What Color Curtains Go With Brown Blinds?

If you're looking to decorate your home with curtains that match your brown window blinds then this article is for you. We researched the best curtain colors that go well with any type of brown blinds.

If you want a bright and cheerful ambiance, you can opt for the colors yellow, orange, and green. If you're after a more elegant and sophisticated style, you can play with the colors black, brown, and blue.

Of course, white curtains will always complement brown blinds beautifully and will match any color scheme.

Do you want to see how these colors will look on a window with brown blinds? Continue reading as we show you pictures and give additional design tips to help you choose the right curtain for your window treatment.

photo of a brown window blinds installed on the window of the living room, What Color Curtains Go With Brown Blinds?

What Color Curtains Go Well With Brown?

Adding curtains to your existing blinds is a great way to control the light in a room. It can help entirely block out sunlight or control the amount of light coming in.

Curtains can also give you additional privacy while still keeping the blinds open if you want to let air in. It can also act as a sort of "insulation" to keep the room warm during the winter season. Lastly, it adds to the aesthetics of the room giving it a warm and cozy atmosphere.

close up photo of a brown colored blinds half open on the window

The color of the curtains you choose is as important as its fabric and curtain type. It can change the atmosphere in a room and create harmony with the rest of your decor.

When choosing the right curtains to match different shades of your brown blinds, there are many factors to consider. These include the size and shape of the window and what you're looking to achieve with your interior design.

There are several options that will complement your brown blinds beautifully and below are some ideas you can get inspiration from.

Bright And Cheerful Curtain Colors

White, yellow, green, and orange are colors that go well with brown if you want to give the room a vibrant and cheerful atmosphere. These colors will help brighten up any space and make it appear larger or more open.


Mustard yellow floor-length curtains on brown Roman blinds bring you a sunny sophistication that will never go out of style. Yellow is considered a fall and spring color, which means it brings warmth and energy, so you'll always feel cheerful every time you enter the room.


White is a neutral color that provides a wonderful contrast to darker shades such as brown. It's a great choice if you still want some natural light to enter the room because it won't completely block off the sun.


Gren and brown—these two colors go together beautifully if you want a neutral and earthy-toned look. Green curtains are known for their ability to filter the sunlight, making them a good choice for rooms where you want to keep out the harsh rays of the sun.


Orange curtains are a perfect choice if you want to liven up a room. They're an eye-catching color that has a lot of energy and can make a space feel cheery and bright.

Using this color might be a little tricky because it can be hard to match it with the furnishings and any other room decor. However, if you find the right orange hue to work with, decorating will be fun and easy.

Elegant And Sophisticated Curtain Colors

One of the best ways to create an elegant, sophisticated, and even mysterious vibe in a room is to use the colors gray, blue, and brown for your curtains. They will go well with brown blinds without making the room feel too dark or stuffy. Check below for some inspiration.


Blue curtains are a great choice if you want to give your room a cool, relaxing vibe. The blue of the curtains creates a calming effect while the brown of the blinds gives off warmth and comfort. This color scheme makes for a great bedroom or living room where you want to feel relaxed and at home.


Gray is a timeless color that can work with any type of decor. Gray curtains will keep the room looking elegant and crisp. It is also known for its calming effect, making it an ideal color for bedrooms and living rooms.


Brown is a warm color that works well in almost any space. It's perfect if you're looking for something that's going to make your home feel cozy and welcoming, but not overwhelming. They add warmth and character without being overbearing or too bold. It also gives your home a tropical and earthy ambiance.

Whether you go for a lighter tone or a darker shade of brown for your curtains, it will surely look great with your brown blinds. This is a good choice if you don't want any contrasting colors to keep the color scheme simple, keeping a monotone look.

What Kind Of Curtains Go With Blinds?

There are a few options when it comes to curtain styles. You can choose from curtain panels, grommets, or a traditional curtain rod and tie-back system. All of these options can work well with window blinds—it just depends on what look you're going for.

If you're going to hang curtains with blinds, decor experts suggest using long curtains or drapes that reach the floor. This way, they won't get easily tangled up when you're adjusting your blinds or shutters. It will also help frame the window beautifully and hide the uneven corners of the blinds.

They also recommend using solid colors instead of fabric with patterns, especially if you have vertical or horizontal blinds. The solid color will help break up the pattern and avoid line confusion in the decoration.

However, there are no strict rules! If you have a patterned fabric that you want to use and think looks great, then go for it. See the sample picture below.

The color of the curtain you need to choose will depend on what you want to achieve in the room. For instance, if you have dark furniture in your living room, then choose a lighter color curtain to reflect more light into the room.

On the other hand, if you have white or light-colored furniture, it's recommended to choose dark-colored curtains so they won't absorb too much light from outside.

Here are more decorating tips when putting curtains and blinds together:

  • Make sure the length of the curtains is consistent in all windows.
  • Install the curtain rods at least three to six inches above the window frame and not aligned with the blinds.
  • Install the blinds first before you purchase a curtain and not the other way around. Remember that the blinds will be a more permanent fixture while curtains can be changed whenever you feel like it.

Also, check out "How High Should Curtains Be Above Window" for more hanging tips.

Whatever option you choose, make sure it matches your window frame and other decor elements in the room. And if you're still not sure which curtain goes well with your brown blinds, just go for the most neutral colors and you'll never go wrong.

Wrapping Up

photo of a brown window blinds installed on the window of the living room

Neutral colors and earth shades are best paired with brown blinds. White, yellow, green, and orange curtains will give a warm, cheerful vibe to your room. For a more sophisticated, mysterious, and formal look, shades of gray, brown, and blue work best.

Thank you for reading and we hope you are able to find the perfect curtain color to match your brown blinds. If you want to know more about decorating your window with curtains, do browse this site for more information.