Blinds Are Too Short —What To Do?

You tend to close the blinds on the windows, but what if the blinds are too short? How could you resolve this issue? Well, we understand your concerns, and we've researched the solutions for you!

You can remedy blinds that do not cover the entire window length. In no particular order, see the list of options below:

  1. Add a curtain.
  2. Install a cornice.
  3. Install a frosted film.
  4. Replace the blinds.

This time, we'll talk about window blinds. We'll provide options if they appear to be too short, and discuss what purposes the blinds serve. There's more you can learn from us in this article. Join us and let's read up to the end!

Adjusting the white blinds in height use a cord - Blinds Are Too Short —What To Do

What to Do When Blinds Are Too Short?

Man closes or opens lowered horizontal white aluminum blinds. Through the open window the rays of the morning spring sun break through.

Window blinds help reduce the natural sunlight from entering the room, resulting in a dimly lit room. If the blinds are too short, excess sunlight could creep inside to brighten and warm the room, or even reveal the interior to the outside view.

However, there are ways you can resolve this issue. Simply refer to the options below.

1. Add a Curtain

A curtain refers to cloth materials that hang on a rod and extend downward. Its purpose is to cover the view from one side to another, as well as reduce the outside light and air from entering.

There's a variety of choices for different curtain sizes. See below some types:

Windowsill Curtains

Windowsill curtains fit slightly longer than the window's edges. These curtains are short compared to other types that extend down to the floor.

Pleated Curtains

Pleated curtains have a folded top edge that serves as a design for the fabric. The design varies from a box, goblet, pencil, and more.

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Unlike windowsill and pleated curtains, a valance covers the window's top portion. Its purpose is to hide the hardware like rods and brackets.

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You can add a curtain just long enough to cover the window and brush the floor a bit. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Measure the height of the wall from the floor up above the window to find the curtain's length.
  2. Place the bracket above the window slightly far from the left and right corners.
  3. Mark the brackets, then drill holes for the screws.
  4. Mount the brackets by screwing them to the wall.
  5. Attach the curtain to the rod, then hang the rod on the brackets.

2. Install a Cornice

A cornice is a frame above the window. It's usually made of wooden board that protects the rod and brackets, as well as make the window more attractive.

The cornice also enhances the window's durability by supporting the top edge from impact depending on material used. Hidden from view by a cornice, you can lower down the blind to completely cover the window.

See below this image of a cornice for your idea:

Installing a cornice may take time. You can ask a professional to install one in your window. However, you can follow the steps below on how to install it by yourself:

  1. Measure the height and width of the window's.
  2. Measure at least four inches on both sides to protrude the cornice.
  3. Cut the wooden board according to the measurements.
  4. Apply a strong glue along the edges of the wooden board, then stick together the front and the side portions.
  5. Let the glue dry, and then screw the sides of the cornice to secure them.
  6. You can cover the cornice with a fabric of your choice. Just fold and staple the fabric as you wrap it around the cornice.
  7. Cut also the fabric's excess edges.
  8. Another optional step is to paint the cornice if you don't want to use fabric. Consider using a semi-gloss paint.
  9. Mount some L-brackets above the window to support the cornice from falling.
  10. Finish by gluing the cornice with a wood glue.

3. Install a Frosted Film

Window with frosted glass texture on the office glass for reduced visibility across, Toilet wall sticker bathroom decoration, Decorative Glass Film.

If you're concerned with your security because the blind is too short, you can install a frosted film in your window. Frosted film helps reduce the light, blurring the image of things on the other side. So, you don't have to worry if someone tries to peek inside your house through the window.

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See below the steps on how to install a frosted film.

  1. Clean the window and ensure its dry.
  2. Cut the film the same size of the window's glass surface.
  3. Peel the back of the film while attaching it from the bottom edge.
  4. Slowly press the film as you peel it off to cover the entire glass.
  5. Use a squeegee to flatten the bubbles on the surface.

4. Replace the Blinds

Adjusting the white blinds in height use a cord

You can consider replacing the blind with a more accurate size. This will ease your worries in terms of privacy and lighting. Simply measure the window's height and find the right blind you can use.

Refer to the steps below to replace the undersized blinds:

  1. Roll the blind up until it folds.
  2. Use a portable ladder to reach the window's top edge.
  3. Remove the valance, curtain, or anything that covers the bracket.
  4. Use your bare hands or a screwdriver to remove the hinge brackets on both sides.
  5. Slide the blinds out of the bracket.
  6. Attach the new bracket at the right size.
  7. Screw the brackets, then put back the cover if there's any.
  8. Hang the new blinds.

What to Do When Blinds Are Too Long?

Longer blinds are much better than shorter ones, simply because they cover the entire window. However, there's a way you can shorten long blinds. Refer to the steps below:

  1. Roll down the blind.
  2. Remove the plugs at the bottom part of the blinds.
  3. Remove the pull cord from the center and allow the slats to fall.
  4. Insert the end of the pull cord into the plug of the bottom rail.
  5. Tie a knot at the end of the cord to hold the slats up.

Do You Need Blinds on Attic Windows?

Craftsman caulking a new window in the attic.

An attic is an extra space between the ceiling and the roof that's often used as another room or storage area. Installing blinds on attic windows is optional.

You can save energy during the daytime as natural light spreads throughout the attic. However, installing blinds will make the attic dimmer and will require you to install a light bulb for nighttime.

How to Make the Room Dimmer or Brighter

Dimly Illuminated Open Plan House with a Mezzanine at Night

Is your room so bright that you feel uncomfortable when natural light reveals everything inside your room? Then you can make the room dimmer. Consider painting the walls with black or dark colors. Also, turning off the lights when not in use will reduce the brightness in the area.

Aside from installing blinds, you can use a light fixture dimmer to control how dark you want your room to be. Simply read the product's installation steps and instructions of use.

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On the other hand, you can make your room appear brighter by painting the walls with light colors like yellow, sky blue, or even white. Try adding more light fixtures or lamps to illuminate the area.

Furthermore, you can use light-colored furniture and appliances to spread a colorful theme across the house. Of course, don't forget that opening the window treatments can welcome warm, natural light.


We learned what you can do when the blinds are too short for the window. We also discussed some relevant topics like shortening a blind if it appears too long. Remember to keep the measurements accurate to find the sizes you need.

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