful and beautiful draperies over your window. This article is solely dedicated to these parts that make it possible for us to hang our curtains in the first place.

Modern brown drapes on the grommets. Eyelet curtains for home

Curtain rods are long and slender materials where you insert your curtains. There are different kinds of curtain rods.

The single, double, wrapped around, and traverse rods are installed outside of the window frame with the help of mounting brackets and screws. Tension rods and smart rods can be placed inside the window trim and are kept in place by spring tension.

Curtain rods can be made from different materials such as metal, wood, or plastic. They can also come in different finishes. Plastic curtain rods are available in different colors. Wood is available from light to dark hues while metal comes in gold and silver finishes.

Similarly, if you're attentive when buying grommet curtains, you would notice that the little rings are also made from various materials and have different colors and finishes too. And the thing with these eyelet curtains is that when you hang them, the curtain rod shows.

This begs the question, should the rod and grommet have the same finish or at least match each other?

Some experts say that you can match your grommets with your curtain rods for a classier and more cohesive look.

Grommets are little hardware pieces that are easy to overlook. But when you pay attention to them, you'll realize that having them complement your curtain rod can do wonders in tying the look of your interiors.

However, keep in mind that it isn't a requirement for your curtain rods and grommets to match. There certainly isn't any book stating this to be a rule.

What's important here is that it doesn't bother you since it's your house. If you prefer to have them match, you can do so but if you don't want to make the extra effort, it would still be fine. You can concern yourself with more obvious things such as the color and design of the curtains that you'll hang.

Can you change the color of the grommets on the curtains?

Window beige curtains and white tulle on the curtain rod, close up

If you're the type of person who pays particular attention to the tiny details, here are things that you can do if the grommets in your chosen eyelet curtains don't match your curtain pole.

Paint Them

You can use a tiny brush to paint the rings according to the color that you like. Just be careful that the paint doesn't get on the curtain's fabric. You can put painter's tape around the grommets to prevent this from happening. You can paint the grommets on the front panel only.

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Peel and Stick Grommet Covers

This is the easier route. You can buy packs of these sticky grommet covers in different colors so that you can always have matching rods and eyelets.

They work just like stickers. Stretch and smooth them over the surface and you're done!

Grommet Packs

You can actually buy these curtain rings in shops or online. Remove the grommets from your curtains, choose the grommet finish that you prefer, and install the new eyelets.

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Plastic grommets are easy to install since you just snap them into place. You don't need any special tools for this. However, metal grommets require a hand press and die to get the job done.

Doing any of the above is a good idea since your curtain rod's color is going to be the same unless you have it replaced. You might as well match the color of your curtain grommets with it.

How to Choose the Right Curtain Rod for Your Room

double layer curtains on black rod in living room

If curtains are about form and functionality, the same is true with curtain rods. Here's a guide for buying the perfect curtain rod for your room.

Curtain Rod Types

As mentioned earlier, there are different types of curtain rods. Each one will work best in particular situations.

  • Single rods are the standard rods that you'll see on the market. They can hold a single layer of curtains. Depending on the material, they can support thin to thick fabrics.
  • Double rods are basically two pieces of single rods put together over a double rod bracket so that you can hang two layers of curtains over your window.
  • Wrapped around rods have curved edges to allow full window coverage. They will help effectively block light from coming through the sides of your windows.
  • Traverse rods are rods with clips attached to them where you can fasten your curtains.
  • Tension rods are two rods with the smaller placed inside the bigger rod. They are held in place by the spring mechanism and are suitable for light fabrics only.
  • Smart rods are also tension rods but their ends can extend past the window frame. These are also recommended for light fabrics.

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Curtain rods are made of different materials and the material that you choose has an impact on the overall look of the room. Take note that when you use grommet curtains, the curtain rod will be seen.

Choose the curtain rod that goes well with your home decor style. Assess how it will fit with the rest of the elements in the room.

The material of which the curtain rod is made also determines its durability and how well it will be able to perform its main function of supporting the curtain. Metal and wood can take the weight of heavier fabrics while plastic might not.

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This is in line with having the curtain rod match your home decor. We're not talking about exact colors here. Your curtain hardware and other elements in your room can come with warm or cool undertones.

The gold hues of polished, satin, and antique brass have warm undertones while the silvery colors of polished and satin chrome have cool undertones.

Black and white are neutral colors but they have different effects. Black stands out and creates contrast while white blends easily with the rest of the room.

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It all boils down to the style and look that you're going for.


Of course, all of the factors mentioned above will mean nothing if your curtain rod doesn't come in the right size. Since windows have different sizes, you have to take some measurements to determine the right size that you need.

Simply measure the length of your window frame and add at least 6" to your measurement. This will allow you to move your curtains to the sides and display your entire window.

However, you need to check if there's anything that's in the way of your curtain rods once you mount them such as a wall painting or cabinet, then do the necessary adjustments.

Do curtain rods need finials?

Curtains, Drapes, Rods, and Interior Decor

Finials are the end pieces on your curtain rods. They are used for decorative purposes and complete the look of the curtain rod.

They can come in elaborate designs and beautiful finishes that complement not just your curtain rods but the other design elements in the room.

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They also function as an end cap for your curtain rod which is important in keeping the curtains in place. They will keep the fabric from sliding off the rod.

But if you're not after its decorative value, a simple end cap for your curtain rod would do.

Final Thoughts

Side View Of Open Plan Kitchen With Living Room And Garden View From The Window

Your grommets and curtain rod don't need to match so don't stress yourself about this. What's important is that your curtain rod can support your curtains and goes well with your home design.

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