Do Blinds Come With Brackets?

Installing blinds in our homes is one of the most basic house setups. It provides privacy and a shade for our windows against the sun. In this post, we have researched and asked the experts to answer the question, do blinds come with brackets?

Most of the time, blinds come in packages with the brackets you need to install. It is very rare for you to buy blinds with brackets sold separately, or the need for you to find their brackets.

Usually, they are sold as a set to make installations easy. Blinds also need compatible brackets depending on their designs, which is why they are often sold together.

Are you interested to learn more about blinds in general? Continue reading as we discuss other points of interest associated with mounting your blinds with brackets. We will also share with you some exciting topics that will surely be helpful for house tips. So go ahead and finish!

Sunlight coming through venetian blinds by the window - Do Blinds Come With Brackets

Mounting blinds on brackets

Brackets are an essential part of installing your blinds. They are the ones responsible for holding them in place in your window frames.

They are usually drilled into the wall as adhesive brackets are not ideal for mounting blinds due to their weight. Brackets are typically made of aluminum, metal, or a combination of both.

This is why they come along together as brackets are considered to be a part of the blinds. Without them, you have an incomplete set.

Is it easy to fit your own blinds?

Man's hands attaches a plastic bracket with screwdriver to fix a roller blind on a window.

Fitting your own blinds is a quick DIY job and could be done practically by anyone. As long as you have complete parts, it will take you approximately 30 minutes or even less, depending on your blinds and how you install them.

For bigger and more complicated blinds, hiring a professional to have them installed is also an option. The range would vary per location, and the amount of work needed, including the size of your home. But on average, you can expect to pay $200-$1200 for labor.

How to install window blinds?

man male worker hands installing attaching mounting bracket on roller blinds, shades, on plastic window screens at home with screwdriver, renovation close up with copy space

Installing window blinds is an easy DIY job. Typical window blinds can quickly be installed without the help of professional services. Below is a quick run-through of how to properly install your window blinds by yourself.

The tools you will need to install your blinds are your blinds and brackets, a marking tool for measurement, and a drill bit if there are no holes to place your bracket through.


Choose where you will be installing your brackets. There are multiple points where you can install your brackets. You can install it on your window frame, on the wall, on top of your frame, or on the corner of the window frame.


Mark where you will place the brackets with a pencil, chalk, or any effective marker. Take out the bracket from the position, and you can start the next step.


Choose the appropriate drill bit to carve out a hole to which you will be inserting the brackets. Make sure the brackets are securely fastened to prevent the blinds from falling off by screwing them with your drill bit.

Note, you can skip steps 1-3 if there are already existing drills to which you can place your brackets.


After securing the brackets, install the blinds correctly by hanging them to your brackets. Make sure that they are firmly hanged to avoid them from falling off.


Lastly, install the wand and check to see if the blinds are operating properly. And enjoy your new window blinds.

Below is a visual representation of how to install your blinds properly.

How close should blinds be to the window?

The distance between your blinds and your window will depend on how your windows are built and how the blinds are designed. But in general, there should be at least 1 1/12 inches of space between them.

How to test the durability of brackets?

man worker hands installing attaching mounting bracket on roller blinds, shades, on plastic window screens at home with screwdriver

Testing the durability of your brackets is easy. But before proceeding, you must remember. Those brackets are designed to carry your blinds, so tugging and pulling on them with excessive force would be meaningless.

Trying to put something significantly heavier than the blinds that you will be hanging will also be useless. Blinds are relatively light and do not put too much pressure on the brackets.

A quick tug (not too much) and small pressure to see if the brackets would not wiggle or be easily out of place would be the quickest way to test if they are durable.

Use the stock brackets

Transparent Plastic Blind Pull Cord Bracket

Another way to make sure the brackets you're using are durable is using the brackets that came along with your blinds as a set. These brackets have manufacturer-grade quality and are purposely designed to be mounted with the blinds.

Blinds bracket maintenance tips

Blind brackets are low to no maintenance at all. Most of the time, you only need to mount them on the wall, make sure they are properly fastened, and should long live enough with your blinds.

You only need to make sure that they stay for a long time to avoid unnecessary weight on them. So when you are closing and opening your blinds, cleaning them, or replacing them, make sure that you are careful not to apply too much force to destroy your brackets.

If there are kids in the house, be careful as this could be a hazard if they ever try to hang on your blinds. This could not only damage your brackets but could also cause injury to the children.

How do you hang blinds without brackets?

Installing wooden blinds. A man holds the folded jalousie.

Aside from brackets, there are some other ways that you can choose as alternatives when it comes to hanging your blinds. Below are some of the most common ways you can do them without having to drill holes in your walls.


This choice will depend on your window frames. This is a good option if your frames are made of metal or are magnetic and will require no adhesives

You can buy heavy-duty magnets that can penetrate through your blinds to keep them in place. Gluing the magnets directly at the back of the blinds could also be done.

Mounting points on these will be usually at the top of your blinds or where you would usually hang your brackets.

Again, this would also depend on how your blinds are designed. Not all window frames and brackets will allow you to do this technique, so to each their own.

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Very strong adhesives

Aside from magnets, another good way to install your blinds is by using strong adhesive strips like 3M. This could work if there is a surface on your blind where you can stick the adhesives to the wall or a mount while the blinds are not sticking to the window.

This option will probably be the less efficient choice, but if this will work for you, it's a great alternative option.

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Sticking to brackets

Undisputedly, brackets are the best way to mount your blinds. They are more secure and will ensure that you will have a great time using your shade.

You could be leaning to avoid using brackets because you do not have a drill bit or you don't know how to use one. In these types of situations, you can hire a professional to do so.

If you have friendly neighbors that can help you out, we also suggest that because installing blinds with brackets is that easy.

Curtains, Drapes, Shades, and Blinds (what are their differences?)

Curtains, drapes, shades, and blinds are all household accessories that basically do the same. Sometimes they are often interchanged by terms. But there are real differences between them, particularly in their designs and materials used.

Curtains are light fabrics that are perfect for blocking partial shades. If you want a total blackout room during the day, then go with drapes. They are heavier, longer, and do a better job of blocking sunlight to the point of total darkness.

Blinds and drapes are also fairly identical, including how they work and even the materials they use. Their difference is that blinds are not solid in length.

This means with blinds, you have slats that you tilt open to let light enter or close if you don't. For shades, you have to fully raise or close them.

Sunlight coming through venetian blinds by the window

In review

Most certainly, almost all blinds come in package with stock brackets that are used to mount the entire shade to your window frames. They are an essential part of your blinds set. If you receive one without them, you can call the manufacturer as there could be a mistake.

Installing blinds is an easy job that almost everyone can do. This requires basic tools that could easily be accessed. Blinds are an essential part of a house. This offers shade and privacy to the tenants and could also be used as an aesthetic prop for your house.

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