19 Gorgeous Beaded Curtains For Closet Door Alternatives

Beaded curtains give off an oriental feel to a space. They are effortlessly charming because of their whimsical appeal and are an ideal fixture if you want a beachy or coastal aesthetic. They fit a lot of style preferences since they can be customizable, so you can personalize your closet doors better.

Beaded curtains do not only add style to your closet door itself--they can also affect the atmosphere of your room. So, it is important to make your beaded curtains work with the rest of the room.

Beaded curtains are a good alternative to conventional closet doors as they save more space. You won't have to worry about the swing space, and your things are easily accessible.

However, one of the issues you need to work around is security. Since your things are easily accessible, you'd have to make sure the room itself has a reliable lock system so not just anyone can access your room and closet.

We have gathered 19 ideas to inspire you to switch from typical closet doors to beaded curtains. Keep reading below to learn more!

A beaded curtain that looks like something abstract, 19 Gorgeous Beaded Curtains For Closet Door Alternatives

1. Nature-themed Pattern

You can never go wrong with nature-themed patterns in beaded curtains. They instantly spruce up your closet door and acts as a room decoration. It will make the curtain look like an art installation, making the viewer forget that they are looking at a closet door alternative.

You can have the pattern commissioned by a professional artist to get a visually alluring look. There are many patterns to choose from, ranging from bodies of water to pictures of flowers.

2. Symbolism-inspired patterns

If it is culturally significant to you, you can opt for symbolic patterns that reflect your personal beliefs. It will not only make your room look more artistic and unique, but also make the design more personal.

This is one of the most essential things you can do to your personal space--you want it to be an extension of yourself so you can truly feel at home.

3. Vibrant Colors

This is one of the most common design solutions for beaded curtains. Customizing colors gives your room a unique flair, and communicates artistry and whimsicality. It can inject a splash of youthfulness into your bedroom and transform the look of your closet without fully renovating it.

If you have a neutral color scheme, you can opt for different neutral shades. There are neutral shades of brown, green, or off-white that can blend with your color scheme while still being visually stimulating.

Colorful beads make your closet look effortlessly charming, and they can suit people of all ages.

4. Bamboo-beaded Covers

Bamboo curtains refer to the material that covers the closet itself. It is where you slide in the beads that form a pattern. Bamboo curtains are not only aesthetically pleasing; they are also more durable than typical threads. This is ideal if you have toddlers that like to tug on the closet covering.

5. Incorporate Tassels

You can hang up tassels on your beaded curtains for some dimension and add a soft flair to the design. It can also offer better coverage if you put in a lot of tassels. Make sure to strategically place the tassels so your covering looks visually alluring while being functional.

6. Put Up Seashells

Having a coastal vibe in your room can be achieved by incorporating beaded curtains with seashells. You can put up as many as you want, and you can add a variety of sizes and colors for visual appeal. Just make sure that the strings where you slide the beads are sturdy enough to hold the additional weight.

7. Incorporate Sequins

If you want to add shine to your closet covering, adding sequins to the beads is a great idea. They reflect light well, and they add a splash of youthfulness to the design. Sequined designs are also reminiscent of vintage 70s style, so this is ideal if that's the look you want to go for.

8. Geometrical Patterns

If you want a more modern design, pattern the beads to form a geometric shape. This can be done by having a light-colored backdrop and using dark beads to emphasize the outline of the pattern.

This will make your closet covering look more structured and cosmopolitan, especially of you go for black and white beads.

9. Incorporate Wooden Decor

The material of the beads also matters to the general look. Wooden beads can create a rustic look, and they will make the things inside your closet less visible. Wooden beads can be heavy, though, so you can only use them as an added decor--unless you use sturdy strings.

10. Incorporate Clay Decor

If wood may be too much, you can use clay beads or decor on your beaded curtain. Choose colorful ones for better aesthetics, and place them strategically if you are only using them as decor. If you intend to use clay beads as the main material, make sure the strings can hold them properly.

You can also try to draw on them to make the design unique.

11. Braided Threads with Beads

If you want a more stylish look, and if you have soft threads, you can braid them together so the beads can have a swirling effect. This will make your closet coverings look whimsical and artistic.

However, make sure you don't compromise the things inside your closet. There still needs to be a level of privacy, so you may need to incorporate a lot of threads for this to work.

12. Minimalist Deisgns

There are a lot of minimalist designs that still have color. For instance, you can have a beaded curtain that has been painted with a colorful vector image, with the beads giving texture to the whole image. You can commission an artist for this, or you can do it yourself.

13. Incorporate Glass Beads

If you want an effortlessly chic style that also gives off a beachy vibe, go with glass beads. Glass reflects light well, and it can make your room look like a kaleidoscope especially if you use colored glass.

Make sure you don't use brittle glass since it can be dangerous. Use durable and shatter-proof glass for this project.

14. Tie With Ribbons

If you have enough strings or threads to cover up your closet, you can tie up sections of them to add dimension and visual appeal. Choose ribbons that match the beaded curtain and go with your room's design.

You can also use the ribbons as an alternative to strings to slide your beads.

15. Valance-Inspired Beaded Curtain

Create layers on your beaded curtains by adding a rod or installing the layers at different parts of the closet (one outward, and one inward). You can do this by creating a valence effect on one set of beads, and having the other layer fall behind it.

16. Go with Floral Beads

Floral beads give off a cheery and youthful look, and they are reminiscent of y2k designs that lean into uniquely-shaped materials and colorful patterns. Floral beads can spruce up a plain-looking room, and they can make your closet look chicer.

Go for either different-colored floral beads or match them together. Either way, make it cohesive.

17. Resemble Raindrops

It's easy to resemble beaded curtains with raindrops--just get beads that have a teardrop shape! However, you wouldn't want to settle with a singular blue shade. You can spruce up your raindrop-inspired beaded curtain by incorporating different shades of blue--even white--into the strings to add dimension and appeal.

18. Hang Up Pearls

For a more elegant twist, switch beads with pearls! You can use them as an alternative to cheap beads if you have enough stashes of pearls, or you can pepper them along the strings, strategically placed where they can be noticed best.

Pearls can add sophistication to your closet covering, and they can add character to the whole interior.

19. Hang Up Silver Jewelry

This can be a good alternative to pearls. If you have vintage silver jewelry, you can stick them into the beaded curtains to add some sparkle. Their beauty is accentuated when the sunlight hits the beaded curtain and the silver jewelry starts to shine.

Final Thoughts

Switching from conventional closet doors can be challenging, especially when your closet door had just been removed and you need a quick solution. Make sure to pick a design that complements the closet itself, and can double as a room decor.

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